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Everything You Need To Know About $MEME

Nov 1, 2023
General Strategy
Everything You Need To Know About $MEME

What is $MEME?


Token by Memeland (9gag), they state that it’s a "shitcoin" with no utility (for legal reasons). However, they are planning on expanding into the SocialFi (Social Media for Web3) sector from the beginning.


Planned Products

  • Assumed to be something similar to FT
  • Platform where you can buy traits
  • Stakeland: Focused on staking, they have ambitious plans to attract not just DeFi enthusiasts but a broader audience. Release date is unclear.

Additional projects like Pfp.com, holders.com, etc. will potentially come later. The current focus is on the above products.



  • Total Supply: 69,000,000,000 $Meme
  • Listing Price: $0.001
  • Listing Market Cap: Around $6.9M
  • Listing FDV: $69M



Token Launch will happen on Nov 3rd 08:00 UTC on Binance seems like Memeland won't make a Uniswap Pool themselves but everyone will be able to add liq.


Supply Unlock Overview

  • Approximately 10% instantly unlocked
  • Approximately 30% unlocked after 6 months
  • Approximately 50% unlocked after 12 months
  • 100% unlocked after 2 years


Detailed Token Distribution


Airdrop to NFT Holders (25% of total supply)

All Memeland NFTs will receive airdrops. MVP holders will get the most, and Potatoz will get the least. The airdrop amount will also vary based on the rarity of CAPTAINS.



  • 20% of the airdrop will be unlocked at launch.
  • The rest will be bound to the NFT and will unlock daily in a non-linear fashion, over 2 years.


Estimates from quick Math

  • Human Cap: Around 800k $Meme
  • Alien Cap: Approximately 8M $Meme
  • Potato: Approximately 300k $Meme (similar to Firesale amounts)


Firesale (11%) (done)

This is essentially the Presale for the token. NFT holders will get Allowlist (AL, guaranteed) and Waitlists (WL). WL: Raffle at the end of Firesale, if you pay during the first 1h of Firesale you get a 6.9X raffle Boost Captains will get AL based on rarity (Human 1AL, Shark 2AL, etc.). Full crews (a Captain with 3 Potatoz) and supercrews (MVP + 9 Crews) will provide bonus AL spots (1 per crew and 12 per supercrew, along with eligibility for the private sale). Example: If you have 1 Kaiju Captain and 3 Potatoz (aka Full Crew), you will have 4 AL and 3 WL. Each captain will also receive 5 WL codes that they can use on alternate wallets or sell or give away. Potatoz only get 1 WL each.



-Start Time: October 25, 2023 8:00 PM

  • End Time: October 27, 2023 12:00 AM
  • Duration: 28 hours



  • $300 per spot, AL is guaranteed.
  • You get 300k $meme for 0.18 ETH (Compared to around 800k for a human cap airdrop, this is a no-brainer)

Snaptshot Is done but you need your NFTs to participate in the Firesale


Firesale Numbers

Allowlist Joined: 21,544 Allowlist Allocation: 21,544 Waitlist Joined: 30,098 Waitlist Allocation: 3,756 Success Rate: 12.47%


Ecosystem Fund (33%)

This fund is designated for community rewards, such as events. The $Meme allocated for farming is expected to come from this pool.



  • 3% unlocked at launch
  • 30% daily linear unlock over 18 months


Private Sale (10-12%)

This sale is exclusive to investors and supercrews.

  • Minimum Buy-In: $10,000
  • Maximum Buy-In: $20,000



  • Locked for 6 months
  • After that, 10% unlocked immediately, and the remaining 90% will unlock linearly over 18 months


Contributors (20%)

This allocation is for team members, partners, and those contributing to the project.



  • 12 months lockup
  • Daily linear unlock over the next 12 months thereafter


Will I Make Money?

As always, this depends. Below are some potential earnings based on different market caps for someone with a Full Crew, this is all estimated and not 100% correct numbers (1 Captain and 3 Potatoz and 2 AL spots, costing 8E at the time of writing):

  • 6.9M MCAP (Launch Price):

    • Instant Unlock: $460
    • Total: $2,300 (1.3E)


  • 35M MCAP (5x):

    • Instant Unlock: $2,200
    • Total: $11,000 (6.5E)


  • 100M MCAP (15x):

    • Instant Unlock: $6,800
    • Total: $34,000 (20E)


  • 500M MCAP (72x):

    • Instant Unlock: $33,200
    • Total: $166,000 (97E)


Unlock rounded to 20% (Airdrop 20% Firesale 25%)


Additional Details


Maps and Valuables


After the launch of $Meme, Maps and Valuables will be converted into $Meme depending on their rarity. It's unclear if this will be part of the Airdrop or the Ecosystem Fund. Potions will have "future benefits."


Personal Thoughts


The current market conditions are challenging, yet despite this, I believe that a market cap of around $50M within the first two days of the $Meme token launch is very feasible. The performance of the token after that initial phase will largely hinge on how quickly and efficiently the team can roll out various "token sinks" and features.


Stakeland is particularly promising in this regard. The team has mentioned that they plan to collaborate with top-tier staking companies, which indicates they are serious about making this feature robust and appealing not just to DeFi enthusiasts but to a broader audience as well.


Listing Prospects: Look good. Meme will be listed on Binance on Launch. There's a high likelihood of $Meme being listed on OKX almost immediately upon launch. These listings willprovide significant liquidity and exposure, which are crucial for any new token. With the top Exchanges on board I guess other Exchanges will rush to list Meme ASAP


Although they describe $Meme as a "shitcoin with no utility" for legal reasons, this is far from the truth. They have ambitious plans to become a major player in the SocialFi space. This is not just a token; it's part of a larger project that aims to merge the worlds of social media and decentralized finance.


The team's approach to launching $Meme is quite community-centric, as evidenced by the tokenomics where the community gets a majority of the supply (69% vs. 31% for others). This is promising for community engagement and long-term project sustainability.


Marketing Plans: Also include outreach to their "non-Web3" communities after the token launch. The effectiveness of this strategy remains to be seen but considering they've built their brand and project during a bear market and are currently among the Top 5 NFT projects, it's not to be underestimated.


In Summary: The team has the right contacts, a strong community, and a compelling narrative. They aim not just to be an NFT project but to transition into a comprehensive SocialFi/DeFi company. Whether they will succeed in this ambitious endeavor is unknown, but the potential is certainly there.


Useful link: https://www.binance.com/en/research/projects/memecoin


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