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Scott & Seinfeld’s Airdrops: Infinity Farms Vol. 3

Feb 16, 2024
General Strategy
Scott & Seinfeld’s Airdrops: Infinity Farms Vol. 3

Perpetual Platforms


Zeta Markets:


Zeta is a Perp Protocol with 2 weeks left of its Season 1 airdrop. The campaign closes on Dec 20th, so if you like perps, it might be worth a shot to try it out on Zeta. Their Zetacard ( gives you a 2x on points but keep in mind you have to burn the nft, the 2x only lasts for a week & cant be stacked. Currently Zeta has $6.2 million in open interest on perps.




Parcl is a perps exchange where you can long & short real estate markets. Parcl created a Price Feed (PLPF) indicator that tracks price changes in residential real estate on a daily basis across multiple markets & property types using a simple metric; price per square foot.


Parcl has launched their V3 & with it the season 1 of their point system. Their TVL ($4.5 Million) & Open Interest ($1.25 Million) have both tripled since we published this guide.


How the airdrop system works: For Traders: You earn 1 point per day for every 1 USDC of initial open interest For LPs: You earn 3 point per day for every 1 USDC deposited into the Parcl LP HOA NFT Bonus: Having 1 HOA NFT ( in the wallet connected to the Parcl Platform boosts the Points you accumulate by 20%. For each additional HOA NFT held in the same Wallet, the points you accumulate with be boosted by 5%. Holding 5 HOA NFTs means a 40% (20% + 5% +5% +5% +5%) increase in all Points earned.


Referrals: Go to & use code seinfeld to get 5% on all your trades moving forward. You can set up your referral code on this page & you’ll receive 10% of their earnings • Open Long/Short positions in different areas • Provide liquidity (USDC) to their vaults.


If you used the Parcl platform anytime up until the snapshot on Dec 11, 2023, you will earn points retroactively at the same rate as stated above with a bonus 10% multiplier for being an early adopter.


Degen Loops
If you really want to get degen with your farming, you can loop some of these protocols back and forth. By looping you can spread your bankroll over multiple protocols, thereby maximizing the money you put to work. Be warned that these are risky plays that can result in you getting liquidated if you over leverage so please only farm with what you are willing to lose. There is also a risk at the protocol level.
Here are a Couple of Examples:
- Lend your Sol on Margin Fi and borrow mSol against it
- Go to drift and swap it to jSol
- Lend that jSol on Kamino and borrow USDC against it
- Lend that USDC to Margin and borrow USDT against that
- Swap that USDT for USDC on Drift or
- Once again lend that USDC to Margin, borrowing more USDT and looping the process until your accounts get to a health level that is in line with your risk tolerance
Conversely you can create a flywheel of lending and borrowing between Margin, Drift, and Kamino
- Lend Sol on MarginFi and borrow jSol against it
- Lend that jSol on Drift and borrow bSol against it
- Lend that bSol on Kamino and borrow Sol against it
- Lend that Sol back on Margin and repeat the looping process until your accounts get to a health level that is in line with your risk tolerance
Something to keep in mind is that some of the protocols have different limits and APR % on their borrowing and lending pools so feel free to explore each to find what fits you best. Otherwise feel free to mix and match with the different protocols as you see fit. Again, remember to keep you health at a level commensurate with your risk tolerance.
As of writing this, the bSol borrowing pool, and the mSol lending pool were both filled up on MarginFi.
Solana Naming Service:
SNS is the Sol version of ENS. I (Seinfeld) missed the ENS airdrop by a week because I was too lazy to set one up. Don’t make the same mistake I did. It only takes a few minutes and 20 USDC (or the Sol equivalent) + gas to set one up. The ENS airdrop was huge for a ton of MVHQ members and hopefully we can repeat that win with SNS.
Squads is the Solana version of Gnosis, which allows you to build a multisig safe. They are backed by some pretty big VCs (Multicoin, Jump Crypto, Collab + Currency, etc). It takes only a few minutes to set up and you can even create a safe with only yourself as the sole signer.
Ethereum Airdrops to farmers on Arbitrum that offer trading on Solana pre-listed coins.
Hyperliquid is a perpetual futures dex with a TVL of $41 million on Arbitrum.
Hyperliquid accepts USDC for deposits (its similar to Drift in that you first convert & then deposit funds to begin trading & earning points).
They offer a points system where 1 million points are distributed among users weekly based on total trading volume and other undisclosed factors. The points system began on Nov. 1st & since launching has seen some of the biggest increases in trading volume. The points distribution lasts thru April 2024, when the token drop is expected.
Hyperliquid’s comps are: GMX with a TVL of: $562M & Dydx with a TVL of: $350M.
Both of these gave out 5-6 figure airdrops to early users of their protocols.
Steps to farm Hyperliquid
Deposit USDC, trade on pairs & deposit funds into their vaults.
Aevo is an options & futures dex where you can trade pre-listed tokens like Jito, Jupiter, Blast & upcoming Sol airdrops.
Current TVL is $27 million & they’re backed by Coinbase & Paradigm with plans to do a token airdrop to holders. They’ve also hinted that the snapshot has not been taken.
Steps to farm: Airdrop size is likely to be proportional to trading volume & size of deposit.
Trade on their platform - long / short, market & limit orders & provide liquidity.
- Deposit USDC.e & go to Portfolio tab.
- Convert your USDC into aeUSD.
- Keep funds on platform & earn 4.75% apy while farming the airdrop.
While there are plenty of other airdrops to farm, our goal was to provide a guide to some of the biggest upcoming opportunities on Solana as well as a couple of dex & futures exchanges on Arbitrum, where you can both farm an airdrop & trade futures on solana coins pre-listing.
If you believe there is significant upside once the token launches, you can take a position early before the price discovery happens on the day of airdrop.
TL:DR - Don’t be lazy and fade gen wealth. Spend a little time to set up your farms and start sowing seeds now so that you can reap the rewards in the coming year.