Weekly Recap 1/1-1/7 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 1/1-1/7

MVHQ Staff
Jan 8, 2024
Weekly Recap 1/1-1/7

Wednesday 1/3


Did you slurp the dip, Anon? It was a choppy day across the broader crypto landscape as an early report circulated questioning the SEC approval status of upcoming BTC ETFs. The unsubstantiated FUD caused over $400 million in liquidations over a 2-hour span. As dust settled throughout the day, pockets of activity emerged with good opportunities for action. NodeMonkeys on BTC continue their climb towards 0.25BTC and officially flip BitCoin Frogs as the top BTC collection. Over on SOL, Froganas continue to see heavy volume, PunkLines absolutely rip in an old fashioned night crew cook and Deez Nutz found it difficult to sustain overnight momentum but volume remains steady. ETH NFTs also saw the highest volume day in over 3 weeks with yOOts and Doodles seeing the largest floor increases.


Total ETH marketplace volume closed at $24.3M, BTC finished just over $20M and SOL at $9.6M. Notable crypto movers include SEI, ARB and BLUR with ETH holding nicely above $2200.



  • Gordon Goner continued his recent shopping spree with a variety of purchases across ETH, SOL and BTC. Collections included Mooncats, MFers, Quirkies, NodeMonkies and Froganas amongst others.

  • Etherscan announces the acquisition of SolScan, bringing expanded blockchain readability to users.

  • Overworld Incarna revealed to a mostly warm reception with 2E floors holding firm as the collection has seen over 4900E in total volume.

  • Wasabi Protocol announces its new Perps platform is open for Public Launch.


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  • Congratulations to our December 2023 and new Two-Time MVP Winner, Mr. Bull! This legend eats, breaths, and sleeps crypto and is nice enough to spread his knowledge with our community! He has been printing Alpha on the hottest chains and we are so lucky to have our own bull in this market. Mr. Bull is awarded 2.5 $ETH and a 2024 MVHQ Token!


Thursday 1/4


Three letters were on every Web3 participants mind today, ETF. Well, more like six letters since it's the BTC ETF. Rumors buzzed with companies submitting filings relating to the upcoming ETFs with many news outlets expecting an approval within the next week and possibly as soon as tomorrow. Back in NFTs, Pixelmon was the talk of the town after announcing concrete details for their upcoming gaming token pre-sale. Over on the BTC side of the blockchain both NodeMonkes (.29 BTC) and their latest derivative, Bitcoin Puppets (.022 BTC), both saw strong days of sales.


With rumors of the ETFs swirling, NFTs managed to still put in a decent shift across the blockchains. ETH volume topped out around $19 million, with SOL and BTC coming in at $7 and $21 million traded respectively across their marketplaces. Following all of crypto's lead, ETH went up, then went down, then back up again before finally settling down at $2260 to close the day.



  • Pixelmon released allocation and waitlist details of their highly anticipated $MON token drop, scheduled to take place in Q1 of this year.

  • Binance announced today an official investment into $MEME, the native token of the Memeland ecosystem. This comes after hosting $MEME on its launchpad some months ago.

  • South Korean regulators are seeking to outlaw the purchase of crypto via credit cards due to fear of "illegal outflows" of capital.

  • Never one to miss a trend, Visa is said to be working on a Web3 loyalty program with crypto products and IRL giveaways planned as potential rewards.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Need a fresh cup of macro-analysis to wake you up in the morning? Well then look no further because MVHQ's resident macro-expert Shaggy is back with his patented overview for the month of January digging into risk assets, yield curves and so much more. Stop on by the Field Reports channel to get your monthly macro fix today!


Sunday 1/7


Azuki token speculation helped fuel a raucous Friday night after a re-posted message included speculative token $ANIME in its bio. FOMO managed to drive floor prices up over 40% across the ecosystem while also providing bag holders a nice exit opportunity. Eyes will continue to be peeled on how Azuki and the $ANIME token connect, if at all.


The broader crypto marketplace felt some pullback into Sunday as the majority of tokens were priced down from their weekend entry. ETH NFT marketplaces continue to see healthy volume with over $30M in 24H activity. BitCoin closed the weekend with just under $15M in volume, while Polygon brought in the third most volume, with just over $7.5M. ETH is still hanging tough above $2200, with BTC just under $44K and Solana back down below $90.



  • Logan Paul announces a buy-back program for his now-defunct CryptoZoo NFT project, offering up to $2.3M in refunds anchored by a new lawsuit aimed at the "bad actors" involved with the project.

  • Azuki re-posted a message from the Weeb3 Foundation, whose bio makes reference to an $ANIME token. The speculation surrounding Azuki and a potential relationship with an upcoming token drove floor prices across the ecosystem up throughout the weekend.

  • Saga Phone owners were airdropped Saga Monkes, which held nearly a 5 SOL floor.


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