The world's first utterly decentralized art platform

Feb 9, 2023

GM, MVHQ fam; I am writing today on another art studio/platform that has caught my interest! Below you will find a complete overview of gmstudios, both the token gated pass and the current collections from their studio.  With their most recent collection, Balagan by Sapir Cohen, minting out in the last couple of days and already doing over 145eth in secondary volume, I decided to do a deep dive on the platform as a whole! 



What is the

The is a generative art platform created by the gmDAO. They are a community-owned project built by artists, for artists. is the world’s first utterly decentralized art platform; they developed the studio from the ground up using their connections with existing artistic platforms, working on a common goal to eliminate the barrier to entry for new artists.  


They believe art should be inclusive & accessible to all, with equal opportunity for every applicant.  This is why they utilize the below curation process:

  • Blind Curation

    • Submissions are taken at face value and assessed for their artistic merit by a group of curators to reduce any potential bias associated with an artist or past work.

  • Fast and Thorough Feedback

    • Pride themselves on moving quickly through applications, with clear and concise feedback to art submissions

  • Push Artistic Limits

    • Always looking for artists who are pushing the limits in the space

  • Clear Expectations and Feedback

    • The curation panel sets clear expectations regarding the timeline and review process; they are not here to waste their time or the artist's. 

  • Artists pay no fees (the studio handles marketing, deployment & rendering costs)



Who are the gmDAO? 

gmDAO was founded in September 2021 using a fair token distribution method.  The community mainly consists of NFT collectors, artists & investors. 


The DAO was formed based on the principles of etiquette and mutual respect; structurally, the DAO consists of 900 members, the majority active within the NFT space, with backgrounds ranging from accredited investors to renowned generative artists with collections featured on ArtBlocks curated.


gmDAO’s primary goal is to foster & encourage the development of the NFT space, whether through their organic marketing/seed funding from their treasury/development from within the DAO itself. 


They also seek to provide an edge to their members with information that is not freely available to the market. 


Lastly, the gmDAO launched and will continue to launch several internally managed projects that have and will act as a revenue source for the community. Their first project was launched in February 2022 (Mind the Gap).



The token

The gm. token is the key to gaining access to the private community. It also acts as a governance token that entitles all holders to vote and propose changes they see fit for the betterment of the future of the DAO.


One thousand tokens were initially minted and distributed using a “fair-drop” method. Ten tokens were allocated through daily challenges over 100 days, with any unclaimed tokens burned daily. This resulted in a total of 900 tokens in circulation, with the treasury retaining the remaining number.


The benefits of holding a gmDAO token are below:

  • Every token grants its holders one mint of every studio drop

  • Private access to a closed discord which functions as the central hub of the DAO

  • Vote on proposals that dictate how treasury funds are deployed


The gmDAO token, art created by Rich Poole, currently has a floor price of 3.9eth, with a 78% unique ownership and nearly 3,000 eth in total volume, an awe-inspiring feat in its own right! Collections has released seven collections so far; the first six make up their Genesis set, which also happens to be every collection released in 2022.  


The Genesis set includes: 

  • Mind the Gap by MountVitruvius (999)

  • Plasticity by p4stoboy (555)

  • Koripo by Rich Poole (999)

  • Factura by Mathias Isaksen (999)

  • Catharsis by Dario Lanza (999)

  • Apollo by Asaf Slook (555)


While collection sizes and mint prices varied between the genesis set collections, every single collection’s floor price is above their mint price, with multiple collections' floor prices sitting above one ethereum. 


The first collection from the second and current gmstudio set, Balagan by Sapir Cohen, just minted out with a 555 collection size and mint price of .25 and has already traded an impressive 146 Ethereum and holding a floor price of over .5 Ethereum. 




Food for thought?

After a successful first year in the gen art space, I am excited about what gmstudios will bring to the table in 2023.  They are doing a great job of making it straightforward for artists to release exciting and fun art rather than oversaturating the market simultaneously.  At the same time, they are rewarding their current holders and collectors by allowing them early access to mint all of their future collections.  At the time of this article, I do not own a gmstudio token but hold a piece from two of the genesis set collections and hope to add more soon!


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