Weekly Recap 11/27-12/3 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 11/27-12/3

MVHQ Staff
Dec 5, 2023
Weekly Recap 11/27-12/3

Monday 11/27


NFTs were back in a big way as degens played fast and loose with the pursestrings after a festive holiday week. Every chain imaginable saw significant movement highlighted by Solana's two most fervent communities in Mad Lads and Tensorians both pumping to new all time highs. To follow the theme, Magic Eden announced a beta rollout for their own new wallet which can service multiple blockchains all in one.


On the ETH side of NFTs, BAYC did its usual numbers as the top dog, but DeGods also saw significant volume after Frank announced that the collection would be undergoing yet another series of art "upgrades" since that's apparently what everyone's been clamoring for. Regardless, Frank's decision lead to nearly 3000E alone for DeGods, which is a big win for anyone looking to exit on a pump. Major marketplaces traded a very impressive $25 million, continuing the strength shown at the weekend as ETH stayed afloat above the $2000 mark.



  • Magic Eden launched a new wallet solution in beta today for early testers. The wallet comes equipped with cross-chain functionality to take advantage of the various chains available for trading currently on the Magic Eden platform.

  • LooksRare has updated its reward system and migrated to a new contract with heavy incentives for the first week of use to the tune of $200k in ETH for early adopters.

  • Farcana, an upcoming game taking advantage of the BTC blockchain, announced today a round of strategic investment from Animoca Brands ahead of their full release and token launch set for 2024.

  • CZ, now ex-CEO of Binance, has been halted from leaving the US until his sentencing is complete as he's been deemed a flight risk.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Are crypto and NFTs moving too quick to get your head on straight? Then JD has you covered with his new Weekly Preview series! JD collates all the biggest NFT drops, token releases and more gracing the space in the week ahead to get everyone off on their best foot forward. You can find his overview in the Field Reports channel today!



Tuesday 11/28


It was a slower news day for NFTs as degens focused intently on their monitors watching charts and indulging in some Runescape style gambling. Base's newest farming opportunity, Cambria, saw day over day growth as Crypto Twitter embraces it more and more to scratch that gambling itch. Rock-paper-scissors never felt so degen, folks.


Meanwhile, NFT trading still seemed to focus on collections with upcoming tokens or token allocations as The Grapes (3.22E, +19%) and Creepz (2.85E, +36%) were the big winners of the day seeing massive pumps in their floor price. Overall, marketplaces had another very strong day with $26 million traded, building on the momentum of the past week. ETH played nicely for the day and was tame around $2050 as BTC eclipsed $38k once again.



  • DeGods founder, Frank, announced a series of updates to holders surrounding the roadmaps for DeGods and y00ts after community dissatisfaction was voiced.

  • Animoca Brands announced today they have become the largest validator for the TON blockchain in anticipation of an upcoming boom to Web3 games and their infrastructure.

  • NFTfi launched Season 2 of its rewards program with new features such as separate leaderboards and a Loan Streak Multiplier to reward users offering continual liquidity.


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Wednesday 11/29


While activity on the ETH marketplace remained somewhat flat, opportunities on SOL and BTC continue to be plentiful with a variety of projects trending in the right direction. Mad Lads have seen consistent gains with another 29K SOL in volume and floors rising above 160 SOL. Tensorians have also seen its floor rise above 60 SOL on over 16K SOL volume. OrdiRocks were an early morning cook over on BTC with over 3.3 BTC in volume and floors over .0015 BTC.


Overall ETH marketplace volume closed just over $20.1M, nearly a 20% decline from yesterdays number. ETH remains firm above $2030.



  • Inspect.xyz announces the close of a funding round that includes a variety of notable Web3 logos and names. Full details of the terms were not disclosed.

  • Phantom wallet has seen over $1M bridged over to SOL with its cross-chain swapper.

  • Magic Eden introduces a new crypto wallet that will aim to feature cross-chain swapping. The wallet is currently open to early testers.

  • The Grapes unveil their global soft launch for Juice Tycoon, the latest game that allows users to play to win NFTs and other prizes.

  • Cozomo de' Medici, in collaboration with PROOF, is hosting a Grant Yun exhibition at The Foundry in Los Angeles.


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Thursday 11/30


Web3 got a stark reminder of the downside of bull markets as gas on the ETH network was sky high all day, being over 150 GWEI for extended periods of time. Activity was frothy in all sectors with several new shitcoins running to ATH marketcaps and NFTs seeing similar volume as early in the week.


After yesterday's respite, NFTs were back in a big way despite the ludicrous gas. It started in the morning with an expensive new mint at .22E from Seneca, famous for being one of the BAYC artists. Activity continued throughout the day with Pudgy Penguins (7.2E) seeing a nice 10% bump in their floors and Pixels Farm Land (1.36E, +33%) join in on the token speculation fun. Major marketplaces returned to the stronger volume of $25 million today as ETH closed the day with a juicy green candle leaving it just under $2100.



  • NFT influencer Deeze and Cryptotoon Goonz announced the release for their first art-toy. The toy will be mintable as an NFT on Magic Eden where holders can redeem for the phyiscal and other surprise goodies.

  • Sorare announced details of a series of updates for their NBA DFS-style tournament powered by NFTs, including exclusive opportunities featuring the NBA in-season tournament.

  • The artist Seneca, formerly known for their work with the original BAYC art, released a new collection of 2880 NFTs titled, Perils of Sese.

  • Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy revealed its purchase of an additional $600 million in BTC through filings sent in by the company.


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Weekend Recap 12/1-12/3


It was a fun weekend of gains as the Bull market rising tide continues to lift all ships across the crypto marketplace. BTC crested above $41k and ETH above $2200, allowing for the vast majority of major token players to follow suit with strong gains. A variety of ETH NFT's lit up green with Pudgy Penguins leading the way as floor prices surged above 11E ($25k) while their Lil Pudgy companions tagged right along with floors back above 1E. Solana also saw its token price get back above $60 with its most popular NFT collection, Mad Lads, seeing floors creep closer to 200 SOL ($13k).


Overall marketplace volume closed out Sunday with a massive $40m in transactions, nearly doubling our recent local highs and the highest closing number we have seen in months. ETH is sitting pretty at its current $2260 price tag. Let's start the week strong and stay locked in as the market heats back up!



  • Pudgy Penguins tease a new Igloo merch drop coming next week.

  • Christies Auctionhouse announces "Next Wave: The Miami Edit," which focuses on 24 artists at the "forefront of the digital art today." The curated auction will include works from popular Web3 names such as Jack Butcher and Grant Yun.

  • Cool Cats Winter Collection for merch is now live, fresh with an opportunity to purchase collectibles from their collaboration with Macy's.

  • Futbal Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been sued for $1B due to his promotion of crypto exchange Binance.

  • ESports behemoths Team Liquid announces a playtest partnership with Illuvium and will help guide their esports strategy into 2024.

  • FIAT® Pass opens the next chapter for community engagement by bringing the CINQUECENTO - your (500e)ᴿᴱᴰ experience. Mint soon & early access for active Discord users.

  • Coinbase unveils its latest advertisement which has received rave reviews.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • MVHQ's Alpha Launch #2 has officially come to a close! Thank you to Pixelmon, Neura and Coinstats for their partnership in helping to showcase our new platform, set for full launch in 2024! Be on the look out for more soon.