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District One on Blast

Mitch Lacsamana
Apr 19, 2024
General Strategy
District One on Blast

There's a new app on Blast that is essentially our Discord's voice chat hangout channel on steroids. Enter District One (D1), a degen's Discord channel.


I've been using D1 since the night Jacob Meyer called me on a Saturday night in NYC to onboard me mid-martini, apparently Metaverse HQ was in the top 3 newest "spaces", whatever that means. This was 9 days ago, and I still don't understand most of D1 so consider this a "get your beak wet" kinda guide.


You might be thinking, "Mitch, why even give a shit, we just paid .24eth to be in MVHQ's Discord!" Don't worry, it's the same reason we give a shit about any DAPP on blast right now - our quest for Blast Gold as we approach Blast's ever-looming TGE.


Users will receive Blast Gold in proportion to the gems they earn per epoch, which leads us to one of the most important currencies of D1 (there are quite a few).


Ways To Earn Gems

Here are the primary ways to earn Gems. You'll actually be given some to start so you can join a space, may I suggest ours!


MVHQ invite code: https://districtone.io/invite/IY2OW5 

MVHQ Spaces: https://districtone.io/space/1269 


  • Participating in a Spaces Rally: These happen every two hours on the dot so it's easy to stay cognizant throughout the day of when to check back into D1. You also only get two of these a day by default and the rallies you can participate in reset every 8 pm EST. Participating in rallies costs about 200 gems, and enters you into a draw where whoever clicks the button fast enough can win the gems. Not everyone who enters will be able to claim gems, you've got to be quick on the draw.


  • Claiming Airdropped Gems from the Hosts of Spaces: Every day, the hosts of each space receives a finite amount of gems that they can distribute so that users may claim! These gems rest every day and vary, and they do not get rolled over. This is actually one of the biggest cooks, learning the patterns of when and how frequently different spaces airdrop gems to their users will help you maximize your gem farming. For instance, for the Metaverse HQ spaces I like to do gem airdrops before a rally (so users can participate), and right after a rally


  • Checking in Daily to D1: By simply dropping a message in any spaces you have access to, you will see a button to claim your daily gems.


  • Passively Earned Through Becoming a Shareholder of a Space: This method comprises more than half of my gems earned. You can buy shares of spaces near the top right of the view of a space. This is the "Friend tech" aspect which is not necessary to participate in a space but enables you to reap the rewards of increased gems and some $OLE, the crypto of D1. I own 12 shares of Metaverse HQ and have only earned 500 $OLE in the past 10 days (Metaverse HQ costs about 3700 OLE at time of writing).


  • Vote via Prime: There's a tab at the top called Prime for which you get 3 votes daily. You vote for different spaces and as those spaces climb the leaderboard, they earn more rewards I guess. This feature is relatively new, but you can earn gems for each vote. That being said, I only vote HQ because we're out here tryna win.


Gem Multipliers

The easiest way to multiply your gem earning is by becoming a shareholder of a spaces, or staking sOLE for many months (which costs about .05eth on blast).


Will D1 be a Cook Itself?

People have been saying its "Friend Tech on Blast", which is far too flattering for Friend Tech. Nevertheless, we love to anchor shit to other shit, so if people are saying Friendtech on Blast, that should be a good measure of expected value considering $FT launches soon. I think its fun, quite passive, so come and join in for a rally!


MVHQ invite code: https://districtone.io/invite/IY2OW5

MVHQ Spaces: https://districtone.io/space/1269