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Weekly Recap: 1/16-1/22

MVHQ Staff
Jan 24, 2023
Weekly Recap: 1/16-1/22

Tuesday 1/17

Tuesday picked up right were Monday left off with degen mints ruling the day. New mints popped up left and right from Pepe Checks in the morning to Pecasso Fantasy at night with some Angry Apes sprinkled in to keep degen's heads on a swivel throughout the day.  This was all to occupy time as most waited for the Sewer Pass claim to go live for the Bored Ape Yacht Club's upcoming Dookey Dash game, which was sadly delayed. 


Despite the trepidation from traders, volume remained nearly identical to Monday's coming in at $32 million. The volume was split pretty evenly at the top with Blur and Opensea both sharing $11 million of the total each. This sustained volume was mostly thanks to 500 ETH traded by A Kid Called Beast and another 400 ETH traded by Jack Butcher's Checks. 



- Rug Radio announced they will be launching their "listen-to-earn" program tomorrow on their GM Web3 show. Listeners should be rewarded with some amount of $RUG token for participation. 

- Josie's Cyberbrokers announced the reveal for their mech part NFTs is now live. Holders can burn their mech part NFTs in exchange for revealed parts that will be used to construct full mech NFTs in February. 

- The pre-order for Nouns Comic #1 is now open for users in select country. This comic is officially produced by the Nouns DAO and is haled as the first mass-marketing publishing push for Nouns. 

- After pushing fairly late into the evening, Yuga Labs chose to postpone the mint of their Sewer Passes until tomorrow to ensure the mint will go off without a hitch. 


Wednesday 1/18

Yuga's Sewer Pass claim and Art Blocks Curated helped carry the day with massive volume and plenty of action across both collections. Tier 1 Sewer Passes dipped below 1.2E for a short time but have found their footing in the 1.4E range on steady volume throughout the day. Art Blocks Curated: The Harvest was a welcomed surprise as the collection was very well received across the NFT landscape. 


We closed today at $44 million across all NFT marketplaces, a noticeable spike in volume from yesterday's number. BLUR finished just above $18 million and with OpenSea nipping at its heels with a solid $15 million close itself. ETH continues to range in the $1550 area.


Don't forget to drop all your trade experiences in the #success and #failures channel so we can all celebrate and learn together!



- Azuki announces a partnership with Bilibili International and aims to explore "Web2 innovations in anime and media content." Bilibili is a leading video and social platform in China. 

- Yuga Labs opened its much anticipated Sewer Pass claim today after a brief delay. The 4-tiered pass system saw over 6700E in volume with Tier 1's currently holding a 1.48E floor and Tier 4's at 4.47E. Claim will remain open until February 8th. 

- Parallel introduces Starter Decks that contain 40 fully playable NFT cards and a strategy guide. There will be 45,000 total Starter Decks made available with m ore details coming closer to full game release on Coinbase NFT. 

- NFT Artist Beeple will be opening an Art Studio in Charleston, South Carolina in a mammoth 60,000+ square foot studio and gallery. 

Sorare shared major updates to its 2023 product roadmap including improved Manager progression and hints at future plans. 


Notable Mints:

- Art Blocks Curated: The Harvest by Per Kristian Stoveland sold out its 399 supply collection at a Dutch Auction price of 3.37E. The project has garnered much hype since its reveal, with numerous sales just below 10E.  The beautiful collection has seen nearly 1200E in volume with floors currently sitting at 5.4E. 


Thursday 1/19

Yuga Lab dominated the headlines once again as their Sewer Passes ripped overnight in both volume and floor price. Floor passes moved from 1.2E all the way to 2.3E at its height today. Yuga continued its tour de force with the release of Dookey Dash to positive acclaim from nearly all audiences. Sewer Passes managed to trade a wild 9000E in volume off of Yuga's big day with Kennels also seeing a mighty 2000E in volume traded. Not to be outdone, Hasbulla's second project minted and traded an impressive 1000E in volume on its mint day. 


The incredible surge of volume propelled markets to their highest day of activity in USD traded in over 3 months, coming in at a staggering $49 million. Blur and Opensea both reaped the rewards of the strong volume with a near identical $17 million traded a piece. ETH prices stayed mostly stable during the activity, closing the day at $1545. 



- Zed Run celebrated its 4th birthday today and is rewarding holders who race at least 4 times today with free commemorative skins. 

- Blur announced today that the $Blur token will officially launch on February 14, pushed back from their original plan at the end of January. Look forward to an exciting Valentine's Day for crypto Twitter this year! 

- In an interesting move that went under the radar, cryptocurrency payment company Moonpay acquired creative studio Nightshift to aid in their goal to onboard more users to web 3. 

- World of Women announced via a Medium article that they will be forming a Community Council formed by WoW and WoWG holders. This council will work to help develop the future of WoW together with the core team. 

- Yuga Labs hotly anticipated game, Dookey Dash, went live mid-afternoon causing degens all across web 3 to come down with a case of sweaty palms. Servers experienced heavy load but overall reaction was very positive with the market also reflecting this in Sewer Pass price action. 


Notable Mints:

- Hasbulla released his second collection, a 10k, generative, profile picture project in his likeness titled HasbullaNFT. The allowlist minted out very quickly in it's overallocated first phase. Secondary action was incendiary immediately post-sellout reaching as high as .19E before retracing and settling at .14E. HasbullaNFTs have traded an impressive 1000E with 3250 unique holders. 


Weekend Recap 1/20-1/22

It was a Dookey Dash weekend as Sewer Pass holders continued their race to the top with a score of over 500,000 fronting the leaderboards. Sewer Passes brought in a whopping 15K in volume over the past week, easily topping all other collections. There was also solid action across the marketplace as Proceed with Caution saw floors rise above 0.25E, the Ponzi NFTs touched the 0.15E range, new mint KPMachines held a firm 0.35E floor and recently minted Createra saw floors touch above 1.7E. The Pudgy Ecosystem also saw a nudge on the back of a few announcements. 


While Fridays volume numbers closed at a strong $36 million, the weekend cooled to a $28.5 million average between Saturday and Sunday. Opensea led the way in weekend transactions bringing in over $23 million to BLURs $18 million. ETH has been playing above $1600. 



- Memeland announces that Questing and Stage 1 of the Captainz reveal are now live.

Pudgy Penguins unveil a new soulbound token mechanic for all Pudgy Penguin subcommunities called "The Pudgy soulTransport." The team also teased a new "Expansion" in this tweet.

- Porsche announced details for its upcoming 911 NFT drop that boasts a 0.911 mint price and 7500 supply. 

- PROOF Collective and Grails Season I-III holders are all invited to the Season III artist reveal at the Danvas Art Studio in LA. 

- BLUR is now available on mobile app with a collection rankings page going live initially. Mobile trading and listing are to come next, according to the team.

- OpenSea announces an update that brings real-time data to collection pages such as spending, sales, and price changes. 

- Llamaverse announces Leadership changes and a new Community Council. 

- Mutant Hounds released updated lore for holders to speculate on. 

- aKIDcalledBEAST was unfortunately hacked on Friday and took over 24 hours for the team to recover the account.