Monday to Sunday 6/26-7/2 - MVHQ

Monday to Sunday 6/26-7/2

MVHQ Staff
Jul 4, 2023
Monday to Sunday 6/26-7/2

Monday 6/26

An Elemental vibe eclipses the entire NFT space as we prepare for the most anticipated drop of the year. Azuki has parlayed a well-received IRL Las Vegas event into an ultra-hyped mint like only Azuki can, and doing so during a time when market sentiment remains low. The nostalgia of Bull Market mints of the past feels like a welcome sight, even if the euphoria may be short-lived.

However, with the anticipation of a hyped mint comes the marketplace liquidity drain as everyone prepares to participate in the festivities. A sea of red covered the NFT marketplace with most collections seeing floor prices drop. Sappy Seals (+10%) and Utility Wen (+20%) were two exceptions as they managed to finish the day in the green. Overall volume closed just over $22.3 million with ETH playing firm in the $1870 range.



  • Azuki announced a security update and details regarding tomorrows snapshot ahead of its Elementals mint, while also adding the option for holders to mint via a delegated wallet.

  • Opensea and World of Women unveil their latest collaboration with FC Barcelona Femini with a new 1/1 collection entitled "Empowerment," which aims to honor women in football. Midfielder Alexia Putellas is celebrated with an NFT where the holder will be able to attend an IRL Meet and Greet as well as signed memorabilia.

  • Veefriends announces a Creator Challenge where 10 people will join Gary V and Snoop Dogg for a multi-faceted adventure.

  • Zed Run introduces XP NFTs which allow for boosts and bonuses earned by racehorses.

  • CyberKongz unveil the re-implementation of ERC721x, which allows users "the convenience of a hot wallet, with the added security of a cold wallet."

MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Check out Field Reports to stay prepared for the highly anticipated Azuki Elementals drop and get some added perspective with our Mint Guide from <@185536250751483904> and an assist from the Legend <@145325526544941057>. Stay informed and clued into what to expect during the biggest mint of the year.


Tuesday 6/27

The NFT space turned back the clock as the morning felt very reminiscent of JPEG Summer of 2021 with a hugely hyped mint in the form of Azuki Elementals awaiting us. We saw all the hits during the mint from an overloaded website, to a gnarly gas war and everything in between rounding out with a classic case of Twitter Spaces FUD. Azuki's hyped Elementals drop did not quite go to plan as collectors soon realized the striking similarities between the new and OG collections. Floor prices took a hit and largely remain under mint price even now, excluding some of the rarer grails. Many speculate something more could be in store for Elementals but Web3 is in a holding pattern for now to see what Zagabond and the team have up their sleeve.

Other noteworthy news was scant with Elementals being far and away the focus of the day. Volume in the market certainly reflected this as well with Elementals (4000E vol.) and Elemental Beanz (5000E vol.) dominating the charts. Markets soared on the back of the mint, raking in $68 million in total volume traded, the most in well over three months. ETH danced up amidst the panic and back down again to close the day around $1870.



  • Azuki Elementals minted out during phase two with supply quickly being minted by Beanz holders in about two minutes time. Reveal took several hours to go live however, and was followed by a high dose of FUD due to similar artwork and and unhappiness from the community regarding mint.
  • Avant Arte and Cozomo de Medici announced a partnership today to bridge the gap between phsyical and digital pieces with NFT artists.

  • Mythical Games has raised $37 million from the likes of Animoca Games and MoonPay in their series C round to build out their studio and its operations.

  • Always the bridesmaid, Ether debuted a new animated trailer showing off character designs and trait concept art for their pfp mint scheduled for later this week.

  • Fidelity was the next major player to have been rumored today to have applied for a BTC Spot ETF like many other large institutions in the past two weeks.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • It was an action-packed morning in MVHQ as over 70 members piled in for the most hyped mint of the past few months with the Elementals. However, despite the down time, Voice Chat picked up right where it left off with fantastic call-outs for contracts, work arounds for site errors, and constant gas updates. Special thanks to the members on the front lines setting everyone up for success like RelicCK and Jarvis with their timely info.
  • With another hyped mint in the books we want to give a special shoutout to a couple MVHQ OGs who minted the rarest possible Elemental Beanz, Tier 4, Slick and Napoleon Cryptonite! Congrats on the huge hits fellas and especially to Slick for securing the 11.4 ETH sale already!



Wednesday 6/28

As dust continues to settle on the Azuki/Elementals FUD, Web3 looks to move forward and prepare for yet another notable launch with tomorrows HV-MTL from Yuga Labs. The HV-MTL collection saw a quick pump back towards the 1E mark before settling back into its current 0.8E range on over 800E in 24h volume. The same could not be said for Azuki (9.15E, -45%) and Elementals (1.66E, 2E Mint Price) as floor prices reel from the teams recent blunders. Overall social sentiment has been mixed between longtime OG's leaving the Garden and new ecosystem members that are now euphoric at the opportunity to join.

Overall marketplace volume once again checked in well above recent local lows, with a "healthy" close above $55.2 million. ETH continues to play nice above $1800, into the $1830 range.



  • Bored Ape Yacht Club releases a HV-MTL Forge game guide, ahead of its highly anticipated game launch tomorrow.

  • Azuki provided an update regarding its Elementals collection, proceeded to airdrop Azuki holders a Green Bean ERC-1155 NFT and announced a Town Hall that is set to take place inside the Azuki discord tomorrow at 9PM EST.

  • Pudgy Penguins have won Toy Insiders Top Summer Toy of 2023 award for its Pudgy Toys collection.

  • Cool Cats held a Town Hall event today and announced substantial changes to its ecosystem. The team has partnered with "notable game developers," and aims to release three games within the next year while also planning to upgrade their Cool Pets collection.

  • Renga has teamed up with Haas F1 Racing to offer a "first of its kind NFT collection," with more details still to come.

  • Memeland found a fun way to troll the ongoing Azuki FUD by updating holders Dashboards on their website to reveal some very inspiring art. The team also updated their PFP to an Azuki, before again changing it to its current "Kevin" meme PFP.

  • Moonbirds announce that 50 Mythic Eggs and 50 Oddities will be selected to "start their journey to reveal," in July.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  •  Yuga's HV-MTL is set to launch tomorrow for yet another highly anticipated Web3 event. RaggaPrince delivers yet another insightful and detailed analysis of what to expect, how we can best prepare and what it all means for the Yuga ecosystem moving forward in his latest post in our Field Reports channel. Make sure to give it a read!
  • Rollbit has quickly become a notorious playground for all sorts of fun degen action and MVHQ's very own JakeandBake has been taking full advantage. Today's Office Hours helped members with the many avenues for profit that Rollbit offers with an added introduction into some leverage trading action. Don't miss the recording as soon as its available in our Video Content channel.

  • Diablo 4 is the gamers version of "touching grass" during some of these slower times as many members seek refuge into the depths of Hell. GrapeDutch and Deathstrike walked us through a fun and informative gameplay primer with strategy and alpha to get MVHQ members in the game and up to speed!



Thursday 6/29

The big guns of the space were the talk of the town as Azuki's self-inflicted FUD and Yuga's newest browser game filled the airwaves today. Zagabond and the team spoke at great lengths to reassure holders but the feelings afterward were decidedly mixed in their reception. Yuga Labs however saw another milestone reached with the launch of their six season long, HV-MTL Forge. The game offers a surprising amount of depth and is sure to give degens something to spend their time on.

To nobody's surprise, Azuki topped the daily volume charts with their umbrella of collections trading over 5500E combined. HV-MTL NFTs were the other obvious chart topper with 550E volume. Overall marketplaces took quite the hit to yesterday's dazzling volume, but were still putting in higher volume than we saw in many previous weeks. Final numbers came in with major marketplaces trading $32 million with ETH closing the day around $1880 as crypto had a wild day of highs and lows.



  • Yuga Labs launched the next in their line of mini-games, the HV-MTL Forge. Degens flocked to the game to explore its intricacies and find the best edges in the game with hours-long livestreams accompanying them.

  • Azuki held a community call within their Discord to address the situation around the Elementals mint. The team expressed their regret while reassuring Azukis would always have top priority in future drops and activations along with outlining potential changes to Elementals art.

  • Fxhash, popular minting and trading sight for generative art on Tezos, has announced plans to upgrade its offering to feature Ethereum projects in the near future.

  • Candy Digital and Palm Studio announced a merger for the two companies said to enhance their acceleration and digital offerings.

  • Creepz has officially teamed up with Immutable to bring their AAA-Blockchain game, Overlord, to life.

  • Wolf Game is reportedly close to launching a new PVP game mode called "The Peak" with several new features including different games, tiered playstyles, and $WOOL rewards.


MVHQ Spotlight

  • With HV-MTL's The Forge going live today, the MVHQ guild was in full force today led by the indomitable RaggaPrince. Ragga led the charge in Voice Chat with theory crafting and playtesting while many watched on formulating strategies of their own.



Friday to Sunday 6/30-7/2

The fallout from one of the most eventful weeks we've seen in a long time continued with a bloody weekend as floors from some of the most respected and revered collections capitulated downwards. Bored Ape Yacht Club has seen an aggressive fall in floor price as bids are currently being filled under 30E. Azuki floors seem to have somewhat bottomed in the 6E range, an astonishing 60% fall from just a week ago. Memeland also added to the eventful week by revealing its Captainz collection, which of course, was met with very mixed sentiment. The once highly anticipated ETHER mint went off with a whimper and now faces a supply cut, down to 5555.

Overall marketplace volume checked in with a $35 million 3-day average and Friday peaking the weekend with a $39.2 closing number. Despite the massive NFT volatilty, ETH stays truckin right along in the $1950 range.



  • Franks DeGods drops a new roadmap for the DeLabs ecosystem by unveiling a re-imagined Facebook page.

  • Cool Cats celebrate their 2nd Anniversary.

  • Memeland hit the reveal button on its Captainz collection, bringing its vision for customizable PFP's to life. Floor prices have seen mixed action, going as low as 4.5E - back to 6.5E - before settling into its current 5.2E range.

  • Futbal Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is set to launch his 2nd NFT collection on Binance.

  • Lacoste introduces the UNDW3 Card, a new NFT that aims to give holders the opportunity to "shape the future of the Lacoste brand."

  • ETHER announces a supply cut from 10k to 5555 after a slow Whitelist mint. The remaining supply will move to the public mint phase.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • A big congratulations to our June MVP, Blessed!! He has proven to be a force of alpha and shown a willingness to help others any chance he gets. A much deserved honor. Blessed takes home a total of 2.5 ETH, free MVHQ key for next year, MVP Cover Art and the elusive MVHQ MVP Role! Thank you to all our nominees, your contributions never go unnoticed.

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