Blast Gold Farming Strategies - MVHQ

Blast Gold Farming Strategies

May 17, 2024
General Strategy
Blast Gold Farming Strategies

Low Cost - Simple Daily Grinds all should be doing


1. DistrictOne 


Idea is to collect gems, which then add to your total, which is done in various snapshots. Right now we are in the middle of an epoch. And when they make the snapshot, that will be what decides your amount of gold. MVHQ has a space and mitch and the team are hosts there and been handing out gems like candy.


  • Vote 3 times for spaces in the prime tab (you get gems per, so dont miss them)
  • Vote 3 times for spaces in the survival tab (again more gems)
  • Take part in 4 rallies a day, these are every 2 hours and cost 200 gems to participate, but you are rewarded heavily if you are in the 70%ish of people claiming
  • Also set timers and alarms so you don't miss the rallies
  • If you see Mitch type LISAN AL GIEB! Usually he is going to pepper out some gems
  • Do the sOLE Boosted bonus if you can afford the 0.02 required as it gives you a 6x on your gems and basically a must have if you want to make the most from grinding D1, you can do that here 




2. Meme.Fun 


Once you sign up and buy 2 shares of any ticker, you can start playing a daily game of matching cards to get points. Very simple, cheap and worth doing each day. 


MVHQ people have a few tickers already you can support:$tsic$brrr$mell 


Also worth posting a meme a day in whatever channel you choose and like everyone else's in there too. Likes = good stuff apparently. 


But definitely at least play the game which you can find at the top of the tickers page, you need 2 keys to participate.



Where to put your other funds to work best for you?


This was one of the reasons I struggled to come up with what to put in the field report and do it earlier, as there really are TONS of projects each doing different things, requiring various levels of capital/risk. Depending on if you like to just park capital, or if your bank roll is lower, you like gaming, so many options.


Strat 1 - Follow The Gold


These are live, tried and somewhat tested projects, which have been recognised by Blast. Keep an eye out on the distribution lists and then look into what projects are there and fit your style.


That is the latest distribution list, so that allows you to see which projects were assigned what amount of gold, then you can go off and take a look at each project to see which ones you like the best and build up a strategy that way. Each project is assigning gold based on various criteria, so it really is a case of trying to work out how best to maximise that.




Strat 2 - Front-Run, Be Early


This one is the hardest to hit, riskier, but most rewarding. Being early to a project, maximizing the chance of it getting good gold allocation. But also a risky strategy.


You have to remember, that the list of projects in that document I posted above are only the ones CURRENTLY recognised by blast, but the list of gold distributed on the first list did not have a lot of the ones that were on the second list - because people are still building on blast. So you can find lots of projects which are either not launched, in beta or just launching and try your luck at being early. Obviously this is riskier as they might not work out, but some of the largest blast gold wins come from being early.


So how do you do it? Here are a few things I have been doing to learn about this. Lots of the smaller/newer/unlaunched projects tend to join twitter spaces together and talk about things, some examples can be found here:



Also, you can use the power of Twitter Advanced search and tailor a good search which you can adapt for your needs, something like this… ("mainnet" OR or OR "launch" OR or OR "beta" OR or OR "join") (@blast_l2) Copy that into your twitter search bar, sort by latest, have a scroll see what you find, which will search for tweets, tagging the blast account which mention some keywords that you can use to find various projects.


These are just a few of the methods out there to farm Blast Gold so jump in, play around and good luck in the fields!