Weekly Recap 11/6-11/12 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 11/6-11/12

MVHQ Staff
Nov 13, 2023
Weekly Recap 11/6-11/12

Monday 11/6


Are we priming for a Santa Claus year end rally? The smell is in the air and with the help of #StimmySzn NFT price action has been up across the board in recent weeks and most noticeably the past few days. We started the week off with a variety of sweeps across a number of OG collections, spurned on by notable whale Dingaling. Cryptoadz (1.47E, +67%) and Mocaverse (2.38E, +72%) were two of the days biggest movers as more volume continues to find its way into existing NFT collections.

Yuga co-Founder Gordon Goner emphatically returned from recent health woes and a made massive $1.1M (600E) CryptoPunk purchase. $BLUR has also been on a hot run of it's own with its token price up nearly 30% to $0.39 in the past day. Overall marketplace volume closed at $15.4M, a 50% increase from yesterdays number and the 2nd time we have eclipsed $15M in the past 4 days. ETH rests just under $1900.



  • Kreatorhood, a marketplace that aims to blend Web2 + Web3 creators, collectors and traders, is now live. The new multi-chain platform intends to incorporate social-fi elements into the user journey to help streamline the creative process.

  • Cool Cats announces a new partnership with Animoca and San FranTokyo which aims to "bring Cool Cats to Japan through brand expansions and IP integrations..." and also teased an upcoming Cool Cats manga.

  • Sorare introduces an Instant Buy feature on its marketplace which allows users to purchase Limited Cards at a fixed price.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Whats next for SBF? Opensea updates and downsizes, while Memeland provides a nice $MEME stimmy. Watch this weeks Web3 news in 90 seconds with MVHQ's Weekly Recap hosted by TopHatCat!



Tuesday 11/7


The good times keep on rolling as Gordon Goner's spending spree continued as BTC saw another sizable candle to the upside. This came amidst the backdrop of some US elections and Coinbase opening Futures trading for select accounts. Now you can finally get a taste of that sweet leveraged action you've heard so much about, Anon. NFT floors were mostly green overall with a smattering of OG projects being the recipient of the daily "We're back!" pump. Today's lucky winners included Cool Cats (1E, +26%) and CloneX (1.65E, +19%).


There was no more sure sign of a loosening of degen's pursestrings than yet another 20% gain in volume across marketplaces. We saw a jump up to $20 million traded, signalling the most volume since early August. Oh, how we missed you Stimmy Season. Despite BTC's strength, ETH lagged behind, opting to stay in its range just below $1900.



  • Yuga Labs' Apefest has come under increased scrutiny after some event attendees allegedly suffered vision damage due to certain lights being utilized. The story has garnered more mainstream attention after being picked up by The Guardian.

  • Binance jumped on the BRC-20 token train today by listing the widely recognized $ORDI token found on the BTC blockchain. This marks a big step forward for the still nascent space of BRC-20 tokens and their mainstream appeal.

  • Gordon Goner continued his spending spree after earlier purchasing a Cryptopunk for 600E, by following up with buys of several other collections including Sappy Seals, Cryptoadz, and DeGods, giving all of these projects a much appreciated injection of trading volume.

  • Evmos, an EVM-compliant chain built on the Cosmos network, announced their move to transition to solely support Ethereum-formatted transactions, despite staying within the Cosmos ecosystem.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • After last week's successful airdrop of $MEME from Memeland, Metaverse HQ tallied up the numbers to see massive wins across the board for community members. MVHQ members profited over $500,000 in realized gains as a whole thanks to their conviction and savvy trading.Congrats on the big wins everyone and here's to many more!



Wednesday 11/8

It was back to the fundamentals for NFT degens as todays Art Blocks Curated drop had the old tried and true feel to it. Trichro-matic from renowned artist mountvitruvius sold out at the 0.82 Dutch Auction rung and proceeded to be a heat-seeking missle as floors touched 2.2E while nearing 900E in volume. The beautiful outputs are a welcomed sight in conjunction with the recent uptick in market activity, as flippers and collectors of all kinds came out in droves to partake in the activity. Gordon Goner continued his recent spending spree on AdamBombSquad, Doodlez and DeadFellaz NFT's before splashing down with a 42E Meebits and 89E Azuki Spirit purchases.


