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Reignmakers Crafting Token Mint Guide

Sep 13, 2023
General Strategy
Reignmakers Crafting Token Mint Guide

Article was originally published in MVHQ on September 8, 2023 by Scottco. Some information may be outdated.


We have a big crafting token mint today for Reignmakers, & I found it a bit confusing the first time I was going thru the process, so I wanted to put together this quick guide on what you need to know if you’re new to crating on RM. 


As well as the upside / downside of each pack after crafting.


There are 3 different token tiers going on sale, I’m going to break down the Elite & Legendary tiers with what you need to know.


(Reignmaker quantity is pretty limited & token pricing is $1,000 per) 


Keep in mind all of these packs once crafted are not eligible for resale. You can resell the players you get from opening the packs.


You can also sell the tokens or the cards needed to craft the packs however, so we could see a bit of a squeeze in pricing for both after the tokens sell out. Also RM is employing the queue system again for all 3 mint tiers, with the waiting room opening 30 minutes prior to each individual drop. 



Mint time: 6 pm EST (Queue opens at 5:30 pm)  

Quantity: 3,000 

Public Purchase Limit: 3

Price Per Token: $39.99 


ELITE Trade In Recipe Breakdown:

Each person has a cap of 12 Elite packs they can craft. 


There are a total of 4,753 Elite packs available to be crafted from these recipes. With only 3,000 Elite tokens available for sale, we could see a bit of a squeeze on the token pricing (as well as the cards needed to craft).


As the public can only buy 3 tokens, unless you’re sitting on a reserve of extra tokens from previous drops, which most people aren’t… you’ll need to go on secondary to secure up to 9 additional tokens to craft all 12 packs. 


Each recipe also requires 4x Elite cards, so if one person was crafting the max amount of Elite packs - they could buy 3 tokens in the public sale (cost $40 apiece) and they would need (48) 2022 Elite cards from secondary - or their collection - to burn & complete the recipes. 


Current price on secondary of Elite tokens & 2022 player cards.


ELITE Token: $59

ELITE 2022 Player Cards: $14.75 


StreamNFT has the Expected Pack Value for the 4 ELITE packs at: 


2023 Rush ELITE North Pack: $243

Current cost to craft: $40 token (public sale pricing) + $60 (4 ELITE player cards from secondary) for an approx. total of $100 per pack 


The Rush Elite North packs have 36% skill starters & 9.41% QB1 cards, these are the players which will carry the highest value if pulled from the packs. 


QB1 cards featured in North packs: Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, Justin Fields, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, Kenny Pickett, Jordan Love



With top skill players available: Ja’Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, Nick Chubb, Amon-Ra St. Brown, Tee Higgins, Joe Mixon, Jahmyr Gibbs


2023 Rush ELITE South Pack: $157

Current cost to craft: $100 - see breakdown above 


The Rush ELITE South packs have 31.45% skill starters & only 6% QB1s


Skill starters feature: Bijan, Olave, Ridley, Derrick Henry, Travis Etienne, Drake London


QB1s feature a weaker selection including: Trevor Lawrence, Desmond Ridder, Derek Carr, Baker Mayfield, Ryan Tannehill, Anthony Richardson, Bryce Young, CJ Stroud


2023 Rush ELITE East Pack: $221

Current cost to craft: $100 


Rush Elite East packs have 34% skill starters & 9.8% QB1s 


Skill starters feature: Waddle, AJ Brown, Devona Smith, Tyreek, Saquon, Diggs, Garrett Wilson, CeeDee Lamb, Breece Hall, Rhamondre


QB1s feature: Tua, Jalen Hurts, Sam Howell, Daniel Jones, Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, Dak Prescott


2023 Rush ELITE West Pack: $212

Current cost to craft: $100 


Rush Elite West packs have 41% skill starters & 8.6% QB1s 


Skill starters include: Davante Adams, Kenneth Walker, Cooper Kupp, DK Metcalf, Josh Jacobs, CMC, Keenan, Deebo, Ekeler, Kelce


QB1s include: Jimmy G, Geno Smith, Justin Herbert, Stafford, Russell Wilson, Brock Purdy, Patrick Mahomes 


Overall Thoughts:

The Rush West, East & North look to be the best value based on players included & will likely be the first recipes completed. If you are only crafting a few packs I would focus on those first, as there are 3,000 Elite tokens going on sale & the maximum submissions for each of these packs are: 


ELITE North: 1,224 
 ELITE South: 1,191
 ELITE East: 1,176
 ELITE West: 1,162


For the individual divisions, each person can craft a maximum of 3 packs.


LEGENDARY Tier Tokens:

Mint time: 6:30 pm EST (Queue opens at 6 pm) 

Quantity: 550


Public Purchase Limit: 2
 Price Per Token: $249


LEGENDARY Trade In Recipe Breakdown: 


Each person has a cap of 2 Legendary packs they can craft.


There is only 1 Legendary recipe worth crafting (the 2023 Rush Legendary Offensive pack) with a max of 823 available.


So similar to the ELITE tokens, we could see a bit of a squeeze on pricing for the Legendary tokens & 2022 player cards. 


Each Legendary recipe requires 4x 2022 Legendary cards + 1 crafting token


Current price on secondary of Leg. tokens & 2022 player cards:

LEGENDARY Crafting Token: $320

LEGENDARY 2022 Player Cards: $55 


StreamNFT has the Expected Pack Value for the 2023 Rush Legendary Offensive Pack at $1,371 with a secondary cost to craft (if you hit on the tokens in the public sale) of $469.


There are 43% Skill starters & 10% QB1s included in the pack supply. 


Since all offensive players are included in these packs, downside is the current $100 floor for legendary cards, ranging to $5k+ recent sales for elite QB1s.


Overall Thoughts:

There is quite a bit of variance in your odds with the legendary packs, should you choose to craft & reveal. The more conservative strategy would be to mint tokens in the public sale & see if the price squeezes, as there are 273 more recipes available than there are tokens being sold. 


With the number of top players available in this drop (3x of Mahomes, Burrow, Hurts and Allen for example, where the last Mahomes legendary sold for $7,200) people will definitely be gambling on opening the packs to hit a premium player.


You could also wait for people to craft early & see if the variance drops on who is left to reveal, which could potentially give you better odds of hitting on a superstar player. 


Good luck in the mint queues & if you have any questions about the drop, you can join our DFS and Reignmakers focused discussion in MVHQ where we'll be talking strategy ahead of every mint.