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Redacted! Cleansing Your Digital Footprint Using Redact App

Oct 13, 2023
General Strategy
Redacted! Cleansing Your Digital Footprint Using Redact App
As many of you likely know by now, maintaining a pristine digital footprint holds immense significance for me. We've all had our moments: cringe-worthy comments, questionable likes, regrettable retweets. Perhaps for an entire month, you thought humorously posting pictures of Gary Gensler as a melancholic clown on every one of his tweets was the way to go. I'm not admitting to anything, but let's say some dubious comments might've slipped from an account under my watch. We all make errors. Today, I'll introduce you to a potent tool named Redact, designed to wipe away those embarrassing blips from your social media accounts.
Did you spot, earlier this month, that curious incident when five of my field reports ghosted from our cherished MVHQ Field Reports channel? That's on me. I took the Redact app for a test drive. The results? Spotless, perhaps even too efficient—it erased all comments, posts, and images from the past 30 days on my account within our server. A little too thorough, maybe? Redact stands tall as a versatile app, ready for Mac, PC, Linux, and mobile OSs like iOS and Android (it's up on the Google Play Store, too). Safety's always riding shotgun for me, especially navigating the wilds of web3 and ensuring my degen buddies' assets are tucked away securely. And while I'm no "Shadowy Supercoder," I can't give a behind-the-scenes tour of Redact. So, a nugget of wisdom: if you decide to hop on the Redact train, install it on a device that's crypto-clean. It's just a smart play for peace of mind.
Free vs Premium
Redact offers both a free and premium tier for their app. Now, let's delve into what the free version serves up. With the free tier, you gain the power to delete content across the top five social media giants: Facebook, Twitter (X), Reddit, Tiktok, and Discord. And you're not limited—this feature extends to erasing content from the past 30 days, including messages, posts, direct messages, files, and images from your account. So, rest easy knowing your DMs are sanitized from those unsolicited and pics.
But that's not all; Redact also dishes out a "smart delete" feature, allowing you to narrow down removals based on keywords and content type. And for those thinking it's just a sweep-and-clean deal, think again. Redact's nuanced approach lets you pick the Server, Channel, and even set a specific clock-in for your deletions.
The premium version of Redact showcases three distinct payment plans tailored to your usage and payment preferences. First off, there's a straightforward $25 per month option, translating to roughly $300 annually if you choose to roll month-to-month. Next up, there's an annual package at $84, breaking down to a neat $7 per month. Lastly, there's the tri-monthly option at $45, which, when you crunch the numbers, equals about $15 a month. Now, if you're someone like me, who feels the itch to spruce up their digital footprint maybe once or twice a year, a one-time $25 payment followed by a subscription cancel does the trick. However, it's worth noting that the Premium tier unlocks a trove of enhanced tools to deep clean your online trace, far surpassing the capabilities of the free tier.
The premium tier spreads its wings across a vast array of social networks, content creation platforms, and blogs, granting you the reins to your digital footprint like never before. Boasting a top-notch UI, I've thrown in links to pages featuring demos that showcase just how breezy it is to kickstart the cleansing process. Now, let's dive into the lineup:
Discord - Offers the same as free tier plus scheduled deletion, and full history erase past 30 days. (
Twitter (X) - Delete all Tweets, Replies, Retweets, Likes, and DM’s. You can delete by date range, hashtag, and keywords. Also allows for scheduling regular deletions based on your preference.(
Reddit - Delete posts, comments, title content images, and direct messages. Delete by date range, specific subreddits, content and keywords. (
Facebook - Delete Posts and comments in mass or filtered by date range (
Youtube - Delete Videos and Comments, in mass, or filtered by date range.(
Imgur - Delete submissions, comments, or favorites, in mass or filtered by date range. (
Deviant Art - Delete Deviations, comments, posts, or favorites, in mass or filtered by date range, title, and body content. (
Pinterest - Delete Pins and Boards, in mass or filtered by date, keywords, pin count, follower count, re-pin count, board names, containing specific links, domains or site names. (
LinkedIn - Delete Posts and conversations in mass or filtered by date range. (
Tumblr - Delete posts or queued posts by blog, in mass or filtered by date range, keyword, and Title content (
Skype - Delete messages or conversations in mass, by specified text, or Date Range (
Instagram - Delete Photos, and DM’s, in mass or filtered by Date range and keyword.(
Slack - Delete Slack Messages, in mass or filtered by Date range, keywords, or specific message types. (
Telegram - Delete Telegram messages, channels, and chats, in mass or filtered by Date Range. (
Stack Exchange - Delete posts and comments in specific or multiple stack exchange sites, in mass or filtered by Date range, words or phrases, context in title or body, post types, and tags. (
E-mail - Redact supports IMAP which allows you to delete multiple mailboxes at once. You can delete in mass or filtered by Date range, and specify whether or not you want to permanently delete the mail, or move it to the trash folder. (
Steam - Delete Comments on your profile, or others, activity and history. You delete in Mass, by date range or by keyword, with the same options to preserve comments as well. (
Blogger - Delete Blogs or comments in mass or filtered by Date Range. (
Word Press - Delete Blogs across multiple Wordpress sites, in mass, by date range, according to title content, post body, or comment. (
My Anime List - Go a little heavy reviewing hentai one month? Delete your anime lists blogs, lists, reviews in mass or filtered by Date Range, title content, or post body. (
Letter Boxd - Delete your Letter Boxd activity in mass or filtered by Date range, title content, or body content. (
Disqus - Delete your Disqus activity in mass, by Date range, or by specific text. (
Quora - Delete your Quora Questions and Answers in mass, by Date Range, or content type. (
Github - Delete your comments, follows, stars and gists in mass, or by Date range. (
Spotify - Delete Songs, playlists, follows, likes, albums, podcasts, and artists from your spotify account. Delete in mass, filter by date range, and preserve those that you don't wish to delete. (
IMDB - Delete lists and reviews from your IMDB account in mass or filtered by Date range, title, or post body. (
Gyazo - Delete your captures and collections in mass or filtered by Date range, title, desription, or app name. (
Vimeo - Delete your Videos, Showcases, Images, Channels and Groups in mass, or filtered by Date range, title, post or video content. (
Bumble - Unsavory matches on Bumble? Delete them in mass or filtered by Gender, matches with conversations, matches in queue, or matches in beeline. (
Flickr - Delete your Photos, Albums, Favorites, and Galleries in mass, or filtered by Date range, title, description, view, comment, or favorite count. (
Medium - Delete Medium Articles and comments in mass, or filtered by Date range, title, or text in body. (
Yelp - Leave a less than savory review on your less than savory dinner? Delete your comments and reviews in mass or by date range. (
Pixiv - Delete your Illustrations, Manga, Novels, and Bookmarks in mass, or by Date range, title, or content. (
Rustle - Logs Delete your OverRustle or Rustlesearch in mass. (