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Arbitrum Gems - $GRAIL

Jun 22, 2023
Arbitrum Gems - $GRAIL

With the $ARB claim right around the corner, we can expect huge liquidity injection into the arbitrum ecosystem. In this series we will look into the coins that are well poised to take advantage of this.


So today lets look into Camelot($GRAIL). 


-------- Camelot($GRAIL) ----------- 


Camelot has quickly positioned itself to be at the center of the Arbitrum ecosystem with partnerships from OG protocols and being a trusted Dex with great yields. For $GRAIL i wouldn't be astonished if it hits 10k over a couple of months (take it with full-on NFA, DYOR and salt cubes) 


  • The circulating supply is only 9840 GRAIL tokens right now .. The rest are locked in as xGRAIL(62%)


  • TVL to MarketCap ratio 

             GMX -> 469m(663m MC) 

             Grail -> 80m(27m MC)


  • Main contender for being the premier Dex on Arbitrum.


  • If Arbitrum DAO tokens are voted into giveaway as grants for leading protocols, GRAIL would easily be getting a big chunk which will accelerate its growth.


  • Launchpad plugin ->  Where u stake XGrail and u get allocations based on % for upcoming project launches.


  • Dividend yields from liquidity pools - Genesis (around 300% apr on all pools but unfortunately can't be entered into now), Nitro pools & yield farms with xGrail emissions.


  • Buyback and burn feature


  • Stake xGrail in the dividend plugin to earn a share of protocol earnings in the form of real yield.


  • Redacted Collab for Hidden hand of their voting incentives marketplace (Bribes market)


  • Very high chances of being included in most Arbitrum-based index funds which will be coming in the future through products like Factor, Trove, Nested etc..


Before anyone apes in please keep a note that GRAIL has 12xed in 2 months. The ponzinomics of withdrawing XGRAIL without waiting will lead to a conversion rate of 1xGRAIL = 0.5 Grail (adding to the 1.7k burn of GRAIL up until now) might also have played a role in this astronomical price surge.


My advice would be watch them close, add a little exposure during the dips.  If anyone is looking out to DCA in for long-term, you can refer to the below portfolio allocation which I am personally going to use to get exposure to Arbitrum layer 2.