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Magic Batch - Pushing P

Overview of the Magic Batch Ecosystem and their upcoming project Pluto Misfits

May 26, 2023
Magic Batch - Pushing P

Magic Batch - Pushin' P 


Good Morning, MVHQ ladies and gents - I hope you all made generational wealth on $PEPE and are sitting on a beach somewhere warm with your drink of choice!  Today I am writing about a Polygon community/ecosystem I am incredibly bullish about, Magic Batch.  If you are not familiar with Magic Batch, that is fine, I will go over who they are, their vision, and how they plan on delivering on their promises to their community! 


What is Magic Batch?!?

Magic Batch is an application-only ecosystem of products across tech, incubation, investing, and entertainment.  The Magic Batch Collective is a limited supply pass aiming to bring opportunities to founders, investors, projects, builders, traders, and fellow degens.  The Magic Batch Ecosystem is backed by Polygon Ventures, accomplished founders, and venture capitalists across web3!  Magic Batch minted at .1 Ethereum and currently sits at a floor price just above 1.75 Ethereum in less than two months since it's been tradable on secondary markets!


Magic Batch Ventures 

MBC Holders can pitch their ideas, products, and NFT projects to an array of accomplished venture capitalists and super angels to receive fundraising opportunities and launch support.  Magic Batch members will get opportunities to invest in projects across Defi, Gamefi, Metaverses, and NFTs which are backed by Polygon Ventures or an established VC Fund.


Magic Batch Incubator

Magic Batch aims to curate the finest NFT collections launching on the Polygon Ecosystem by providing them with the finest support and incubating teams and individuals. The Magic Batch incubator will be looking for and assisting talented Web3 individuals who want to launch platforms and protocols which make the collection and trading of NFTS and tokens more accessible and convenient. 


Magic Batch Content House

Magic Batch content house is currently producing an Animated Web Series.  The writer’s room is led by an Executive producer and writer for shows including: Kung Fu Panda, The Dragon Knight, Final Space and Kpo, and The Age of Wonder Beasts.  All MBC holders will receive airdrops and be eligible for whitelist access for their communities.


Magic Batch Utility

Holders can apply for advisory positions across marketing, community, product, and tech categories in special projects and companies that have raised VC Funding. First Access and unique benefits on all tools, platforms, and aggregators built with the support of MBC incubator.  Pitch your projects to the top VCs and super angels, and co-invest alongside experts in VC-backed/vetted projects, while also receiving airdrops and whitelist access for Plutoverse and MBC content house projects. 





Enter Plutoversexyz

Plutoverse is a virtual social platform for any community.  Plutoverse has already raised a pre-seed round from Polygon Ventures, investors include the co-founders of Polygon Ventures,  Jaynti Kanani (JD), and Sandeep Nailwal, among another 10+ super angels! 


What is Pluto Misfits?

Pluto, @0xPolygon’s Flagship NFT project, is a world of Interactive, Fun & Creative Experiences.  As Polygon’s flagship NFT project and arguably its first pfp project, the team will have many resources to utilize, including leveraging Polygon's current existing web2 partnerships and a direct line to Polygon’s Dev, Marketing, and Metaverse teams.  Pluto wants to bring Social Experiences to Web3, creating an economy that rewards socialization and experiences.  We create experiential brands that cut across art, mini-games, and fashion. We are bringing the fun back to Web3.  These experiences are available through the Genesis collection.


All Magic Batch Spirits get exclusive access to Pluto Misfits; they will have pre-reserved white list spots for Plution and will also have a preference for the first round guaranteed white list spots. 


Pluto Misfits Team

The team of Pluto Misfits is highly seasoned and understands what is required for projects to be successful in both the NFT and incubation spaces.  The founders @dostmalonee, and @rjun_eth are also the co-founders of Magic Batch, and dostmalonee built Nofiltr, Asia’s biggest creator incubator, where he worked with over 700 brands!



With the current macro and market conditions, spending hard-earned capital on new/up-and-coming NFT projects can be a recipe for disaster; however, Magic Batch and Pluto Misfits check multiple boxes for me on projects I want to invest in for the long term.  Magic Batch is backed and led by a team who has been successful in both Web2 and Web3 and arguably has the best network and partnerships on Polygon to leverage (There have been hints that Tyler Foust will be releasing an upcoming project on Magic Batch).  While the NFT Polygon market can be illiquid at times, there have been projects that have had immediate and recurring success (Trump NFTs and Reddit Digital Collectibles), and Magic Batch will continue the trend.  They have both short-term and long-term visions to not only provide their holders with valuable utility but also a fun and interactive way to onboard new users to Web3, specifically Polygon!  As I write this, I am not a current owner of a Magic Back Pass, I did apply and awaiting a response.  I was lucky enough to acquire a WL for Pluto Misfits and very excited about the drop.  Once again, thank you all who took the time to read this article, and I hope you do not feel dumber after reading it; as always, feel free to follow me on Twitter or discord and reach out with any questions or concerns; my DMs are always open! 







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