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Influencers + Bias

Mar 31, 2023
General Strategy
Influencers + Bias

I thought it worth calling out again the importance of not just blindly following influencers because they’re influencers and instead unbiasedly assessing their logic + determining their true motivation. Needless to say I’d even go as far as to say I would default to most influencers having a very ‘misaligned’ motive (though there are of course some very logical, trustworthy, transparent influencers out there; those within MVHQ I’ve almost always found to be very thoughtful and trustworthy).


Case in point = the below post. Using this just as an example (not picking on Becker specifically), but thought this was a perfect example of a biased narrative with very poor logic that might carry extra weight because of who he is.


To be clear, some of what he says in here I think is accurate, but it’s a very poor line of logic + where he’s pointing the argument is very very self-serving and biased (goal = gain attention, artificially/with hyperbole trying to propel what’s good for him in the nearer-term). There’s a line I think here between utilizing logic and awareness to share and support why something is fundamentally strong/promising/sustainable and using your platform and hype to drive people to believe something (with poor logic).