Shits N' Gigs #5 - MVHQ

Shits N' Gigs #5

Twitter/X Scraping With AlphaGate

Sep 6, 2023
General Strategy
Shits N' Gigs #5

Shits N' Gigs #5


Twitter/X Scraping With AlphaGate

For today’s piece, I implore you to don your detective raiment - shades, tobacco pipes, trench coats and all - for we are discussing the tenebrous art of defi recon (decon?). Imagine I’m Holmes and you’re Watson: “You know my methods…”


Except you don’t. Not yet. Which is why you should keep reading.


Today we’re going to delve into another essential facet of shitcoin research - Twitter scraping. Actually, X scraping sounds cooler. X scraping aims to catch projects early and attain a quick assessment of volume/fomo. Using Alpha Gate, you’ll gain easy access to a multitude of notable/key accounts and their followings. As a preface, I'd like to point out that this tool has been months in the works and seems to remain criminally (ha, detective pun!) rarefied. This makes it alfa.


Note: This guide is applicable to NFTs and other web3 projects. Cross-utility is totally in right now.


Note #2: The UI will be updated in the coming weeks: +seamlessness, +aesthetics.


You will need:

  • Alphagate 
  • Yes, that’s my referral link. Again, I’m not sure what it gives me but please show me love by clicking.
  • Preferably a working, unbanned Twitter account.


Twitter scraping with AlphaGate

Yes, yes. You can use TweetDeck to aggregate the musings and calls of various larps to your heart’s content, but can you really be bothered with the maladroit process of amassing your own callers and not receiving real-time info on followings and date analytics? Cue AlphaGate. In lieu of a paid sponsorship, please use my referral link:


AlphaGate is singlehandedly the simplest way to track new launches through Twitter. It’s equipped with a curated list of “key followers” based on past successes, which provides a suite of invaluable use cases. It also displays the date a particular Twitter account was created and the date of finding. Together, it’s simply a boon to discovering projects early. Examples of past (early) discoveries are Newsly Bot, Coco, Unibot, LINQ, LootBot and (as of today!) SharesGram.


It’s also relatively under the radar as of now despite being worked on for months - I genuinely believe it’s massively underrated - making it a competitive addition to your trader’s arsenal and enabling direct communication with the team for troubleshooting, features and nagging requesting that new accounts be added. The feed/homepage is a great place to start and is a thoroughly exhaustive display of all the features, which I’ll outline below.


Discover Tab

I primarily use the Discover tab to sift through the melange of new projects released daily. This list collects Twitter accounts followed by at least 1 key follower; I tend to sort by “date created” and thereafter assess their socials, website, etc. by accessing the buttons shown below. Here, the most important metrics to focus on are “total key followers” which refers to the collection of vetted accounts mentioned previously, and qualitative indicators of the projects’ pages as discussed in Shits N' Gigs #2 - Mooners. This page is most useful for finding gems very early on, and you can add them to your watchlist to receive alerts by clicking the heart on the right.



Project Page

If you click the project itself, there’s a rudimentary dashboard which displays a follower count chart, list of recent key followers, internal comments (from other AlphaGate members) and an alert button to view account changes. This is incredibly helpful for quickly assessing whether it’s a recycled account, has recently changed its twitter username, description, etc. The community isn’t large yet - I’d expect the internal comments to fill up and provide greater utility in due course. I try to leave comments here and there to drive my shilling agenda help the community out. I recommend the same!



Trending Page

Disclaimer: The trending page won’t help you to find projects comparatively early, but will help you to ascertain the general volume and social trend associated with a project.


It’s mostly self-explanatory, but I have circled the Key and Followers columns, which refer to the respective deltas in the timeframe selected (ie. 1d, 7d, etc. depending on which you've clicked). I wouldn’t recommend using the tokens tab on this section, as superior volume aggregators exist that offer faster data and greater filtering options (eg. Dexscreener).




Pressing the heart symbol next to projects or profiles will send them to your watchlist, accessible via the bottom tab on AlphaGate. Note that there are separate interfaces for projects and key profiles, which will display Twitter feed updates and new followings, respectively. Furthermore, the activity of favourited accounts will be exhibited in the platform-wide notifications system, procured by clicking the bell icon at the top right of every page. 


A few pointers on this:

  • Keep your followed projects slim and maintain a frequent turnover, much like a NYC subway turnstile. Otherwise, you risk being pinged by older investments that are no longer of interest, to the detriment of newer/hotter announcements. What use is tracking a Twitter for presale/contract/timed Discord invites if some bygone relic is attempting to retweet an abysmal shill?
  • Similarly, monitor your key profiles frequently and remove those that fail to provide the goods.
  • Interestingly, you may find users from your immediate circle/alpha groups whose calls you already acknowledge - add those users to access their new followings in real time. Ensure you’re receiving notifications from these individuals, as people tend to follow accounts before shilling/retweeting (obviously). Remember, it’s all about early information! Early early early. No tardiness. Litmus test: search your most trusted voices, see who pops up.


See below: pics for both project and profile-based interfaces + the platform notifs system.




If you’re a premium user and enjoy desktop notifications via Telegram (like me), there are a couple of servers you can join through: These channels essentially deliver the Discover and Following tabs as Telegram output, allowing you to customise your alerts, sound effects, etc. settings. Useful for tracking your watchlist without needing to access the web app.


I only found this recently through joining the Discord and I believe it's a subscriber-only feature, so make sure you’re not missing out!




I would strongly recommend incorporating an AlphaGate Discover check into your daily shitcoin routine, alongside Shitcoin Macro (à la Shits N' Gigs #4 - Shitcoin Macro). In summation, it should go something like this:

  1. Sort by date created and scroll until you find where you last left off.
  2. Analyse the new additions roughly by a) concept b) shitcoin indicators c) key followers and d) socials/website, adding the promising candidates to your watchlist.
  3. Complete further due diligence on those shortlisted by joining the Telegram, reading into the tokenomics and/or product offerings, deciding whether it's worth aping.
  4. Sourcing a contract address from unlaunched pair monitors or otherwise making note of/setting up a reminder for the launch date. If you can't find either of these, it's worth asking around within the community as to an ETA.
  5. Promising candidates should be added to your personal launch tracker.
  6. Remove projects from past shortlists that appear dead and/or don't seem to be gaining any traction.


If you're looking to ape post-launch, pay close attention to the Trending page and key follower growth/decline.


Before I sign off, I’d just like to recap from Article 2 that you should be on the lookout for coins that fall into the following categories:

  • Strong memetic/narrative potential
  • Novel, demonstrable or polished utility
  • Bot that addresses a market need
  • Notable/loaded deployers.


As always, conduct your due diligence: Shits N' Gigs #1 - Honeypot Avoidance (full circle moment, yay).


Next time, I’ll elaborate on wallet tracking as not only is it indubitably necessary, but I believe it’ll be a neat continuation of this detective theme I have going on. Until then, be hot on the heels of the next criminally wealth-inducing coin.


If you found this helpful, have questions, want to declare your undying love etc. connect with me on X: