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Token Farming 101: Orbiter.Finance

Jun 28, 2023
General Strategy
Token Farming 101: Orbiter.Finance

Since we're in the season of token drops, another interesting one is Orbiter. Finance a multi-chain bridge.


They claim in their discord that they will have a token at some point but for now they are working on product development.  If you do join their discord, you'll see they have multiple different roles for the number of transactions you perform on their bridge (see attached images).


Making some assumptions that the amount of transactions/roles you have will somehow affect your token allocation, this is what I decided to do (NFA DYOR).


I've started using the orbiter bridge for any bridging on any chains they have available.



Join the Orbiter.Finance discord 


- Follow Orbiter.Finance Twitter


- Join the Orbitier.Finance Guild 


 Follow the instructions to qualify for the different Discord Roles (I used a non-primary wallet to do all this on.  FYI, you do have to sign a tx on the guild site).  Orbiter said they are only updating discord roles 1x per week, so don't expect to receive your specific pilot role right away.



Start farming bridges.


Do your bridges on cheaper L2s (like Arbitrum<>Polygon). Be aware that the team may filter out wash bridging, but that is just an assumption I'm going to do bridges in spurts and daily, hopefully they won't be DQ'd.


As always NFA, DYOR.


A special thanks to community member Scottco for some tips and tricks in this arena.