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$Meme Farming - A Guide

Oct 23, 2023
$Meme Farming - A Guide

Everyone Can Participate

No need for a Memeland NFT; anyone can Farm.

All that's required is a Twitter account.

It doesn't matter how many Memeland assets you have for farming.



Go to https://www.memecoin.org/farming

  1. Complete daily quests to accumulate farming points.
  2. Use a referral code for bonus points (My Code: captain 7323).
  3. Engage authentically to maximize rewards.
  4. Be cautious of risky methods like using bots or buying engagement.


How to Farm $Meme? Daily Quests Daily quests that serve as straightforward tasks designed to increase awareness and engagement. The quests so far offer around 9500 points in total and include:

  1. Connect X account (690 points)
  2. Add “ Memecoin” to your X name (6900 Points)
  3. Tell the world! (send out a simple tweet) (690 Points)
  4. Link your wallet (690 points)
  5. Referred by a friend? (add a referral code, you can use mine: captain 7323) (690 Points)

Referral Program

Referral program is in place to allow existing users to invite new participants and earn additional benefits. If you're new, you can use the referral code "captain 7323" to get extra points.


If you own Memeland NFTs and people use your NFTs to sign up, there will be a bonus, although the exact amount is yet to be disclosed.


Engagement Matters

While the specifics are not clear, your level of engagement in the community can affect your farming rewards. The project emphasizes the importance of quality over quantity when it comes to community engagement.


How to Farm More/Better?

Join Farming Groups There are multiple $Meme farming groups out there. Joining these groups can help you up your engagement and earn more points. These groups often share tips and strategies for maximizing your farming efforts. There are many out there like this one from KP: https://twitter.com/kptothemoon/status/1714868585867411634


Create Quality Content

With future quests likely to involve content creation, focus on generating high-quality content to naturally engage with the community. This aligns with the project's philosophy of quality over quantity.


Risky Ways to Farm

Note: BOTS AND SUSPICIOUS ACTIONS WILL BE FILTERED WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. (At least what they say on their website, they check for X account age and maybe other metrics)

  1. Using multiple Twitter alt accounts for your referral code (risk of points being deleted).
  2. Buying engagement (risk of points being deleted).
  3. Follow everyone that has Memecoin in their X name (Could give a bonus in the end)


Is It Worth It?

The listing price of $Meme is set at $0.001. If 1 farming point equals 1 $Meme, you could earn around $10 from the initial quests alone. If the coin does some X (which is expected) you could look at around 50-100$ per account if you do all the task. It's a free and 0 risk way to potentially earn some extra money, making it worth considering. Could also be only worth like 1$ if it isn't 1 Point = 1 $Meme


Final Thoughts

Farming $Meme may not make you rich overnight but...

It ain't much, but it's honest work