Weekly Recap 10/30-11/5 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 10/30-11/5

MVHQ Staff
Nov 6, 2023
Weekly Recap 10/30-11/5

Monday 10/30


It might not quite be Solana Summer but that would be news to all the Solana maxis out there. The mostly devisive blockchain has been on quite the run lately and saw another 10% gain today with it's token price touching as high as $36.40 on over $1.3B in 24hr volume. NFT floors also saw a fresh, green day as a variety of notable projects regained for a move upwards. Bored Ape Yacht Club crested back above 30E on over 3600E in volume, Captainz had nearly a 10% pop back above 5.75E and Mocaverse saw a nice 16% move with floors back above 1.15E.


Overall marketplace volume continued to trend up as Monday's $14.2M close was our highest closing number since August 25th and a 80% increase from yesterdays tally. ETH also wanted a piece of the action and jumped back above $1800.



  • Phantom Wallet introduces Camera Mint, a new feature that allows users to create Solana NFTs directly from videos and photos.

  • Steve Aoki and STEPN are partnering for a digital sneaker collection launch. To kick off the festivites, STEPN will be raffling 240 co-branded sneakers on Solana from October 31 thru November 3rd.

  • Forgotten Runes Wizard's Cult teases the "most legendary Halloween event to ever hit web3," with an event called "Nightmare Run" set to take place October 31st at 4PM EST.

  • The RTFKT Nike Dunk Genesis forging event closed today, giving final opportunity for NFT holders to redeem for choice of three Nike Dunk Genesis physical shoes. Participants must now wait upwards of 8 months to receive their forged items.


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Tuesday 10/31


Spooky season was in full effect as degens and collectors alike celebrated Halloween in their own special way. Thankfully, this year's Halloween coincided with Stimmy Season, as Celestia's $TIA airdrop went live for those who claimed, giving a nice boost to wallet balances. Crypto had another strong day with $SOL in particular continuing its run and bursting straight through the $38 mark. Meanwhile, BAYC (31.1E) saw another strong run of volume and gradual floor rising as OnChainMonkey (1.17E) was the the winner of "Pump of the day" where it enjoyed a casual 25% jump in floor price.


NFT marketplace volume took the first significant midweek hit since our bullish run began. Traders managed roughly 15% less volume with nearly $12 million being transacted across the fractured marketplaces. ETH kept its head above water by staying afloat the $1800 mark, not seeing too much action relative to other areas in crypto.



  • [StationX](https://twitter.com/stationxnetwork/status/1719222512280588313?s=20 "StationX") released their latest tool, DropX, which allows anyone to create a claimable drop for ERC-20 tokens on the Base chain.

  • Azuki unveiled a new collaboration with Enduro for a Satoshi Nakamoto themed hoodie available exclusively to current or past holders of Spirit Azukis.

  • Everyone's favorite top signal, Steve Aoki, is back! Aoki has partnered with Solana's STEPN platform to offer a limited edition sneaker.

  • LooksRare announced new guidelines for Season 4 of their Gems program which relates directly back to redeeming for $LOOKS tokens.


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Wednesday 11/1


The bullish Solana arc continues to play out as the recently surging coin went up more than 12% on Wednesday and now shows a token price above $42, up 30% over the past 7 days. The majority of the top 10 coin leaderboard saw mostly flat action without much notable movement. The NFT marketplace showed transactional strength but most floors failed to gain much ground on a relatively uneventful day. Total NFT volume closed at a respectable $12.6 million, a slight uptick from yesterdays number. ETH continues to show signs of life and is holding above $1820.



  • The NBA X/Twitter account posted an ad for SoRare's In-Season Tournament on its offical account.

  • Amazon Prime Gaming has entered the WAX ecosystem and joined forces with the game, Brawlers, bringing digital collecibles for the game to life.

  • Solana Labs introduces GameShift, a new API that allows for more ease of access for web3 game developer integration in just hours.

  • OpenSea introduces a fresh Collection Page re-design that also now includes a new tab of enhanced options for creators.


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Thursday 11/2


Vibes were again positive today as many degens began or continued the journey to Hong Kong for another exhilarating rendition of ApeFest from Yuga Labs and the BAYC team. Memeland also joined in on the action on the eve of their potentially massive $MEME token airdrop for holders, complete with renting a pirate-themed boat adorned with meme memorabilia. NFT collections saw a bit of stagnation in terms of floor price, yet Pixels Farm Land (.4E, +36%) and Cryptoadz (.71E, +16%) still found ways to rise to the top and make significant gains. Marketplace volume took another nice swing to the upside tallying about $13.5 million as ETH took a slight backslide below $1800 to close the day.



  • The ATP, Association of Tennis Professionals, partnered with Artchild to release limited edition tennis posters for the upcoming Finals where NFTs can be minted on the Polygon blockchain.

  • One of Solana's largest token swapping aggregators, Jupiter Exchange, announced the imminent launch of their $JUP token, where the team has stated that most allocations will be available as a community airdrop to past users.

  • The trial of Sam Bankman-Fried has nearly wrapped up as jurors deliberated on a verdict for the once-king of crypto exchanges, and finally decided he would be charged guilty of fraud and all 7 charges laid against him.

  • Coinbase reported its third quarter revenue to mixed results both over and underperforming certain metrics, ultimately sending the stock tumbling after hours following its day in the green.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Professor Swishi was all hands on deck with his presentation and Office Hours on the $MEME airdrop for MVHQ! With the hotly anticipated airdrop just a few hours away, Swishi gave a crash course to the commmunity so we're ready for to rake in the $meme. A recording of his Office Hours can be found in the Video Content channel.



Friday to Sunday 11/3-11/5


Free mints? NFTs in the mainstream? Derivative cooks? Are we officially back back? The impact of the $MEME stimmy is slowly making its way to the NFT marketplace as volume and floor price action continue to show signs of life.The Simpsons aired an NFT themed episode so naturally the Springfield Punks, a Simpsons derivative, launched a free mint and saw its floors zoom above 0.4E on nearly 800E. The Grapes also saw big movement with floors touching above 1.4E on recent Animoca and token news. Ape Fest Hong Kong has captured the attention of the international audience after a week of events get under way. Not all was smooth sailing, however, after reports of laser and lighting issues at an event reportedly caused eye irriation for attendees. The team also officially unveiled collabs with BAPE and BMW. Overall marketplace volume saw a $12M weekend average while ETH saw another nudge upwards into the $1870 range.



  • The Simpsons aired an NFT themed episode on Sunday night to its audience of over $6M viewers! The episode featured loose portrayals of CryptoPunks, Doodles and Beeple's "Everyday," amongst others.

  • BAYC and BAPE officially unveil their merch collab at ApeFest Honk Kong. The drop is exclusive to BAYC/MAYC members with the full collection launch taking place on BAPE.com in December.

  • OpenSea announces another round of layoffs after reducing its workforce by 50% and will focus on version 2.0 of their marketplace product.

  • Magic Eden and Yuga Labs are collaborating to launch a new ETH marketplace that aims to honor creator royalties set to launch by years end.

  • Cool Cats releases their schedule for its Blue York CIty events, highlighted buy participating in the upcoming Macys Parade!


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • It was an absolute heater of a Sunday in MVHQ's Reignmakers/DFS/Sports Betting channel as member Tonkatsu turned a $16 bet into nearly $160k! Yes, you read that right, $160k on a 5-leg parlay! Insane! Later in the afternoon we continued to sweat in the sauna as Jinzo took down 4th place in the main ELITE contest for a cool $3k. For the nightcap, JJ tied for first in the ELITE showdown contest for another $2k. Congrats on all the big W's!