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BRC20s - The Beginning of The End?

Aug 9, 2023
General Strategy
BRC20s - The Beginning of The End?

It all started with Casey figuring out ordinal theory and how things evolved from it. However, those stories are for another day!!  BRC20 came into existence when Domo made a guideline book on how tokens can be maintained using ordinal inscriptions and put out a tweet thread on the first BRC20 token called - $ORDI. There are newer protocols coming in like ORC, SRC, etc, but BRC has grown exponentially to be accepted as the norm now and the CEX listings are a cherry on the top.


Now as our top priority is about onboarding let me list the tools and websites you need for conquering the space and tell you more about the story at a later date. 


Unisat seems to be crushing the marketplace wars and the best all-around wallet to be used right now. You can mint, trade, and track the BRC20 tokens here and this should be your go-to place. Also, they have unisat points being tracked, which could be used for a potential airdrop in the future. The only catch here is to access the marketplace to buy (View only is free for fresh wallets) you need to amass 20 points.  


This tweet thread has explained things well on Unisat, so please give it a read to fully understand some of the context of this post.


Other Useful Links - This is the best resource to track the current gas (measured in sats). Adjust the gas above the current block to get instant inscriptions. If the gas is too low, there is a risk of the tokens not being inscribed before the supply mints out. Low gas inscriptions will proceed to inscribe, but wouldn't be part of the official collection and u end up paying gas for no reason.


Portfolio Tracking Market Places - Best Deals - (when buying off ordinals wallet you have to be sure to check the address to make sure it has the coins) and you can check that at the following link. - Another point will be to crosscheck that the $value rate that is displayed is correct for the deal. Past weeks have seen some were misusing it and the $ value per was cheap but the amount paid was much higher)


Market Analytics


Now the hot and financially risky topic of my favorite coins!

1) ORDI - The first coin in BRC20 and made by the protocol creator Domo himself

2) Meme - The second coin in BRC20. Pretty active and has a good following

3) Pepe - The one true god of memes. Also the #4 in inscription order

4) VMPX - Minted yesterday, first hyped mint, and great distribution. Has the highest holder count of more than 10k unique wallets. Made by Jack Levin.

5) Xing - First uncommon sat inscribed coin of BRC20

6) Punk, Shib, Bayc - For shitcoin enthusiasts and spray and pray enthusiasts

7) Oshi - They claim to bring LPs and Defi to BRC. I haven't gone in yet, waiting to see it roll out before I ape in.


Will add more to the list if I find any, but these are the major ones I am interested in right now. Also, before u ape in have a look at the market cap and take a calculated bet. I am bullish on these on the fact that BRC20 emerged as a clear winner and all CEXs have adopted it already.


Closing Notes  

Most times it rewards a lot for being early. Dump the laziness and stay curious. The space is evolving rapidly around BTC post ordinals, so get into spaces on Twitter, be right on top of hot innovations, and don't forget to hop in and share the alpha on our MVHQ ⁠Ordinals, BRC20, SRC20 thread! Stay hungry. Stay foolish. Let's cook together.