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Robots.Farm - The Gamified Airdrop

Jan 25, 2024
Robots.Farm - The Gamified Airdrop



About is an upcoming Dex built on zkSynk that merges Defi principles with a gamified experience. While your traditional dex launches required multi chain exchanges and staking, Robots.Farm have created a gamified approach where players could construct and upgrade operations to augment returns, embark on quests, and hunt for rare NFTs that can significantly influence rewards and profits.



The airdrop has been confirmed and within the Robots ecosystem, it is by way of "in-game crates" underpinned by 4 pillars:

  1. Retroactive: Tokens are awarded based on a user's past interactions and commitments within Robots Farm.
  2. Conditional: Unlocking these tokens requires players to undertake specific actions or fulfill set conditions.
  3. Recurring: These are structured airdrops that are released in multiple phases or rounds
  4. High-velocity: Designed to promote high engagement, these airdrops operate on rapid feedback loops.


Key Concepts

  • Points: Points symbolize a user's dedication, engagement, and meaningful interactions within the ecosystem. Points are earned through Zeealy Tasks, Guilds (communal approach to earning) and in-game marketplace. Points are used to access premium features, opening crates, and listing items in the marketplace.
  • Guilds: A community based approach to farming the airdrop. For every user that joins your guild, you are eligible for 10% of the eth that they spend
  • Items: Items are the simplest and most straightforward items in the game. These are readily available and often serve as the building blocks for higher-tier items. Split between common, rare, Epic and Legendary, items can be listed and traded for eth
  • Crates: Crates provide in-game loot to valuable Tokens and game Points and vary in terms of levels. The higher the level, the higher the rarity of the item



  • 1% Team allocation (vested for 12 months)
  • 5% Airdrop (vested for 12 months)
  • 14% Ecosystem and expansion
  • 80% Liquidity providers (vested for 12 months)


How To Play

  • Log-in daily to the website and complete the quests. There are new quests available every 24 hours:
    1. zkSync quest (1 free and 1 you need to pay gas)
      1. Multi-chain quest (1 free and 1 you need to pay gas)
      2. Premium quests - Requires you to spend points to earn items/crates
  • Complete the zealy tasks to earn XP. For every 100 XP earned, you get 1 game points
  • When crates/items are won, they can be bridged over to the Robots zkSync market place by burning points.



  • New gamified Airdrop to farm built on zkSync
  • Complete quests, complete Zealy, earn points, use points to open crates and bridge items to marketplace
  • Trade items on marketplace (the more rare, the higher the value)
  • Added bonus of earning transactional value on zkSync Mainnet



  1. Website (for registration):
  2. My personal invite link:
  3. twitter:
  4. Medium:
  5. Whitepaper:
  6. zkSync Marketplace for Robots.Farm items:


Personal take: It is the 3rd season of farming and you can do the daily quests and zealy quests to earn points and items without spending a single cent. If you get lucky with a Epic or legendary item, I have seen some of those go for up to 0.3 eth in the marketplace. I do like the gamification approach and it really does not take too much of my time daily.


As always, DYOR. This is not financial advice.