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The Next FriendTech on Base - Circle Tech

Apr 1, 2024
General Strategy
The Next FriendTech on Base - Circle Tech

Friendtech points are currently selling for $3+ on whales market, Base airdrop farming interest is starting to significantly increase & there's a new socialfi dapp that just launched on Base - that's a mix of friendtech & cameo.


If you passed on farming, I wanted to highlight as its brand new & still plenty of time to point farm (77 days til $Circle Airdrop). describes itself as the ability for anyone to paywall access to their time. 


You can create an account by linking your twitter, discord or gmail (I did my twitter account) and then similar to friendtech, you get an Ethereum wallet address that you can deposit to. runs on the Base network by Coinbase. 


Account setup is here:


*One note on setup - there are two options, browser based (linking your twitter, discord, gmail) or App Download. I DID NOT do the app download, so if you're worried about security issues, I would just create the broswer based account.


Notable users already on the platform are Ansem, Jebus, Sisyphus, L, Icebergy etc.


How do I earn points?


Points are awarded for creating an account, asking questions, answering questions, partaking in 1-on-1 chatrooms and more.


How does Circle Tech make money? generates revenue by charging an application fee for transactions. takes a 2% application fee when users submit questions or enter 1-on-1 chatrooms.


Given how lucrative the friendtech airdrop is shaping up to be, with users who stuck it out in line to get 6 fig+ payouts, I can see Circle tech catching on, especially since its on Base - which, if they drop a token, will likely be the biggest airdrop since Arbitrum's $2 billion allocation to early users. 


How do I Monetize?


To start earning with, you need to input a referral code to unlock monetization products.


My referral link is:

code: bdgescott


Pricing for some of the early users:


Ansem: $7.89 per question / $394 per 7 day chatroom

mdudas: $7.89 per question / $985 per 7 day chatroom

icebergy: $7.89 per quetsion / chatrooms full

Jebus: $7.89 per question / $11.83 per 7 day chatroom


Since points are earned by engaging with one another, you can use social channels to share accounts & setup reciprocal Q&A sessions with each other, similar to friend tech - to help everyone earn points.


I only used friendtech for a few weeks & earned a couple thousand points, my plan on circle tech is the same. Try out the platform & do some low effort point farming.


It's hard to say how big it will catch on, but usually pays to be early & put in some effort when points are easily obtained. Even if the $circle airdrop isn't as profitable as, you're also farming Base on a fresh wallet at the same time - which could qualify you for additional airdrops.


For example my friend tech wallet qualified for Dym, which was worth about $400 by itself per wallet. documents: