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MVHQ Platform Launch + International NFT Day

How to get started with MVHQ's new platform

Sep 20, 2023
MVHQ Platform Launch + International NFT Day

It’s September 20 so we all know what that means right?!? Okay so maybe not…


For the unaware, today is International NFT Day! A day Web3 takes to celebrate the milestones of the previous year, look back on the progress made, and commemorate the occasion with the one thing we can never have enough of….more NFTs! 


For a little context, September 20th is not just some arbitrary date. September 20, 2017, is actually the day Dapper Labs Chief Technical Officer, Dete Shirley, published the ERC-721 standard, which is the standard from which NFTs are built.  As many of us know, NFTs would be impossible without this standard so everyone make sure you go out and thank a Date in your life for bringing us all together!


Now with the big day at hand, there are numerous events being held globally that are available to most, if not all, of the MVHQ and broader Web3 communities! 


You can find a list of these events broken down by continent and city here -


Now to the meat of NFT Day and why we’re all REALLY here.


MVHQ’s honorary NFT Day mint!!! You read that right - MVHQ is hosting a dual-sided mint with an honorary NFT able to be minted on BOTH ETH and FLOW blockchains! MVHQ has partnered with FLOW, to offer these NFTs on both chains. There is no limit to how many you can mint or which chain you can mint on. You can find both of these mintable tokens at


This NFT mint represents something more than just a celebratory notion. This mint also acts as the soft launch of the MVHQ Platform that has been developed in the background by the hardest working devs in Web3 and is the culmination of months of effort. Here you will see Missions set forth by various MVHQ Partners where you can earn a variety of rewards. These missions will came at a later date so keep an eye out for upcoming Partner Announcements! For more info see the most recent announcement posted within the MVHQ Discord. 


We will have much more to come about what and who you should expect to see on the Platform in the future but for today, let’s celebrate what has brought us all together, MVHQ and NFTs, by minting a few more free NFTs as a show of support for the platform’s launch! 


In order to understand MVHQ's new platform and capabilities I have compiled a quick walkthrough of how to get started!