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Emails Enriched: Ethermail's Airdrop Farming Playbook

Oct 20, 2023
Emails Enriched: Ethermail's Airdrop Farming Playbook

Happy Wednesday, fellow degens! A couple of months ago, I highlighted the upcoming Ethermail airdrop in our 'time-sensitive' section. Today, let's delve into the best strategies for farming it, and discuss collaborative tactics to maximize our benefits from this drop.


What exactly is Ethermail?

Ethermail is an innovative protocol that integrates with your Ethereum wallet to generate a unique email address corresponding to the wallet you oversee. Essentially, it allows you to send emails using only an anonymous wallet address. Upon registration, you're provided with an email address that follows this format: 0x[YourWalletAddress], replacing '[YourWalletAddress]' with your actual Ethereum wallet address.


By accomplishing specific tasks and securing referrals, you stand a chance to earn EMC, which is set to be convertible to Ethermail's native token, $EMT, upon its launch. As of now, the conversion rate from EMC to $EMT remains undisclosed, and the White Paper detailing the tokenomics is still pending. This suggests we likely have ample time ahead to engage with the protocol, farm EMC, and optimize our potential returns.


Ethermails encryption model:

Ethermail to Ethermail: Utilizes end-to-end encryption.

Ethermail to Non-Ethermail: Secured with TLS (Transport Layer Security).

Non-Ethermail to Ethermail: Encrypted using TLS during transit and stored on zero-access servers. Note: This is not end-to-end encryption, but relies on TLS.


Requirements: Ethereum Wallet with at least 1 Transaction. The criteria to qualify for the airdrop, as stated directly in their FAQ, are as follows: Reading Emails: Earn by reading emails: For every email you read, you gain EMCs. If you read up to 100 emails in a month, you can accumulate a maximum of 1,000 EMCs. To optimize this, spread out your email readings throughout the month to ensure consistent daily gains, maximizing the allotment.


Connecting Your Wallet: Link your Ethereum wallet to your EtherMail account to earn +50 EMCs.


Secondary Wallet: Provide a secondary email address and receive +200 EMCs. A piece of advice: refrain from using another EtherMail account as your secondary.


Completing IMAP Connection: Earn an additional +500 EMCs by completing the IMAP connection. For those unfamiliar, IMAP allows you to access your email from any location and on any device. Instead of downloading or storing the email on your computer, you read it directly from the email service. In essence, this means you can access your EtherMail account from email clients like Outlook and iOS Mail.


Inviting Friends: Sharing is rewarding! Introduce EtherMail to your friends, and for each new registration, you'll earn 250 EMCs.


Flood the Inbox: We're rewarded for reading emails. Let's explore strategies to boost our inbox count. To optimize, aim to 'read' 100 emails a month, thereby earning 1,000 EMC. You should spread this reading activity throughout the month to avoid being flagged as a farmoor. Here are some tactics to increase your incoming emails.


Etherscan notifications: Register your Ethermail account on Etherscan and link each wallet to your Ethermail. Ensure you enable notifications for both Token Transfers (In/Out) and ETH transactions (In/Out). This method ensures that every transaction made by that wallet triggers an email to your Ethermail. It's an efficient strategy to receive emails to 'read' and subsequently earn EMC.


Sign up for the MVHQ Newsletter: You know what it is, get those sweet sweet web3 updates sent straight to your ethermail.


Opensea/Blur Notifications: Log into OpenSea with each of your wallets and configure your settings to direct all trade notifications and offer alerts straight to your Ethermail. Additionally, this will sign you up to receive OpenSea's weekly newsletter.


Sign up for The third Web Newsletter: You will get a newsletter in your email everyday (30-31 Emails a month)


Mintify Daily Newsletter: Mintify will send you a daily newsletter everyday about web3 events and news. (30-31 Emails a month)


Nifty Gateway Newsletter: Nifty Gateway will email you several times a week (15 - 30 Emails a month) enables you to link your wallet with an email address, ensuring you're notified of any airdrops or claims associated with that wallet. It's a convenient tool, especially if you plan on actively using the registered wallets.



Ethermail has forged partnerships with various dApps and communities, allowing users to subscribe to their newsletters and, in turn, receive a bonus allocation of EMC. Some partners even offer promotional discounts on their services for subscribers. For now, let's concentrate on increasing the influx of emails to your inbox and maximizing your EMC accumulation.


Portal Newsletter: signing up for Portal Newsletter using your ethermail account will get you an additional 250 EMC.


NFA.Space: signing up for NFA.Space Newsletter with your ethermail account will get you an additional 250 EMC


Jaypeggers: signing up for Jaypeggers Newsletter with your ethermail account will get you an additional 250 EMC signing up for the newsletter with your ethermail account will get you an addition 250 EMC


MoonPay (Only Valid until August 17th!): “By simply clicking on the "Buy Crypto" button within the EtherMail sidebar, this launches the MoonPay widget. Users are then prompted to enter the amount of cryptocurrency they wish to purchase and the payment method they would like to use. Once the payment is processed, the purchased cryptocurrency is deposited directly into the user's wallet and added to the Ethermail asset-viewer. From the 10th - 17th of August, the first 10,000 users will receive 100 EMCs for their first use of Moonpay. Users will have to tweet to receive the payment.”


Brickken: signing up for the Brickken newsletter with your ethermail account will get you an addition 250 EMC


That's an additional 1250EMC just by joining a few newsletters!


Team work Makes the Dream Work:

Earning EMC through referrals is the final piece of the puzzle. For every individual who registers their wallet using your referral link, you'll pocket an additional 250 EMC. However, a word of caution: relying solely on your referral link for all your wallets might inadvertently paint a pattern, potentially marking you as a FARMOOOR. Given that many of us operate multiple wallets, diversifying our approach is wise. Here's my suggestion:


1. After setting up your initial Ethermail account, share your referral link in the Referral Links channel in MVHQ.

2. Grab a referral link from someone else and use it to register your subsequent wallet.

3. Continue this pattern.


This method not only ensures a diversified registration pattern but also, while you might not earn a full 250 EMC for each sign-up, it's a community-centric approach. It minimizes the risk of being flagged for excessive farming and ensures everyone gets a piece of the pie.


Going Hard?

You bout to go hard, son? If you're setting up fresh wallets and initiating transactions, keep in mind. Use it to transfer funds between chains, ensuring each transaction appears unique and doesn't trace back to the same source. It's a smart way to maintain transaction diversity.


Wrapping It Up

This Ethermail airdrop provides an enticing opportunity for the savvy. With its emphasis on referrals and reading emails, it's a straightforward farm. By subscribing to the recommended newsletters and integrating platforms like OpenSea and, you can seamlessly achieve the 100-email target each month. Engage with these emails, and those coveted EMC Points are yours for the taking. And remember, diversify with multiple wallets and always opt for burners to stay under the radar. Happy farming!


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this write up on the Ethermail Airdrop. Feel free to give me a follow on Twitter . Happy cooking, chefs!



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