NFT floors once again lit up with green with BAYC bringing in a strong 4300E in volume and floors back to 32E. Azuki Elementals had another strong day with floors creeping back towards 0.7E while Meebits saw a 10% jump back above 1.3E. Overall Marketplace volume closed a hair under $20M for the 2nd consecutive day as the good times kept rolling along. BTC had no chill and crested back above $36.5K, while ETH stayed firm just above $1900.

Whew, that was fun. Let's run it back tomorrow!



  • Binance introduces a new Web3 self custody wallet aimed at helping to onboard users in a simple, convenient and secure manor.

  • Opensea has been devalued by a staggering 90% by Coatue, one of the companies lead investment firms according to a report from The Information.

  • RTFKT introduces "The Offering," a new way for holders of unforged items to control the fate of the future of their Nike Dunk NFT's.

  • SoRare announces a product update that includes a massive $500K tournament.

  • The PinkFong Company, best known for the creation of the song "Baby Shark," is partnering with Tiny Tap who is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands. The two will come together to create educational products for the Web3 audience.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Don't get left behind, we're on a Mission. MVHQ members join us for our next Town Hall on November 13th @ 1PM EST and prepare for liftoff.

  • OxBotwin explores the latest decentralized social platform, Farcaster, in his latest article. Dive into the depths of social-fi and capture the recent trend that helped make Friendtech a resounding success. Time to be early on the next one, anon.



Thursday 11/9


It feels like it really might be time to say "We're back!". More ETF news came across the timeline as multiple entities signalled their confidence in an approval before January. Filings for a spot ETH ETF were also seemingly uncovered from BlackRock as they look to bring mainstream access to everyone's favorite crypto. All of this led to extremely volatile price action as BTC ran above $38k before quickly falling back down to Earth around the $36.5k range.


NFTs felt like they may have been more on the quiet side as gas skyrocketed all day. However, volume was again rock solid with Gordon Goner buying more grail PFPs and generative art. The bullishness was spreading as we saw some major sweeps including over $1 million dollars dropped on sweeping the Cryptopunk floor by a fresh wallet. This caused a quick 10% surge in the Punks floor (58E) while Mocaverse's (2.3E) 40% gain was the other clear winner. Marketplace volume took another significant jump to $23.5 million as ETH finally started to play catch up and ran all the way to $2100, to the delight of everyone who opened their Web3 wallets today.



  • GAMEE announced a a Web3 gaming tournament gated for NFT holders of their GameFest pass with prizes of $120,000 available to participants.

  • Polygon announced the revitalization of their Polygon Village program geared at offering grants for ecosystem growth and support to incoming projects and founders.

  • Immutable and gaming giant Ubisoft announced a partnership to foster and build a seamless Web3 gaming experience for the future.

  • A report emerged today suggesting BlackRock is soon set to propose a spot ETH ETF. This comes amid news of their thought to be impending spot BTC ETF being granted approval.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With BTC price action heating up, Ordinals and BRC-20s have enjoyed increased success the last few weeks. Thankfully, MVHQ member BTCAlchemist has all the alpha around what could be the next meta for BTC with Special Satoshis! Find out where you might be missing out on value in MVHQ's Field Reports channel today!



Weekend Recap 11/10-11/12

The marketplace was buzzing over the weekend as a new degen mint kept action hot and heavy. Sofa Maker minted out at 0.0115E and has proceeded to be a tour de force with floors reaching above 0.2E on over 1100E in volume. Reveal has yet to be officially announced. CryptoPunks also capped off a strong week with floors back above 60E, a 25% 7-day increase.The Goose also took flight as the famed NFT finally makes its long awaited transfer to Punk6529. Overall marketplace volume averaged $15M for the two-day weekend set, while ETH continues to settle above $2000.



  • Sothebys has officially transferred the famed "The Goose" over to Punk6529's SZN5 fund enitity. More details about the future of the $6.2M NFT will come in time.

  • VeeFriends unveils a thread detailing the team's accomplishments over the past 100 days.

  • Pixelmon partners up with Horizen Labs Ventures with a goal of ecosystem expansion and upcoming product devleopments..

  • Manifold introduces GET-PHYSICAL, a digital pop-up shop for physical goods. Users can create a product page and get physicals into hands of token holders with ease.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • We. Are. So. Back. Come join MVHQ for a community Town Hall on Monday @ 3PM EST as we unveil the 2nd version of our product Soft Launch with new partners and rewards!