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DFlow Liquidity Layer for Solana

Mar 7, 2024
DFlow Liquidity Layer for Solana



DFlow represents an initiative on Solana, aiming to redefine decentralized trading by introducing advanced order flow strategies and technologies. As a liquidity layer designed to improve economics for market participants, DFlow incorporates unique features like the AdaptiveBBO (Best Bid and Offer) and the DFlow Segmenter. These features offer a decentralized analogue to traditional market best practices, claiming tighter spreads, enhanced price discovery, and superior trade execution for users.


Key Features:



A benchmark for execution quality in crypto trading, ensuring market makers fill orders within the best available bids and offers, translating to better prices and savings for traders.


DFlow Segmenter:

An advanced DEX router optimized for Solana, utilizing a graph pathfinder algorithm to search through all liquidity on Solana for constructing optimal trading routes.


Mobile Trading Platform:

Offers an intuitive trading experience in over 8 languages, with features like account abstraction for simpler user experience. Rare to see a new dApp be so "mobile first" or at least not "mobile last"


Economic Efficiency:

Lowers fees for DFlow orders by leveraging novel Solana mechanisms, providing deeper liquidity across a wide range of token assets, and ensuring fast transaction confirmations.



  • Low TVL, you're early if you contribute in any meaningful way (user count is misleading). $25 will get you into the top 10k
  • Enhanced trade execution quality through AdaptiveBBO.
  • Reduced trading costs and tighter spreads.
  • Deep liquidity across various token assets, including blue-chip and long-tail tokens.
  • Quick transaction settlements and low network fees.
  • User-friendly mobile trading platform, accessible in multiple languages.



  • Solana still?
  • Deposits in Phase0 locked if you want to keep the XP
  • Account is abstracted so no activity accrued on your actual wallets


Steps for Engagement:


  • Early access now-April (full launch in Apr/stimmy?)
  • Use referral code for "mystery reward" on signup (6C6Y3F, 6OV0CP, YAJWKI)
  • Earn XP/climb leaderboard through engagement and referral


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