Mezo - MVHQ


May 10, 2024



MezoNetwork, a newly introduced Bitcoin layer-2 network, strives to expand the Bitcoin network's reach, aiming to bring 25% of the global economy on-chain.


Securing $21 million in a fundraising round led by Pantera Capital, Mezo garnered strategic investments from key figures in web3, including @danheld, @TimDraper, @dcfgod, @udiWertheimer, @hash_bender, @spiritdao, @Brentsketit, @osf_rekt, @gainzy222, @KeyboardMonkey3, @dingalingts, @0xZergs, @farokh, @0xfar, @ZAGABOND, @LucaNetz.


Mezo sets itself apart from other Layer 2 solutions by providing access to a wider array of applications, promoting the use of Bitcoin for diverse purposes and fostering a circular Bitcoin economy. This approach aims to elevate Bitcoin beyond being merely a store of value to a more actively utilized asset.


The standout feature of MezoNetwork is its "Proof of HODL" points program, incentivizing Bitcoin holders to engage with the network. By locking up their Bitcoin, users can earn yield, leveraging their otherwise dormant Bitcoin holdings.


Lock up time period and points:


2 months = 3x points boost

6 months = 10x points boost

9 months =16x points boost


Currently, Mezo is in Phase 1 which has a limited TVL deposit cap. and have to deposit tBTC and/or WBTC. (I converted BTC to WBTC and deposited using MM.)

In Phase 2, there will be an increase in TVL limit to deposit and can deposit BTC via BTC address.

Phase 3  is mainnet and TGE which is scheduled for Q2 2024


With ~2k wallets farming, users can swiftly climb to the top of the leaderboard ranking within a week or so.


Right now, the only way to enter and be early is via an invite code. Each person when signed up only gets 5 invite codes -  which are single-use ONLY.