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Gold Farmers on Blast

Jun 6, 2024
General Strategy
Gold Farmers on Blast



Mint Farmers is a new farming game on Blast. The mint stalled at 383/888 Farmers. Farmers are .005 ETH to mint. Each farmer can mint 1 flower per season. Seasons run 1 week long. Use water and fertilizer to grow higher level flowers. The higher the level the flower the more points you get.




The project has not secured Blast rewards for this Gold epoch yet, but with a mint out and on chain activity that may be achievable.


Mint details and Refund


Beyond the .005 ETH mint price the mint fee is also refundable, but not until July 18, 2024.


Mint Mechanics


Right off the bat you can pay an additional .005 as many times as you want to increase your Base Points. Each .005 addition to your mint adds 100 base points. The leaderboard is already live based on the mint mechanic generated points.




If you want to mint for points you should think about the benefits of minting more farmers instead of adding points to fewer farmers. More farmers equals more flowers, but more flowers mean more resources to take care of them. 


Key Elements:


  1. Farmers NFT:
    • Can mint 1 Flower per season.
    • Worth 1000 base game points.


  1. Flower NFTs:
    • Levels range from 1 (seed) to 10 (max level).
    • Points increase with each level.
    • Watering outcomes depend on tiers and levels, with chances of grow, fail, and die.


  1. Flower Tiers:
    • Tier 1: Free to mint.
    • Tier 2: Costs 0.002 ETH.
    • Tier 3: Costs 0.003 ETH.
    • Higher tiers have better chances for growth and lower chances for failure and death.


  1. Watering Outcomes:
    • Grow: Increases the flower's level.
    • Fail: No change or level decrease (above level 7).
    • Die: Flower becomes worth 0 points.
    • Fertilizer option to prevent death (costs 0.00015 ETH).


  1. Seasonal Inflation:
    • Points increase by 20% each season.


Strategy Analysis:


  1. Minting Strategy:
    • Minting Tier 2 or Tier 3 flowers can be more beneficial due to higher growth probabilities and lower failure/death rates. However, consider the ETH cost.


  1. Watering Strategy:
    • Use fertilizer especially when watering flowers at higher levels (above level 6) where the risk of death increases.
    • Aim to water consistently, leveraging the reduced cooldown times with successive waterings.


  1. Point Maximization:
    • Focus on growing flowers to higher levels to maximize points. The exponential increase in points at higher levels (e.g., 2000 points at level 7, 200000 points at level 10) can significantly boost your position.
    • Given the increased point value each season, consider balancing immediate growth with strategic watering to take advantage of seasonal inflation.


  1. Risk Management:
    • Assess the risk of watering at higher levels. The use of fertilizer becomes crucial to mitigate the risk of losing high-value flowers.
    • At lower levels, the cost of failure is less, so you might avoid using fertilizer to save ETH.


Example Calculation:


Let's consider a scenario where you mint and grow a Tier 3 flower:

  1. Minting Cost:
    • Tier 3 flower costs 0.003 ETH.


  1. Watering Costs:
    • Assume you use fertilizer from level 6 onwards (to prevent death):
      • Levels 6 to 10: 5 watering with fertilizer = 0.00015 ETH * 5 = 0.00075 ETH.


  1. Total Cost:
    • Total ETH cost = 0.003 ETH + 0.00075 ETH = 0.00375 ETH.


  1. Points Calculation:
    • Successfully reaching level 10:
      • Level 10 points = 200000 points.


Seasonal Adjustment:


If you achieve this in Season 1, your points are base points. If you wait till Season 2, the points will be worth 20% more (i.e., 240000 points for the same effort).




  • Prioritize higher-tier flowers if you can afford the ETH cost.
  • Use fertilizer strategically to prevent death at higher levels.
  • Aim for high-level flowers to leverage the exponential point increase and seasonal inflation.








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