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Getting Caught Up With Cool Cats Fractures

Jul 12, 2023
Getting Caught Up With Cool Cats Fractures

Article was originally published in MVHQ on February 20, 2023 by Silvaserger. Some information may be outdated.


GM MVHQ! I’ve seen increasingly more questions and confusion around them so I wanted to give a quick rundown on the newest addition to the Cool Cats ecosystem, Fractures. 


So what the heck are these?


Fractures are the newest entrant to the CC family. Holders of both Cats and Pets were airdropped a Fracture into their wallet around two weeks ago on Feb.1. The team has received some blowback but they ultimately decided to only drop one Fracture regardless of how many Cats or Pets were held. I believe Fractures will reveal to be the Shadow Wolves collection that was teased months ago but then put on the back burner as they reshuffled the deck. 


Fractures themselves are also a way of introducing a new type of activation from the CC team, Journeys.




Journeys are a new interactive storytelling mechanism that CC hopes to use to bridge their lore with user interactions. The closest comp. I have seen is how 10KTF engages their users with similar explorations of its lore via their intermittent drops of videos, tweets, and 10KTF missions using their NFTs. 


Journeys will be an ongoing feature for the CC with Fractures serving as their first chapter, indicating more will be introduced in the future to expand on the characters and stories found in Cooltopia. 


Soooo what exactly do we do with these Fractures?


Easy answer? You stake them.


More complicated answer? You need to interact during each phase of the Journey, estimated to be once every two weeks.


For those with Cooltopia PTSD, these interactions are minimal, trust me. So far the first phase included watching a roughly 60-second video and took maybe 5 clicks max. Super easy, and more importantly it was a painless, transaction-free, and fun experience. I watched a cute video and actually feel somewhat invested in the world of CC and want to know what’s next. 


A far cry from slamming my head against my keyboard trying to grind $MILK.


Fractures are dynamic NFTs that will update and reveal slowly after each phase of the Journey is completed. This means your traits will slowly reveal over the coming weeks a la Memeland’s Potatoz reveal style. 


Why should I care?


Ultimately to me this comes off as a gesture of goodwill from the CC team and a way to start off on a new foot as they look to pivot from their mistakes of 2022. They’ve said multiple times the Fractures will be a PFP as opposed to Pets which were decidedly not a PFP and somewhat subpar given the CC art. Fractures seem to be very purposeful in its intent to deliver high-quality PFP art while getting the ball rolling on lore and storytelling for Blue and the world they live in. 


If nothing else and these turn out to be PFPs with similar artistic quality to the Cats, then I think they are undervalued currently at .105E. For reference, Pets sit at a .11E floor and these are guaranteed to have more future utility than Pets and the team has spoken about the quality of art being higher than pets as well.


Since the original post Fractures have revealed to indeed be the Shadow Wolves collection initially assumed. Price action has been as expected given a down market but the Cool Cats team promises increased utility for the Shadow Wolves compared to lesser ecosystem collections like Cool Pets.