Weekly Recap 11/13-11/19 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 11/13-11/19

MVHQ Staff
Nov 20, 2023
Weekly Recap 11/13-11/19

Monday 11/13


MVHQ is thrilled to announce the Soft Launch 2 of our upcoming platform is NOW LIVE! This exciting milestone would not be possible without the support of our incredible partners: CoinStats, Neura, and Pixelmon. Complete your missions, get rewards. Its that easy. Be on the look out for our full release early 2024!


It was a mostly mild day across the board with the Memeland ecosystem being one of the few exceptions. $MEME saw another big surge, gaining over 60% for the day with token prices topping out in the $0.039 range and marketcap headed towards $317M. Captainz, MVPs and Potatoz all followed suit with each collection gaining 10%+ on the day. Overall marketplace volume saw a gentle tick upwards as we closed at $16.2M while ETH remains stable above $2K.



  • DraftKings Reignmakers launched its Holiday Pack Drop which includes exclusive cards that give access to gated Thanksgiving Day contest with over $2M in prizes! Packs cost $129.99 with a $50 credit for those who purchase 3.

  • Parallel has been approved for release on the Epic Games Store for Open Beta.

  • CyberKongz introduce SAGA: A New Form of Storytelling, giving the community the power to influence Kongz lore moving forward.

  • Magic Eden alerts its community of phishing emails that have been circulating from a copycat domain. Be safe out there.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • It was a monumental day for MVHQ as the team unveiled its next phase of product development with Soft Launch #2, capped off with a community Town Hall where all members in attendance were able to interact and get all the early alpha. A recording of the event can be found in MVHQ's Video Content channel for those that were unable to make it!



Tuesday 11/14


The crypto market reared its ugly head today with FUD and high gas being the themes of the day. Crypto markets took early hits to start the day with gas reaching north of 150 gwei at the points of highest activity. There was a silver lining with a Disney announcement flying under the radar as degens PVPed on-chain.


With the dumpage of some coins, many NFT projects saw a retraction in floor prices. That being said, Memeland MVPs (89.69E, +69%) and Parallel Avatars (.65E, +55%) showed immense strength by shaking off the broader market sentiment and reaching new highs. Overall marketplace volume saw a slight decline to just under $14 million traded, as ETH nosedived and eventually worked its way back to the $1985 level.



  • Disney and Dapper Labs have formalized a partnership to launch Disney Pinnacle, a platform for trading digital pins and other collectibles as NFTs based on their legendary cache of IP.

  • GET Protocol has introduced their Collectibles 2.0 update alongside a wallet update that grants easier access to NFT ticketing and transfers, simplifying the overall process.

  • A French developer responsible for the NFT project Mutant Ape Planet plead guilty to defrauding buyers to the tune of $3 million.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • MVHQ Missions have started off with a bang! Be sure to check out the latest batch of Missions on the MVHQ App to see how you can get Premium Access to CoinStats' exclusive benefits and take your token tracking and trading to the next level!



Wednesday 11/15


In what was a mostly mild day in the NFT marketplace, Solana's Mad Ladz continued to make its stamp on degens everywhere, inducing fomo and seeing its floors rise above 100 $SOL (3.2E, $6500). Solana itself also saw a solid 10% gain on the day, bringing its market cap to $27.7 trillion. It was a mixed bag over on ETH as CREEPZ were the big winners with a big 30% gain on 90E volume, bringing floors back to 1.6E. Overall marketplace volume closed at $12.9M, a touch lower than yesterdays number. ETH remains relatively firm above $2000 as we look to finish out the week strong over the next few days. Lets get it.



  • The National Hockey League (NHL) officially launches BREAKAWAY, its digital collectible marketplace.

  • The Jack Butcher Velocity Series unveiled its latest trailer presented by ArtOnInternet.

  • DeadFellaz introduce a new gaming focused X account called DFZ Gaming.

  • LooksRare announces its new "Infiltration" game that offers both ETH and $LOOKS prizes.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • MVHQ Missions are still live! Take flight with Pixelmon's Kevin the Adventurer game. Join the mission and play as the lovable meme Kevin, earn in-game items and help boost your chances to win up to $10,000 in prizes!



Thursday 11/16


NFTs were back on the menu with crypto's volatility taking a much needed back seat giving degens a better environment to trade their favorite altcoins with pictures. In particular, Sofas (.17E, +29%) and Project Aeon (.18E, +38%) saw considerable jumps in their floors, as newcomer L3E7 Worlds minted out for the low low price of free and quickly ran all the way up to an incredible 2.2E on 450E volume. And if you're wondering what the heck Project Aeon is then ask the good folks over at the SPX6900 fan club and then kindly come explain it to me, please and thank you!


NFT volume was up across all ecosystems with BTC Ordinals continuing to trade nearly and in some cases even higher volume than ETH NFTS, as SOL's new de facto king, Mad Lads, blew past the 100 SOL floor as rumors of token allocations heat up. Overall marketplaces traded just over $14 million as ETH dipped below the $2000 mark again.



  • Delegate Cash announced the launch of a new platform, Delegate Market, where users can trade delegation rights and purchase asset utility of NFTs held by others.

  • Amazon Web Services, Animoca Brands, and Polygon Labs have all partnered to launch the MoonRealm Express Accelerator, a program to sponsor founders and projects that will drive innovation in the blockchain space.

  • Kreatorhood, a recently launched marketplace, has launched their points initiative, which seeks to reward users for their trading activity on the platform.

  • Fiat Pass released details of their upcoming free mint on Arbitrum with each pass containing a unique membership ID and exclusive access to future drops by Fiat.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Have you checked out Metaverse HQ's newest Missions on the MVHQ App? We have brand new partners with Missions to complete, like applying for the Allowlist for Neura's upcoming NFT mint combining AI and generative art! Head over to app.mvhq.io to get started today!



Weekend Update 11/17-11/19


While weekend activity slowed down from the recent frantic pace, a buzz is in the air in anticipation for an event-filled start to the week as highly anticipated reveals and airdrops are on the horizon for many traders. After many long months of farming, BLUR Season 2 is expected to come to a close in a liquidity event that is sure to pack a nice stimmy punch. Those that sent funds to 222.sol are also expecting a handsome reward for their actions and the same goes for users of the Backpack Exchange on Solana as the $PYTH token will also be distributed on Monday. Cap all of that off with the long awaited reveal of recent mint Sofa Maker and we have a Thanksgiving week that is primed to kick off with a bang.


Overall marketplace volume saw new local lows established with a $9.2M 2-day avg, our lowest closes in over three weeks. ETH continues to stay firm above the $2K mark.



  • BLUR is preparing to go to the "Next Level," after teasing an announcement set for Monday at 6PM EST.

  • Pudgy Penguins announce their Art Basil event, "Pudgy World," co-hosted by ZKsync. Tickets will go on sale in three waves with the event taking place on December 9th.

  • Cool Cats launch a new partnership with Macy's called the "Color Me Cool" contest.

  • RTFKT x Nike have opened the next phase of forging for its Dunk NFTs with its Ghost forging event. This limited window event closes on Monday @ 10AM EST at a 0.11E ($220) price point.

  • Vault Music, created by the founders of FanFuel, introduces a new music fantasy game that allows users to create their own fantasy record label in order to compete for cash prizes.


MVHQ Spotlight

  • Don't forget to complete your Missions on app.mvhq.io! Connect and collect your rewards from one of our activation partners and stay cooking with MVHQ.