Weekly Recap 10/16-10/22 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 10/16-10/22

MVHQ Staff
Oct 23, 2023
Weekly Recap 10/16-10/22

Monday 10/16


The day began with mass hysteria after an errant tweet from CoinTelegraph stated that a Blackrock Bitcoin ETF had been approved. Within 5 minutes, the market cap of BTC had moved over $28b before quickly liquidating after the news proved false. A series of unfortunate events that also oddly brought a hint of bullishness to crypto as we got a first hand look at how the public would react to news of that magnitude. Alas, we must wait longer.


NFT floors remained mostly unchanged with Winds of Yawanawa the lone exception once again as floors dipped nearly 20% down to 11.5E. Overall marketplace volume saw a slight increase from yesterday as we closed at $8.3m, our highest daily number in over a month. ETH continues to chill in its hammock in the $1580 range.



  • Art Blocks is teaming up with The Giving Block and members of Right Click Save to unveil a new charity auction called "reGEN." The auction will go towards The Cure Alzheimers Fund and will feature 200 works of art from five artists.

  • CoinTelegraph came under fire after falsely tweeting that a Blockrock BTC ETF had been approved, inducing a massive market move, and subsequent liquidation after the news proved not true. They have since deleted the tweet and issued a statement.

  • Transient Labs introduces a new contract dubbed "Shatter," which allows users the ability to segment a 1/1 NFT into mulitple editions.

  • Memeland provides some updates and teases upcoming events surrounding its $MEME token, set to launch in the next 2-3 weeks.

  • LooksRare has added a raffle system to its marketplace!


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Tuesday 10/17

There was a sort of buzz of excitement to the day even after the bullishness of CoinTelegraph's phony tweet wore off, thanks in part to Courtyard selling out another drop of tokenized Pokemon cards fueling some early degen energy. Reddit then came flying in off the top rope essentially cancelling their Community Points, sending the attached crypto token straight to zero.


Meanwhile, most NFT collections saw a fair mix of gains and losses with Captainz (3.8E) being the standout, up another 6% on the back of their anticipated $MEME announcements and timeline. NFT marketplace volume totaled around $7 million as ETH floated right around $1575.



  • Sweat Economy, a platform that has tokenized movement and exercise on the Near Protocol, has officially launched in the US alongside 8 other countries.

  • The Sandbox appointed a new Chief Content Officer in Nicola Sebastiani who has previously held positions in Apple and Playstation Studios.

  • Darewise Entertainment announced a raise of $3.5 million via a token presale for their Bitcoin powered game, Life Beyond.

  • Forj has launched an Accelerator program for Web3 programs that will be backed by the ApeCoin DAO.

  • Reddit announced the closing of their Community Points program utilizing tokens like $MOON, causing a near 90% decrease in its market price.


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Wednesday 10/18

A stagnant day in the marketplace was buoyed by a lengthy and notable update from Yuga CEO Daniel Alegre. The statement touched on a variety of topics and helped paint a firmer vision for the path forward. The message was well received and a welcomed change in comms from the Web3 giant. There was no impact on Yuga ecosystem floor prices as activity across the board remained flat in this relatively low volume environment.

Overall marketplace volume closed at $7.2m, a slight uptick from yesterdays number. ETH stays chillin in the $1550 range.



  • The CEO of Yuga Labs, Daniel Alegre, writes a reponse to recent feedback as an aim to "see improvements in our Yuga communities." Alegre goes on to confirm the recent company restructuring is now complete and offers a detailed focused update on the entire Yuga ecosystem. The message also touched on some of Yuga's shortcomings, hinted at a previously strained relationship with CryptoPunks and the difficulty of integrating Meebits. The company will continue to lean on Bored Ape Yacht Club as its global brand and events hub while focusing its future around Otherside development.

  • Pixelmon launches "Kevin the Adventurer," a new side-scrolling game that is set to launch on October 24th. Players will compete for over $10,000 worth of prizes and features the notable meme Kevin as the main playable character.

  • Yuga Labs Gaming is looking for gamers that would like to take part in a focus group.

  • Pudgy Penguins have won the 2023 Toy Insdiers Top Holiday Toy award.


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Thursday 10/19

Lawsuits, new gaming platforms and more shuttering DAOs all graced the timeline in a day where progress and crypto vibes were strong. Additionally, Fiat also saw progress in their Web3 plans in the form of an Arbitrum partnership for their FIATpass rollout. NFT collections saw the same positivity as crypto with most collections up across the board. Opepen Edition (+20%) and Potatoz (+10%) were two of the largest beneficiaries of the green wave.

NFT marketplace volume was on the rise for the third straight day, clocking in at just over $8 million. Despite the green candles BTC experienced, ETH only saw a modest gain to the $1580 range.



  • Forge announced today a fund raise to the tune of an impressive $11 million for its video gaming platform that looks to reward gamers for their in-game progress and social interactions.

  • Avant Arte has partnered with Yuga Labs to offer "10,000 On-Chain", a time-limited print featuring all 10k CryptoPunks.

  • Deca introduced a series of platform improvements today such as eliminating gas costs and a mint on demand feature for artists among others.

  • SuperDAO announced they are closing their doors and returning leftover funds to investors. This comes after raising $10.5 million in 2021.

  • The New York Attorney General has sued a bevy of crypto exchanges including Gemini and Genesis for operating "Fraudulent Schemes" based on their earning programs offered.

  • Fiat announced a partnership with Arbitrum for their FIATpass project which will utilize the brand's heritage in its digital collectible offerings.


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Friday to Sunday 10/20-10/22

Green lit up the marketplace as both the broader crypto landscape and NFTs saw nice price action over the weekend. Bitcoin crested above $30k and is currently holding at $30.7k, capping off a 12% run for the past week. Concurrently, many notable NFT projects have also seen positive moves with Azuki (5.33E) up over 30% in the past week. The Memeland ecosystem has also seen sustained activity as holders gear up for $MEME with Potatoz (1.70E, +60%) and Captainz (4.28E, +25%) pushing upwards. Friday saw total volume close over $10m for the first time since September 13th. Saturday and Sunday's volume totaled $17.2m which is also trending upwards when compared to recent numbers. ETH is also pushing back towards the $1700 range!



  • The Azuki Garden Tour is set to begin on November 2nd. The tour will highlight "5 community-led events across Asia-Pacific, starting with Hong Kong," with attendees earning collectible passport stamps for their Azuki Collectors Profile. Hong Kong, Taipei, Melbourne, Shanghai and Tokyo are the cities on the docket for this initial go.

  • Williams Racing reveals the chosen NFT's to be displayed on the rear wing of one of its race cars. The video prominently features Sappy Seals, DeGods and yOOts.

  • Yuga Labs releases its schedule of events for ApeFest HK side events, set to begin on Wednesday, November 11th. Events include a scavenger hunt, members boutique, happy hours and collabs with multiple notable NFT projects.

  • Beeple announces a new event called "Crypto Winter Wonderland," set to take place at his studio in Charleston, SC on December 16th. The event will be free for all Beeple and CryptoPUnk holders.


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