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Quick Tip: How To Pre-approve on Marketplaces

Feb 23, 2023
General Strategy
Quick Tip: How To Pre-approve on Marketplaces

When you obtain a new collection in your wallet and would like to sell it, you need to complete a transaction on each marketplace to allow that marketplace to transact your NFTs before you are able to successfully list those NFTs on the marketplace. Usually this isn't an issue, but there are occasions when traders identify the best course of action is being one of the earliest listers of a collection. Sometimes post-mint a trader is able to extract the most amount of value from a sale by being one of the first handful of sales.


In order to be one of the first listers, you can complete this pre-approval transaction on any marketplace before the mint even occurs. To do this, follow the steps below:

1) Locate the Etherscan page for the mint that you are planning to use this strategy on.



2) Navigate to the Contract tab, the Write Contract tab, and then click 'Connect to Web3' on the wallet that you plan to sell these NFTs from.



3) Locate the setApprovalForAll function and expand it.



4) Identify which marketplace you would like to sell these NFTs on. A transaction is needed for each marketplace that you plan to use.


Within the Operator field, you will need to paste in the Delegate Contract Address of a marketplace. Listed below are the addresses for each marketplace:


X2Y2: 0xF849de01B080aDC3A814FaBE1E2087475cF2E354

Blur: 0x00000000000111AbE46ff893f3B2fdF1F759a8A8

OpenSea: 0x1E0049783F008A0085193E00003D00cd54003c71

LooksRare: 0xf42aa99F011A1fA7CDA90E5E98b277E306BcA83


Within the approved field, you will type:




5) Once these fields are filled, click 'Write' and complete the transaction. You are now pre-approved to list on each of the marketplaces for which you have sent a pre-approval transaction.



Now you are able to be the quickest gun in the west to try to get one of those overinflated first sales!