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Dec 13, 2023



3Hub prides themselves on being a gateway to all things Web 3. The platform provides an extensive list of curated applications and resources for users to reference when engaging in any form of Web3 activities.


This list includes dApps, blockchain protocols, cryptocurrencies, marketplaces, Social tools, etc...


Navigating to their platform, you are presented with a dashboard that:

1. Provides a list of key Web3 topics (e.g. BTC, ETH, GameFi, etc.)

2. Per topic selected, a curated list of the most used apps/websites/dApps is presented to the user


Furthermore, you can curate your own favorite list.


I have seen several servers doing 3Hub giveaways however most of us in this space blindly enter giveaways and lack the context. Most of these giveaways pertain to invites to their Invitation Program which will earn you HubPoints which will tie in to their $3hub token drop.



  • Browser extension and website launch - Complete
  • Invitation program, HubPoints Rewards - Complete
  • User generated content and list - Completed
  • Tokenomics, Airdrop and Task center launch - Q1 2024
  • Advertising System, Open Platform Launch - Q2 2024




HubPoints are earned through 2 ways at the moment:

  1. Daily sign-in rewards
  2. Sign-ups on your invite link (10,000 HubPoints per invite)
  3. A once-off 5,000 points are allocated for signing up and linking twitter
  4. Points will eventually be used to convert to the token.




Given current hype around tokens and Airdrops, 3Hub offers a minimal, non-invasive wasy of earning HubPoints. Since Tokenomics have not been released yet, the value of the points cannot be determined, however with the Invitation program being launched very recently, we are early, and it will not hurt to log in once a day to earn points.


Getting your app added to 3Hub


You can open a ticket in their Discord and request for your application to be added to their curated list and earn HubPoints at the same time



  • Navigate to https://3hub.io/invitation/NXBUF (Full disclosure, this is my invite link)
  • Connect your wallet
  • To activate, link your twitter account
  • On a daily basis, login and select the rewards Icon (next to your wallet address on the top right) and calim your daily rewards
  • Join the Discord as well as they will be slowly gearing up towards more tasks that can earn you points



Twitter - https://twitter.com/3hub_io 

Website - https://3hub.io/ 

About - https://3hub.io/about 

Sign-up - https://3hub.io/invitation/NXBUF