Weekly Recap 1/15-1/21 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 1/15-1/21

MVHQ Staff
Jan 22, 2024
Weekly Recap 1/15-1/21

Monday 1/15


We started the week with solid action across the board as the tease of a snapshot from Rabby and upcoming airdrop from Jupiter helped traders get in the mood early on a Monday. The broader crypto marketplace remained mostly choppy, except notable 24h risers in Sei (+10%) and Blur (+16%). A rotation into ETH NFTs held up for one day at least as the marketplace lit up in green across most notable collections. Pudgy Penguins continued their ascent in price as the floor eclipsed 14E for a new ATH. Their Lil Pudgy counterparts followed suit with both floors up well over 20% of the past week. The Azuki ecosystem also saw a moderate bump with Elementals showing the most strength, up nearly 8% on the day. Over on BTC, Forgotten Runes Cult sold out its "Shadows" mint at 0.2 BTC, but floors have tumbled down to their current 0.102 BTC price.


ETH closed the day above $2500 with a healthy $33M in marketplace volume while BTC finished just under $43K and SOL at $98.



  • Jupiter, a leading exchange on Solana, announced the launch of its $JUP token is set to take place on January 31st at 10AM EST. The team will also launch two test memecoins, the first coming on January 17th and the other sometime next week.

  • Rabby Wallet, an upstart wallet for ETH and all EVM chains from DeBank, teases a snapshot with a simple image. No other details were made public.

  • NinjaAlerts announces its Ninja mint will be delayed for 48 hours to help fine tune art generation. The mint will now go live on January 18th.

  • Pudgy Penguins announce a collab with Old Master Q, "one of the biggest IPs in Asia," for a 60th anniversary celebration.

  • On1 Force teases a short video of a loading screen.


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Tuesday 1/16


2024 is already turning into the year of public adoption with Yuga Labs stating their plans to relaunch Dookey Dash but this time with an eye on getting gamers of all kinds involved by bringing the game to mobile devices and removing the token-gated experience. Solana Mobile also pounced on their momentum after selling out of the first edition of their phone. The new devices came as a surprise to some who questioned the demand for a followup so soon.


Meanwhile Bera, the hottest new testnet around, saw continued performance issues as users flock to the chain born from memes itself. Bera's rising popularity could be seen in the ETH markets as Honey Comb (+74%) reached an all time high of .7E before normalizing at .46E. Big things are clearly on the horizon for the Beras and their honey. ETH marketplace volume saw a pullback from Monday with only $20 million being traded. ETH held the line at $2550 amid a nondescript day among other crypto.



  • Blast, the new L2 from the team behind Blur, announced the official launch of their Testnet today! Alongside the launch they have opened applications to the Big Bang Competition, with incentives for builders using the new chain.

  • Solana Mobile opened preorders for the new Solana Mobile 2 phone. Users can send in a non-refundable $450 deposit, however the phone is not set to launch until 2025.

  • Yuga Labs announced that Dookey Dash Unclogged will be coming to the public on both PC and mobile in Q1 2024 with new modes and reward-based competitions available to all players.

  • Las Vegas' NHL team, The Golden Knights, announced a partnership with Theta Labs to launch an official NFT for the team which grants fans unique and exclusive benefits such as tickets and VIP experiences.


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  • With everyone and their brother apparently launching a new chain or L2 these days, make sure you stop by the Focused Discussion channel in MVHQ to see the newest topics being explored like Monad, Berachain, and SEI among many others being added daily!



Wednesday to Thursday 1/17-1/18


Degens were clearly locked in today with news on the slower side as volume soared to highs not seen in months. Action took place across each and every chain with Claire Silver announcing her next big AI drop with BrainDrops on ETH, Ninjalerts' Pizza Ninja Ordinals launching to a resounding success on BTC and CryptoUndeads revealing their lackluster art on SOL. Otherwise all eyes were on the markets as ETH traded $42 million, a figure not seen in months and boy does it feel good to see that on the ol' Dune charts. This volume was fueled by more Pugdy Penguin mania (17.5E, +5%) trading another 4k ETH in volume single-handedly as a variety of other collections saw solid gains such as Creepz (2.75E,+18%), Potatoz (2E, +12%), and HV-MTL (.33E, +40%). ETH meanwhile showed relative strength compared to BTC's big sell-off, holding around $2460 to close the day.



  • Bored Ape Yacht Club took to X to announce a website redesign to "get back to basics" as they prepare for what they believe is set to be a very big year for the club.

  • Claire Silver announced her next project set to release, corpo | real, hosted by BrainDrops, as a collaboration between AI and fashion.

  • Worldcoin and FWB (Friends With Benefits) are set to partner in Mexico City to offer an experience they are dubbing, The Paradox of Personhood.

  • Donald Trump's latest digital trading card NFTs are coming to the BTC blockchain as 200 editions are being sold to later be distributed as BTC Ordinals.


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Friday to Sunday 1/19-1/21


It was a steady, yet, unspectacular weekend for the broader crypto space as coins and NFTs alike saw mostly choppy waters. Recent SOL mint, CryptoUndeads, saw floors rocket up the charts with prices now well above the 14 SOL range on over 25K SOL 24-hour volume. Tensorians have seen a slow bleed lately with floors back to 75 SOL down nearly 10% on the day. Pudgy Penguins continue their hot streak with floors steady above 18E, while a massive Cool Cats sweep now has floors sitting back above 1E...a 76% gain on the day. Overall NFT marketplace volume on ETH held firm over the weekend with Sunday closing at $35M, while SOL finished the week at $9.2M and BTC at $6.6M, respectively.



  • RTFKT unveils more details regarding its Project Animus with a 20K capped supply and no public sale. Animus Egg claims will close on March 1st and new art was also shown off for the first time.

  • Azuki Founder, Zagabond, states that he will begin showing public support for projects he likes with the first being and Opepeng.

  • X has launched a new payments account with many speculating $DOGE integration

  • Trezor admits to a security breach that impacted data from over 66K users

  • NBA star, Dwight Howard, introduces an NFT collection on AVAX called "Ballers" that will reward holders with "experiences, moments, content, twists, and mysteries."


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