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Dookey Dash 2

Electric Boogaloo

Mar 24, 2023
Dookey Dash 2

Picture this: You’ve just spent three long, arduous weeks toiling in the sewers, hoping to reach the proverbial monkey’s butthole at the end of the fecal-stained rainbow. Now, while you tried your best you couldn’t quite grab the Key, but instead are left with a Sewer Pass with a shiny new score attached to it! It’s the small victories, right? 


After the sewers officially closed and learning how to reintegrate back into society, what’s the most sensible action to take from there? Connect with an old friend? Learn a new skill? Maybe even touch some grass?


Nope! You’re hopping right back into the sewers to one-up your last trip with the introduction of some trippy toad-licking of course! 



Yuga Labs and The Bored Ape Yacht Club are soldiering on with their interactive minting experience, which backs the lore for their ever-expanding story of The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey. 


Since the sewers last closed, Yuga has taken the time to perform a thorough quality control check across all of their tens of thousands of participants. Surprisingly, 2% of scores were found to have been achieved fraudulently and were thus zeroed out to a score of N/A. 


Those who did not cheat, or were at least savvy enough not to get caught, were rewarded with their Sewer Passes updating metadata to reflect their pass’ rank on the leaderboard. Trading continued, with some of the top finishing Tier 4 passes going for upwards of 10 ETH a piece! 


The real winner, however, was pro-gamer, Mongraal. Mongraal not only managed to finish within the top 100 scores for multiple Tier 4 passes, but also achieved the highly coveted top prize - where his Sewer Pass was transformed into the 1/1 Golden Key, fresh from Jimmy the Monkey’s bum. 


At the time of writing, Mongraal has listed the key for an astounding 2222 ETH, and it has standing offers of 690 WETH as well as many potential OTC deals already proposed. 


As noted, the legion of loyal Dookey Dashers had not quite finished their job just yet! On February 22nd, the sewers reopened for a week-long competition titled, Lick The Toad. 


This involved much of the same architecture as the original Dookey Dash but with an added visual filter reminiscent of your favorite teen comedy in which they trip acid for the first time. 


I’m talking funky colors, seemingly shifting physical boundaries, and colorful, glowing toads darting towards you at breakneck speeds. The mechanics function almost identically to the original Dookey Dash, with the added bonus of a 35-second period where the toads appear. 


In this brief window the player cannot die, and the objective is simply to bound through as many toads as possible. 

Similarly to the first round, prizes will be awarded to participants based on their finishing score. The top 500 overall finishers, those who go the farthest and rack up the highest traditional score, will receive a companion when they burn their Sewer Pass for a Power Source on March 8th. 


Similarly, the top 2000 scores from just the Toad Mode will also be receiving a companion. This limits the cute and cuddly creatures to only 2500 spread across all Sewer Passes and Power Sources.


In short, these could be compared to the Kodas on Otherdeeds. A 10% rare trait that offers some as of yet unspecified benefit in future games and activations. Or it could simply be a visual treat to show those who have enjoyed success along the way during the interactive mint. 


Either way, my money is on the rare Yuga companion being worth just a bit more than the floor. Just a bit. 


There’s no doubt Mongraal hit it big with Dookey Dash and was the clear winner during its first phase, but only time will tell if his influence in the gaming sector propels Yuga and their gaming efforts unto the masses as I’m sure they’re hoping for. Needless to say, I, for one, am glad to leave the sewers behind and look forward to the new mini-games to come from Yuga in the ongoing Trial of Jimmy The Monkey. 


3/23 Update

Hello again loyal Dookey Dashers! Since our last recap many exciting developments have taken place within the carefully crafted world Yuga Labs has been slowly building brick by brick. Let's take a moment to catch up on what exactly occurred after exiting the foul sewers of Dookey Dash once and for all. 


The Lick the Toad event finished in a hurry, however, while it was ongoing it captured the fun loving Yuga spirit for what seemed like forever. As promised, the top 2500 scores had their metadata updated to reflect a new "Companion" trait being added. Miraculously, no cheaters were found in this batch of winners! Although that could just be Yuga's reluctance to have seizures by watching the millions of playthroughs on Toad Mode. And you know what? I don't blame them one bit. 


Companion-traited Sewer Passes immediately saw a premium of 2 ETH attached to them on top of the value of their pass itself, and that premium only grew as The Summoning date moved closer and closer. However, between the Toad Mode nuttiness and The Summoning a monumental sale transpired! Mongraal, the winner of the #1 ranked Sewer Pass which updated to the Golden Key, successfully sold the Key for the whopping sum of 1000 ETH! The buyer turned out to be Adam Weitsman, the CEO of a New York-based recycling plant. Weitsman currently holds several other Yuga assets including Bored Apes, Mutant Apes and more, indicating this 1/1 NFT should be held on to rather tightly. 


After the Toad Mode, after the 1000 ETH sale, and after it felt like degens couldn't wait a moment longer - The Summoning was upon us. Last week holders of Sewer Passes were able to burn them to reveal a new NFT, HV-MTL, pronounced Heavy Metal. The HV-MTLs are cubes that are referred to as Power Sources within the lore Yuga has established. These cubes will later reveal to show exactly what your individual EVO-1 mech looks like, but that is still a ways away. 


For now we have the HV-MTL NFTs that come in 1 of 8 traits. These traits were determined by the rank of the Sewer Pass that was burned, as ranks were separated into tiers. The type of HV-MTL received ranged from the lowest scores earning a "Glitch" type, with a floor of 1.95 ETH all the way to the top 250 scores who earned a "Holo" type, which currently sits at a hefty 24 ETH floor. This stratification has had all sorts of interesting effects on floor prices across the collection, but the volume, as per usual, has been undeniable. 


HV-MTL holders now wait patiently, or not so much, as the next big milestones are the reveal of potential EVO-1 mech types and finally the long-awaited full unveiling of EVO-1 NFTs. You can never know what tricks Yuga has up their sleeves for the multi-stage reveal but whatever it may be, Metaverse HQ will be here to update you every step of the way.