Shits N' Gigs #3 - MVHQ

Shits N' Gigs #3

Sniping Launches With Banana Gun

Aug 11, 2023
General Strategy
Shits N' Gigs #3

Shits N' Gigs #3

Sniping Launches with Banana Gun

It's that time again.


Shitcoins are getting weird. Last night, I watched somebody piss into a cup and subsequently drink it for a prize pool of 5 ETH, funded by $DRINKP buy/sell taxes. This token reached over 300K in market cap. As this community continues its collective journey to the psychiatric ward, I’m here to continue assisting your acquisition of ETH, in the hopes that you’re not driven to such actions of calamitous financial desperation.


Today I want to talk about sniping, having been inspired by a recent win ($NONE – endlessly bullish on the team) which has my bags approaching 10,000% gains. Shocked Pikachu face.


Those are indeed hefty returns, for which I bestow copious gratitude to the sniping process (and express abyssal bewilderment given my typically paperhanded jeet ways). More specifically, cue Banana Gun, which is yet another Telegram-based bot which this article will focus on. Sorry if you’re starting to notice a pattern here, I’m just trying offer a semblance of predictability amidst the onslaught of rugs, moons and $BALD-esque devs.


What Is Sniping?


Let’s rewind. The aim of any trade is to buy high, sell low buy low, sell high. Sniping is the process of buying a newly live trading pair at its lowest possible market cap by queueing a bot task to execute on launch. This minimises your risk, limits the number of people who can use you as exit liquidity (to the snipers who hit before you) and, of course, maximises your upside. What you’ll need to do is source the contract address pre-launch and conduct due diligence for safety. 


What You’ll Need



  1. Finding pairs, conducting due diligence
  2. Pre-launch simulations
  3. Sniping with Banana – setup and settings


1.     Finding pairs, conducting due diligence

Refresher on bots for finding unlaunched pairs – see article 2:


When deciding on a snipe, you’re looking for the determinants of a mooner as discussed in my last article: memetic/topical reach, utility, meta compliance or significant deployer.


Found one? Great! Wait, not great yet. Due diligence time, more commonly known as the bane of my existence™.


1.     Run it through ETH Deploys and Laelaps bot: Note that Laelaps needs to be added to your honeypot audit group to work. As discussed in Article #1 (link), you’re looking for the scam check result, which will provide an indication of whether this contract is to be trusted or not – compare the two, as they’re not infallibly accurate.


2.     Check the deployer address by looking on Etherscan. Follow the funding and make an educated bet on whether you trust something funded immediately from an exchange, or traceable to another wallet which is a serial token deployer.


3.     Check the token’s socials, which can be located via checking the contract, searching the ticker on Twitter, or clicking the Telegram link given by Proficy bot. Quick refresher:



  • clearly purchased Twitter engagement (check the followers to likes/retweets ratio, as well as comments under “high engagement” posts)
  • a Telegram group that consists entirely of a buy bot
  • other cancerous behaviour from participants such as command spamming (see pic).



  • genuine discussion by participants
  • regular engagement from team/dev
  • a compelling website that isn’t plagiarised


4.     If it’s a utility project, ensure you can actually find a working beta, testimony from beta testers or some kind of comprehensive preview. I’d advise against aping into tokens with “bot/site/dapp released after launch.”

I protected my Telegram frens from losing money on PIXELS yesterday, a Sandbox-esque project offering advertising space based on token ownership – an eminently dope concept that surely the team would’ve wanted to use as marketing before launch. Nope, “site live after launch” was, predictably, a rug.
Think about it – it’s easy money without needing to build anything. It’s giving serious Elizabeth Holmes Theranos vibes. Allegedly! Next.


2.     Pre-launch simulations

To contextualise things a bit, most launches represent a “Devs vs Botters” dilemma – oh, how humans long for conflict – and dead blocks/launch taxes commonly feature as methods of dissuading snipers to contribute to a “fair” launch. Dead blocks refer to the first handful of blocks following a live token pairing for which buy/sell/transfer transactions will fail. Similarly, launch taxes, which are subsequently lowered, aim to squeeze profit margins for early entrants. Simply paste a contract address into Otto Simulator and look at the section below. You can also use the public Otto ETH Simulations group to find new pairs (simulations run by other users will be displayed here).


Note that a high-tax launch isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 25/30 taxes, as shown in the image below, still allow for decent profit margins provided that the token price grows sufficiently (with 25% buy tax, breakeven will be at 1.33x your entry price, at 50%, breakeven will be at 2x your entry price, and so on). The higher the tax, the more sufficiently hyped/legitimate the drop will need to be.


