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DOP - Data Ownership Protocol

Jan 5, 2024
DOP - Data Ownership Protocol

The Data Ownership Protocol (DOP) utilizes zero-knowledge proofs in order to allow flexible transparency on top of Ethereum L1. DOP allows users and DApps to store assets and make transactions privately, or selectively disclose token holdings and historical information.



  • Existing public blockchains mandate full transparency by default - with all user data visible.
  • This provides no individual control over data exposure - an all or nothing lack of choice.
  • Enables bad actors exploiting over-transparency through fronts-running, “whale-watching”, and phishing.


How DOP changes the approach:

  • Users can selectively disclose holdings, transactions, activity details.
  • Seamless integration supporting ERC20, ERC721 and ERC1155 assets.
  • Maintains seamless integration with wallets, EVMs and dApps.



  • Bringing data ownership to Ethereum- Data control
  • Zero-knowledge KYC
  • Customized data disclosure
  • Ecosystem development


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Airdrop Tasks:

Data Ownership Protocol has launched a testnet and has confirmed to do an airdrop to the testnet participants:


  1. Navigate to (Disclaimer: That is my referral link that earns 20%bonus per user)
  2. Register email address
  3. Create a wallet (save your seedphrase)
  4. Record password
  5. Login and connect Twitter
  6. Claim Sepolia (If you haven't added Sepolia network, read here
  7. Follow the remainder of the tasks
  8. Once completed, you will receive your own personal referral link


Participants will be rewarded with DOP rewards once the token launches in 2024, Q1.