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deBridge Airdrop Potential

Jan 18, 2024
General Strategy
deBridge Airdrop Potential

Overview of deBridge


deBridge stands out as a cutting-edge interoperability layer within the Web3 space, designed for decentralized transfers of both data and assets across a range of blockchains. Its core function is supported by a network of independent validators, democratically elected by deBridge's governance. These validators are pivotal in securing and authenticating cross-chain transactions. They maintain the blockchain infrastructure and operate deBridge nodes, which are integral to the transaction process across varied blockchain smart contracts. The founder claimed recently that they broke even last month, which would be an impressive feat for a cross-chain bridge (linked as image).


Key Features


  • Decentralized Data and Asset Transfer
  • Cross-Chain Interoperability and Composability
  • Global Accessibility and DAO Governance (documented decentralization)


Airdrop Strategies


deBridge fits into the interoperability and Solana themes right now and is gaining momentum (December ‘23 was its biggest month ever). Maybe disregarded by some as second fiddle to a Wormhole Solana/EVM play, it has quite a bit of potential. It is definitely going to have a token and an airdrop seems likely with its DAO/decentralized structure. As always DYOR and invest your time wisely.


Pros: Guaranteed token, likely airdrop, early points program, Solana, already breaking even, retroactive potential


Cons: A bit higher to interact in some cases, it's been around for a bit, your time



  • Push through transactions to build points. Right now transfers to Optimism are quite cheap due to an incentive program; I'm aiming for a modest weekly crosschain swap and bridge across wallets
  • Points coming not yet enabled - "Coming Soon" Points for Early Participation
  • Volume will likely be a key component here
  • Refer other wallets 
  • Perform an on-chain Poly tx to get your referral link for other wallets 


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