Be mindful of sell taxes before instantly dumping your bags, although they are usually removed within 2-3 minutes, prompting major dumpage. Either crank up your gas to sell before this dump or hold your bags until it rebounds. Banana Gun will automagically not execute on dead blocks and wait for trading-enabled blocks – with other snipers like Sensei, you’ll need to specify a block delay.


Finally, always check max buy! Ensure it’s low, ie. around 2%, lest awful holder distribution relegate the token to an early grave, or rather, cremation urn.



3.     Sniping with Banana Gun

Just in case you’ve resisted the allure of my boundless charm thus far, use my referral link:


Why Banana Gun? Simply put, it offers “first bundle or fail” functionality, which essentially means:

  • Everyone who uses Banana Gun will coexist in a “bundle,” rather than existing in the mempool alone or in a custom RPC.
  • The cumulative snipe tips (to the miners) help to preference the bundle of Banana users above/before other snipers.
  • If the collective tips aren’t high enough for competitive entry, the bundle will not execute, ensuring that you don’t pay fail gas and that you’re not used as exit liquidity.
  • Note: Banana Gun users are ranked within the bundle according to their snipe tip, meaning other Banana users can still theoretically dump on you. This is preferable, however, to risking being exit liquidity for all snipers outside the bundle.


I won’t detail the entire setup process because I’m lazy it’s plagiarism of a painstakingly informative manual at, and I respect artistic integrity.


The setup TL;DR is:

  • Generate five new wallets, rather than importing existing ones. Make a note of these addresses and their private keys, in order that you can import them into Metamask, Maestro, etc. later (if you wish).
  • Set a wallet you have access to via Metamask or Maestro as the transfer wallet, as this is where tokens will be sent if your wallet gets blacklisted (another common dev tactic), so long as you have the Transfer on Blacklist setting enabled.
  • During setup in the Banana Gun Sniper Bot, you’ll also be added to the Banana Gun Sell Bot channel. Make sure you pin both channels in your Telegram folder, as this is where your tokens can be sold from.


Most of the bot settings will be familiar to you and thus self-explanatory, and you can ignore those focused on “manual” buys unless you use Banana for scalping/regular trading (I don’t). I will, however, give a few thoughts on the circled preferences below:

  • Enable First Bundle or Fail: Always activate this feature. Without it, your transaction will be competing in the mempool alone. The exception to this is on very hyped drops where the Banana Gun bundle isn’t beefy enough (ie. not many wallets are participating), which is rare, and will be indicated to you upon pasting the CA.
  • Auto Snipe Tip: Essentially the “gas” setting for Banana Gun, with the unit being ETH, ie. how much you’re willing to contribute to the collective miner bribe (collusion!) and thus your ranking within the Banana bundle. I won’t tell you what values to use – you can formulate an idea through on-chain research or lived experience – but since it’s ETH and not GWEI, it’s probably not as high as you think. I’ve used tips of 0.01 on under-the-radar drops, FYI.
  • Max Buy Tax: Set this to around 50% for low to medium-hyped drops, and 70% for major launches. Sometimes, devs will change taxes to 99% immediately before launch – don’t get caught out. Remember my comments above regarding profit margins and buy tax.
  • Approve/Sell GWEI: Probably fine to leave as default unless you’re certain that this launch will pump and dump. In which case, crank it up for an easy exit.
  • Sell Rug GWEI: This is only relevant if Anti-Rug is enabled, on that note…
  • Enable Anti-Rug: Exactly as it says on the tin. Note that developers will use “shake out” tactics occasionally by dumping the price temporarily, which would cause this feature to activate and potentially cause you to take a loss. You should, therefore, not enable this feature for deployers/projects that you trust. If you’re degening, however, it’s sensible to keep it around.
  • Wallets: To view/change your wallets! Amazing!


And finally, the sniping process…

1.     Paste the contract address into Banana Gun Sniper Bot

2.     Enter the purchase amount (per wallet), and then select the number of wallets to participate. If you exceed max buy, you’ll be refunded.

3.     Ensure First Bundle or Fail is enabled and adjust your miner tip according to the strength of the project. The interface displayed here will mention how many wallets are participating in the bundle, which will help indicate the likelihood of sniping success and internal competition.

4.     Wait.

5.     Congratulations, your transaction succeeded! Now, switch over to the Banana Gun Sell Bot and pray, meditate, smoke a bowl (of copium) and time an exit.




Happy sniping! Follow me at and feel free to message me if you have any questions. Clearly she needs friends. Tragic.