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Lorak by Landtorn

Dec 4, 2023
Lorak by Landtorn

ELI5 (explain like I’m 5):

- A dungeon exploring game on Base chain.


- Explore dungeons daily to gather mythic items and increase your shard power.


- Become TornLord and rule over everything the light touches.


Why should I bother?:

- Farm Possible $Base airdrop with cheap txs and no fees. ($Base is not confirmed and this is purely speculation but in my opinion, the reward vs risk is very high.)


- Lorak players, and everyone interacting with $SHARD, will be rewarded in the future launch of $TORN which will power the LandTorn platform.


- First on-chain game on base.


- Lorak seems to be in its initial stages and requires further development; in other words, we're early.


- Aside from all of this I enjoy doing the daily dungeons. I am a simple man, a cup of coffee and a dark dungeon gets me excited after a long day of work.


How Can I Play?

- Visit here and mint your settler and satchel https://landtorn.com/ (gas tx cost $0.12-$0.20)


- Join mvhq guild- https://landtorn.com/?ref=MVHQ


- Participate in the dungeon- Each time you go into a dungeon it will cost gas. You have the option to explore the dungeon 1,2,5,10 or 20 times per TX. I recommend each time you visit a dungeon you explore it 20 times per TX. Since each settler can use 40 energy every 12 hours, you can explore the maximum number of daily dungeons in 4 TX per settler. (Gas tx cost per dungeon ~$0.34)


- The first 2 dungeons have no chance of death so explore fearlessly.


- Each time you explore a dungeon you will obtain spoils. These spoils will help increase your ATK, DEF, and your shard power.


- Deeper Dungeons offer higher risk/reward and contain more valuable Spoils. One of which is the highly sought after ritual stone which will allow you to extract $shard out of the game. (more on this later)


- Collect Mythics to unlock the TornLord NFT. Collecting a full set of correct Mythics will allow you to mint a TornLord. That's the end-game. There can be millions of Settlers but only 2000 TornLords will ever exist.


- Dying in the dungeons results in you losing your settler and all collected spoils. You have the option to sacrifice your settler and keep all mythics once you reach 1k shard power per mythic. (More on this later)


- Keep In mind you can mint and manage as many settlers as you like by going to Manage settlers→ Manage settlers→ click the + to mint your additional settler and satchel.


There are three main variables that should be considered when entering a dungeon.


1) Energy- In order to enter the dungeon you will have to spend 1 energy. Every 12 hours each settler can spend up to 40 energy.


2) Shard Power- Each dungeon has a shard gate amount. in order for you to enter that dungeon you have to meet or exceed that amount in shard power.


3) Atk/Def- Your ATK and DEF are what increase your survival rate throughout the dungeons. If you do not meet the required ATK and DEF minimum for that dungeon, you will get an additional 10% chance of death for each dungeon run.



The Ponzi:


- Put quite simply the main objective is to explore deep dungeons and obtain as many mythics as you can without dying. The flip side of that coin is knowing when to sacrifice your settler and keep your mythics.


- $Shard is the in-game token and can be purchased via Uniswap.


- Purchasing $Shard is not required to play or enjoy the game but it can make playing the game easier. $Shard allows you to enchant your settler which increases their Shard power and decreases your chance of death.


- You can also purchase items in the tavern using $Shard. There are items that can give you an additional life, replenish your energy and more.


- In very rare cases you can convert your shard power to $Shard by obtaining a ritual stone. Yep, you heard that right. This stone is the most sought after in-game item because it allows you to withdraw shard from the game. With that being said currently it seems that on average the death rate is 20 times more likely than the ritual stone drop rate so good luck degens.




Potential Strategies:


I will split strategies into 3 types of players.


1. Casual Framer- The objective of the casual farmer is to rack up base transactions.  They are not concerned about becoming Tornlord or going so deep into the dungeons that they lose their precious settler(s). Minting 1-3 settlers should be enough to achieve their objective.


2. Dungeon Enjoyooor- The objective of Dungeon Enjoyor is to have fun collecting items, explore deep dungeons and see how far they can push their limits.  Since the purpose of all items has not been revealed yet, gathering those spoils now seems like a great idea to the dungeon Enjoyor.  These players will also strategize on when to sacrifice their settler to retain their mythics, balancing risk and reward for maximum enjoyment. Minting 3-7 settlers should suffice for most Enjoyors.


3. Tornlord Maxi- The objective of Tornlord Maxi is one thing and one thing only, to become Tornlord by any means necessary.  Running 10+ settlers they push the limits of the dungeons in order to get the best of the best spoils and mythics in their quest to become Tornlord.  Losing settlers left and right and sacrificing settlers when they reach a certain mythic threshold gives them the edge they need to pursue Tornlord.  This strategy is very high risk so ape responsibly.


In closing: 


Do I think the game is profitable? No


Do I think it's boring? Yes at times 


Do I think it becomes the next Axie Infinty?  No


Do I think $Torn will be a big airdrop? No


Do I think Base is going to launch a token in the coming years? Maybe


Either way, spending a few dollars on transactions every day or every few days in preparation for a possible $Base drop in the future is a risk worth considering. 


As always, consider what you're willing to risk and strategize accordingly.  If done correctly $20-40 is enough to run a settler or 2 for a month.