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Audio Galleries

For The Art Collector On A Budget

Jul 20, 2023
Audio Galleries

For all of you art folks, there is a promising art pass called 'Audio Galleries', they do weekly podcasts with artists from the space (the first 4 guests were Psychrome (Creepz artist), Pablo Stanley (Humankind and Robotos founder), Arial Jade (Starcatchers artist) and Craig Redman (Dour Darcels founder).


Guests always drop an OE during the podcast that lasts for a day and pass holders can mint it for around .02-ish.


The sales on these pieces aren't really happening (yet) and the pass' floor price was like .01 two days ago. However, it was clearly undervalued as getting artists this big right at the start (with a pass that's worth $15) is a great achievement. The founder is in talks with Jack Butcher about JB being a guest in the podcast (and therefore he'd drop some OE), nothing is confirmed, only the fact that JB is open to it.


Based on this rumour and the fact that it was undervalued, it shot up to .1 recently but undercutters chased it down to .025 again. I think that if the artists keep being this known, the project should get more traction eventually and at .025 it's a super low-risk investment.


TLDR: promising art pass with well-known guests, low floor price, JB rumours, and huge upside


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