Weekly Recap 10/23-10/29 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 10/23-10/29

MVHQ Staff
Oct 30, 2023
Weekly Recap 10/23-10/29

Monday 10/23


The crypto market was ablaze to start the week as the Big BTC Kahuna made good on its recent surge with another +15% move, breaking resistance and briefly marching past the $35k threshold. ETH played follow the leader as it generally does and saw nearly a 10% move of its own, creeping back above the $1800 mark. Ah yes, you can smell the bullishness in the air. Markets are green, NFT floors are up and plenty of familiar faces are re-entering communities within the space. A welcome sight indeed.


Headlines and daily NFT floor moves were mostly docile as liquidity marched towards BTC/ETH FOMO but total NFT marketplace volume was still able to close above the $10m number for the 2nd time in 4 days, with $10.2m in transactions. Buckle up baby and for the love of God...take profits this time!



  • Magic Eden announces its 2nd Pokemon pack drop for October 27th. Each pack will cost 5.5 SOL with preferred access being distributed amongst select SOL communities.

  • Worldwide Webb will open its play-test for all landholders and Season 1 pass holders. Non-holders are also eliglble via sign up form.

  • ASYNC Art announces it will be ceasing operations over the course of the next few months. The art and music creator platform helped power notable artists such as XCOPY, amongst others.

  • XCOPY teases new "ALGO BRO" art.


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  • Make money on $MEME! Take a trip through the Memeland ecosystem and follow Swishi's guide on how to set yourself up for the next big memecoin airdrop in his latest article.



Tuesday 10/24


Bullishness continued to permeate the timelines as more and more personalities emerged from their bear-market hibernations. Despite the slight pullbacks of BTC and most major crypto, vibes were still immaculate as degens everywhere welcomed volume they haven't seen in weeks. BAYC and MAYC were both able to surpass the 1000E in daily volume hurdle while Doodles and CloneX both saw over 10% rises in their collection's floors.


Major marketplace volume touched $12 million as the steady climb continues day over day and market participants return one by one. ETH followed BTC coming back down to Earth just a bit to close the day around $1790.



  • Pixelmon's newest gaming experience, Kevin The Adventurer, is now live with players able to earn more than $10,000 in $USDC and other trophies as prizes. Be on the lookout for Pixelmon's upcoming Mission with MVHQ!

  • Popular project, NFT Worlds, has rebranded to HYTOPIA and announced a fund raise of $3 million in their goal to expand into a full-fledged gaming platform.

  • Crypto exchange BlockFi announced they have emerged from bankruptcy as customers can now submit withdrawal requests for previously locked assets.

  • Fred Ehrsam, one of two co-founders of Paradigm, has announced a change in position as he steps away from his role as Managing Partner in order to pursue other scientific interests.


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Wednesday 10/25


An early Snowfro mint and Memeland's Fire Sale captured the attention of the NFT community while the broader crypto climate remained steady from the early week action. Snowfro's mint in partnership with Red Bull Racing, Oracle and Bybit was mostly a success despite early weariness surrounding the simplistic art. Floor prices have held firm around the 0.8E mark on over 700E in volume. Memeland continues to hustle along its $MEME token launch, seemingly trying their hardest to capture the recent renewed market sentiment. After an early morning snapshot, holders were given additianl details to help prepare for the presale "Fire Sale" event. Sproto Gremlins were a big winner on the day as the project saw floors jump nearly 50%, up to the 1.1E range.


Overall marketplace volume closed at $10.9M, our third straight day above the $10M mark and 4th in the past 6 days. We will look to continue the positive vibes into tomorrow with ETH touching the $1800 range. Lets get it.



  • Memeland officially opened their "Fire Sale" community presale for its $MEME token today, with each lot priced at $300 or 300k $MEME. Captainz were given allowlist allocation, with Crews and Full Crews getting bonus Allowlist spots. Potatoz holders were entered onto a waitlist with 5-10% chance of allocation. The Fire Sale will be open for 28 hours, ending on October 27th @ 3AM EST.

  • Draftkings Reignmakers announced an expected major update to its Superstar list adding ascending players such as WR Amon-Ra St. Brown and RB Travis Etienne, while also removing the status from household names such as WR Davante Adams, RB Austin Ekeler and RB Derrick Henry. Superstar players are unique in that only one can be played per lineup and must be played within the same rarity tier, limiting lineup flexibility for the games top players.

  • Arcade.xyz, a leading Defi protocol for NFT lending, announces new user governance with its ArcadeDAO powered by the $ARCD token.

  • Nocturne, a Web3 startup specializing in private account creation on the Ethereum blockchain, announces a $6M seed round with an angel investment from Vitalik Buterin.


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Thursday 10/26


The good vibes rolled right along as crypto spent another day meandering in the green accompanied by news of a holder-exclusive NFT Pokemon card drop from Courtyard and Ryder Ripps' comeuppance in court. Along with some other announcements of fund raising and upcoming project releases, it's beginning to look a lot like a bull market, and no it's not too early for that Christmas reference either.


NFTs saw a mixed bag in terms of winners and losers on the day, with Memeland assets really on the rise highlighted by Captainz (+13%) and Potatoz (+24%) both up nicely as the $MEME firesale wrapped up. BAYC also saw a higher than average of seemingly non-Blur farming volume as degens look for even more signs of an impending bull in the trend of BAYC sales. Marketplace volume spent its fourth straight day above $10 million as they tallied $11.5 million with ETH just working under $1800.



  • Parallel launched Planetfall, its first expansion set to qualifying users, with a public launch set for Saturday.

  • Fiatpass announced a competition in partnership with Prohibition Art and Art Blocks for aspiring generative artists to select artists to participate in upcoming FIATpass drops.

  • Neon Machine announced a $20 million fund raise ahead of the launch of their next title, Shrapnel.

  • Solana Labs has launched a new incubator program to jumpstart ecosystem growth.

  • Ryder Ripps and Pauly were ordered by the courts to pay for damages to the tune of $1.5 million to Yuga Labs for their Ryder Ripps BAYC NFTs, in what is hopefully the end for this sad story.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • MVHQ's resident artist and Borpa-fan, Swishi, returns with another spot-on Field Report just in time for Memeland's $MEME firesale and goes in-depth examining its underlying tokenomics and unlock schedule. Get up to speed in MVHQ's Field Reports channel today!



Sunday 10/29


Marketplace activity came into the weekend with a huge Friday as the $12.2M close was our highest since late August. Draftkings Reignmakers introduces a handful of players that previosuly did not have a playable card in its latest "Air it Out," set, while XCOPY and Jack Butcher announce new upcoming art. Terraforms were a winner as a massive sweep pushed the floor to 2E on 186E in volume. Cool Cats also saw a nice nudge upwards with floors back above 0.7E on over 35% gains over the past week. Total marketplace transactions tailed off into the weekend but we still finished with a respectable $8.8M 2-day average from Saturday and Sunday. ETH continues to settle in the $1780 range.



  • DraftKings Reignmakers introduces its newest collection called "Air it Out," and brings to life previously unreleased players such as rookie standout WR Puka Nakua and top RB Alvin Kamara. Pack drops started at $75 with Premium Boosters going for $99 and an upcoming Wednesday Premium drop priced at $999.

  • XCOPY will be the SuperRare RarePass artist for November

  • Jack Butcher releases "Snowpepen," a set of 25 Opepen Editions.

  • Memeland's $MEME token has been added to Binance Launchpad


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