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Tezos - A Beginner's Guide

Feb 23, 2023
General Strategy
Tezos - A Beginner's Guide

Many of us here are already involved in the tezos ecosystem, and I kept seeing many questions. So, I wanted to put down a list of info and resources to help others get involved.


We are seeing more and more popularity, as well as LOADS of art blocks artists being poached based on their work on Tezos. Seems like the place to go for AB to find their next artists.


Here is a guide to resources, minting, and secondary, enjoy!



Quick Info & Resources

Native token is Tezos https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/tezos


Minting and secondary sites:

https://objkt.com/ - a bit like the rarible, opensea, anything goes, but lots of great work on here

- https://www.fxhash.xyz/ - more curated to generative art and where most of the best drops occur

- https://tender.art/drops/latest - you buy a tender pass and it gives you access to exclusive drops and exclusive channels in their discord (tender pass https://tender.art/project/tender-pass)



Tezos wallets

Both of these wallets are used by many in MVHQ, some people prefer one over the other but there's not much in it:

- https://templewallet.com/ (slightly faster, but no speed up option)

- https://wallet.kukai.app/ (has an option to speedup)



How to get Tezos?

- Centralised exchanged is simplest, take your pick - coinbase, binance… most of them

- Bridge https://bridge.plenty.network/




- fxhashmonitor https://fxhashmonitor.xyz/ - monitor activity on mxhash and txns

- tzstats https://tzstats.com/ - monitor activity and stats for tezos

- fxparty https://fxparty.live/ - similar as the two above

- Tzflow https://tzflow.com/ - Tezos mempool, great for monitoring mints in real time

- xsHash https://fxhash.netlify.app/mint - Allows you to send a mint a bit earlier without having to wait on FxHash to update

- fxWho https://fxwho.xyz/fxhash - see how much people have sent for gas on particular drops e.g. https://fxwho.xyz/fxhash/project/23574

- Private Tezos RPC https://midl.dev/tezos-rpc/ - I have only just started using this, will keep monitoring the see how much value it gives



Best Information - Where to find out about the most popular drops?

- Tezos Blockchain group within MVHQ

- Kaloh’s newsletter and discord group https://www.kaloh.xyz/ - become a paid subscriber ($100 for a year) to get access to all articles and also the discord which has TONS of info on up and coming drops

- Waiting to be signed podcast https://anchor.fm/waitingtobesigned - also comes with a links page for each episode talking about the drops they are mentioning https://www.fxhash.xyz/u/Waiting%20To%20Be%20Signed/articles



Minting Strategy Guide

When a new mint is coming up, the most hyped ones can be a bit of a gas war, the same way we have seen on ETH. Most fx(hash) drops tend to be dutch auctions, so you need to decide beforehand how much you are willing to pay in temple wallet. You will need to decide this before the drop, as their is no way to speed up. On kukai, however,  you can monitor this and speed it up accordingly.


In Tezos, you are only allowed 1 pending transaction on your address at once, so you need to think about a multi-browser wallet strategy if you want to go for more. I tend to do multiple browser profiles with multiple funded wallets to attempt to get as many as possible. Many drops are not as popular, you can be a bit more relaxed about it. The best resource for deciding on the amount of gas and the floor price, is to research past projects from the same artist. A few questions you should be looking to answer are:

- What are the floor prices of previous projects?

- Has there been much activity on the previous projects?

- How much gas was used on the previous drops? https://fxwho.xyz/ is your friend here



Minting Example - GRAVITATE, how did it all play out? https://www.fxhash.xyz/generative/slug/gravitate It was a genesis drop from an artist, which was an edition of only 77. Many/Most fx(hash) drops tend to be dutch auctions, this one was Tezos 15->10->5->2, but many of us speculated it would be sold out at 15 - due to the hype and the limited supply. I decided early that I would try for 3 across multiple browsers and would be willing to throw 40 tezos in gas in order to try and succeed (as you will see soon, this was a bit heavy)



Before the mint started, I had this page setup and open to monitor the transactions coming through https://tzflow.com/. It's like watching the mempool on eth. As soon as the mint opened I had sent my transactions and you can see all of the transactions which were sent here https://fxwho.xyz/fxhash/project/23574, it did indeed sell out at 15. Scrolling all the way to the bottom, I put the most gas across 2 transactions and failed completely on my 3rd losing that 40 tezos immediately.



I also ended up with token ID 1 and 2 (yes I sent too much) but they ended up costing me roughly 55 tez each with gas (not including the failed one at 40 tez gas, cry). Luckily the floor was over 149 tez pretty quickly, so it was fine - but risky. The whole drop was concluded in a single block. Other members in MVHQ went for less gas and just missed out on the cut, but you can get an idea of what sort of gas wars occur. None of us had a great idea where to go in on it, so it was really interesting seeing what we all ended up doing.



Secondary market is getting more and more popular, you can keep up with the latest volume and stats here https://tzstats.com/. In terms of the most popular projects on tezos, you only have to go to fx(hash) and filter by "volume all time" in the marketplace tab to see what is there. I am finding that the easiest way to follow what is moving on secondary is through kaloh discord bot, which shows sales of everything over 100 tez. This is where you can follow the floor rising on newly minted projects, or some new volume on old ones. Alternatively, really easy to just check on fxHash marketplace tab https://www.fxhash.xyz/marketplace?sort=createdAt-desc.



This tool is a great way to follow along - the filter has information down to 24 hours, and flags what artists you should be looking out for. You can find things you like, and decide where you want to put your money. The top ones here are the grails of tezos. A few of my favourites are:

- https://www.fxhash.xyz/marketplace/generative/2613 Dragons by williamapan

- https://www.fxhash.xyz/marketplace/generative/2969 Zancan

- https://www.fxhash.xyz/marketplace/generative/20891 Acequia

So come join us in MVHQ, down at the Tezos Blockchain discussion to learn more. It's been great working with loads of other members within MVHQ, learning more along the way.