Weekly Recap 10/9-10/15 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 10/9-10/15

MVHQ Staff
Oct 16, 2023
Weekly Recap 10/9-10/15

Monday 10/9


MVHQ is excited to welcome the Cymbal community to our Daily Recap distribution network! Cymbal is a human readable block explorer that allows its users to explore any wallet, NFT or project to understand their activity in real time!

Marketplace activity remained relatively stagnant to start the week as notable floor movement was hard to come by. BAYC was the only NFT project to eclipse 1000E in volume with no other collection breaching 400E on the day. Overall marketplace volume closed at $7.6m, a 75% bump from yesterdays closing number. ETH took a small dip back under $1600.



  • BLUR teases that Season 2 will come to a close on November 20th. No other details were confirmed.

  • Meebits have offically been confirmed for Otherside integration

  • Digital creator and MVHQ Advisor, Refik Anadol, began the reveal of his latest work, Winds of Yawanawa. The event began with the first 100 token IDs and will continue to reveal throughout the course of the week.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Last week Nike announced a token gated sneaker drop, Opensea made creating collections easier, and the handful of people left in web3 got rugged. Find out how in this Weekly Recap by Metaverse HQ.



Tuesday 10/10


The pace picked up relatively early this week thanks to acquisitions being the theme of the day! 3 Arrows Capital's lot of Pudgies found a new home with a VC firm and "2021 Bull Run Darling" Gutter Cat Gang also came under new ownership thanks to a buyout from a notable community member. Over in the real world, SBF's trial garnered even more attention with star-witness, Caroline Ellison, taking the stand and providing some fiery testimony.

The market saw similar activity levels to yesterday, with BAYC being the only noteworthy collection volume-wise. Overall NFT volume tallied up to around $7 million on the day with ETH continuing its stay below the $1600 level.



  • Spencer Ventures announced an acquisition of 48 Pudgy Penguin NFTs previously held by 3 Arrows Capital, via a deal made with Sotheby's Auction House.

  • Prominent community member, Noah, is reportedly set to take over ownership and operation of Gutter Labs, the parent company to Gutter Cat Gang and its assortment of other NFT collections after a public $500,000 bid was made.

  • Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal has officially proposed a L2 "Apechain" be developed and implemented via the publicly voted AIP-proposals.

  • The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) has officially acquired two new NFTs to add to their collectino from prominent artists Ian Cheng, and MVHQ's own advisor, Rekif Anadol.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Are you looking to scratch that pack-ripping itch? Well look no further than our newest episode of Let's Rip! The crew is back opening nearly $5000 in packs, so be sure to tune in and see if they can nail that big pull!



Wednesday 10/11


Some positive marketplace activity was a welcome mid-week sight as Winds of Yawanwa shows more strength with a 14% floor rise on another 100E in volume. The FTX trial continues with testimony from Caroline Ellison setting the stage, detailing a plot that both SBF and Ellison conspired to sell customer funded Bitcoin in order to keep $BTC under $20k. Throw away the key, I say.

Immutable and Amazon partner with a plan to move forward with the future of gaming, Pokemon and Magic Eden become the degen pair we didn't know we needed and Veefriends themed Crocs Jibbitz are the surprise Jacob Meyer could only dream about before today. Overall marketplace volume closed back down at $5.5m with ETH chilling in the $1560 range.



  • Immutable announces a new partnership with Amazon Web Services that aims to shape the future of gaming. Immutable will now have access to a "vast pipeline of game studio leads, support for successful deal closures and up to $100k in AWS cloud credits."

  • Pokemon is coming to Magic Eden after the popular NFT platform introduces tokenized digital collectibles to its offerings. The first drop will take place on October 18th and will "feature 100 tokenized Pokemon cards released as single packs." All cards 100% backed by physicals and are redeemable.

  • VeeFriends + Crocs extend their partnership with a new 5 Pack pf Jibbitz.

  • Pudgy Penguins officially unveiled their collaboration with cookie company, Last Crumb.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Arkham is blessing us with another opportunity for points! Sign up here to get started, apply here and mention MVHQ as an affiliate for special VIP access and start inviting your friends to prepare yourself for the next airdrop!

  • A big congratulations to our very own Jacob Meyer for being named as MVHQ's new Chief Operating Officer! Jacob has been a pivotal force in the growth and development of MVHQ and will now move into a much deserved Executive position. Appreciate all you do, Jacob!



Thursday 10/12

Disappointment was the flavor of the day as degens voiced their displeasure on social media and with their wallets as collections saw more red. Velocity Passes (1.2E) took a 13% hit in floor price due to an unexpectedly lackluster art reveal by Snowfro while BAYC enthusiasts found the $APE rewards from The Forge to be less than satisfactory. Volume remained on the lower side of the spectrum at only $5.5 million as ETH played below $1550.



  • Yuga Labs gave an update around the first look into their physical space with an open house to The Bored Ape Yacht Club in Hong Kong, following the events of Apefest in November.

  • BAYC launched the 6th and final season for HV-MTLs which included a raid boss with $APE rewards. The move was met with largely negative feedback due to the perceived low amount in rewards.

  • Punk6529 and his team have developed and released a tool they dub, EMMA, Editor for Managing Multiphase Allowlist. This tool can help to manage an allowlist process for any projects hoping to employ it.

  • Trezor unveiled a trio of new products aimed at both crypto power-users and those new to the space aiming for a less complicated version.

  • A lawsuit has been filed against the former CEO of crypto-lender, Voyager, with penalties of more than $1.5 billion.

  • Snowfro unveiled his latest project in collaboration with AOI and Red Bull Racing for Velocity Pass holders, titled /// which will come with physical embroidery of their NFT output.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • 0xBotwin is back with another excellent Field Report hot off the presses. This time he dives into ETHOS, an operating system for mobile devices built for Etheruem. For more info you can find his work in the Field Reports channel today!



Friday to Sunday 10/13-10/15


A handful of notable headlines helped keep the attention on Web3 over the weekend with a few brand names making some waves. The Metamask mobile app temporarily disappeared from the Apple app store, sending panicked degens into a brief frenzy before order was quickly restored and the app reappeared without explanation. Yuga Labs has added six-figures to the prize pool for HV-MTL Season 6 after initial pushback from players on a disappointing unveiling last week.

Winds of Yawanawa continues to make waves with massive price action and its floor moving above 14E on nearly 2000E total volume. Pudgy Penguins also saw a nice bounce with floors back at 5.5E on nearly 500E in weekend volume. Overall marketplace volume closed Sunday at $6.1m, bringing our 3-day average to $5.9m. ETH still sits in the $1560 range.



  • Metamask was briefly removed, then added back to the Apple App store over the weekend. No details regarding the removal have been confirmed.

  • BAYC updated its HV-MTL Season 6 prize pool by adding $150k in $APE rewards for top 10 leaderboard finishers. This comes after initial disappointment in regards to rewards for Season 6's reveal last week.

  • Cool Cats avatars are coming on October 19th!

  • yOOts officially opened its Ethereum bridge for holders and are covering gas fees for the first 24 hours.

  • Deadfellaz teases a continuation of their collaboration with Wrangler Jeans.

  • Cymbal.xyz introduces Basecamp, a new onchain game built on Base where players battle to win $10,000!


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