Weekly Recap 1/2-1/8 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 1/2-1/8

MVHQ Staff
Jan 10, 2023
Weekly Recap 1/2-1/8

Monday 1/2

It was a good day to be wise, as big WizeDaddy took home the MVHQ MVP crown for the month of December! Congratulations to the King himself. Thank you for being a fantastic ambassador for MVHQ and providing our community with an amazing story of redemption and perseverance. You earned it and deserve it, sir! 

It was a relatively slow news day across the NFT landscape, with This Is Nouns providing the day's most notable cook. Potatoz continued to see heavy volume as floors hold well above 3E and recently minted Kubz saw its floors rise above 1E on consistent volume. 

Overall marketplace volume remained steady at a $ 22 million close, with BLUR continuing to lead the way at $11.5 million and Opensea just behind at $7 million. ETH continues to hang out with the homies in the $1200 range. 


- Doodles Founder, Poopie, teases Dooplicator functionality and ability to trade Doodle wearables https://twitter.com/poopie/status/1609943544206082049?s=20&t=Qn7uST42zfnMcOo2LpoVaQ

- Memeland once again reiterates details for its upcoming Captainz mint https://twitter.com/Memeland/status/1609968698416324608?s=20&t=O4AGtbURFH4HW7ufoVa2eA

- Sappy Seals airdropped all holders a Soulbound token to help commemorate the launch of their new Meme Machine. https://twitter.com/SappySealsNFT/status/1610084169706790912?s=20&t=4KxO-ANyQ8f7kCxErSna4w

Notable Mint:

- This is Nouns, an Open Edition collection from NounsDAO, closed its mint window this morning at a 0.05E mint price. The project saw heavy action all day with floors ripping above 0.2E and now currently sits in the .15E range.


Tuesday 1/3

As many prepared for tomorrow's highly anticipated Memeland Captainz mint, markets shared the same sentiment. Much of the day's discussion centered around Memeland as speculation ran rampant as they announced a snapshot of holders without releasing any further mint details. The biggest mover of the day was Memeland Potatoz tallying 850 ETH in volume as many attempted to play the flipping game around the snapshot. Beanz and Rekt Guy also had notably strong days with over 400 ETH volume a piece. 

Blur and Opensea closed the gap a bit today with $12 and $10 million in volume traded respectively for each platform. While down a bit from last week, we recorded the highest volume day in 2023 thus far with $27 million across all major marketplaces. Meanwhile ETH ended the day on a high note closing at $1250 after a hefty pump.


-Memeland announced today they successfully completed their snapshot of holders for the Captainz mint tomorrow. https://twitter.com/Memeland/status/1610232521895333888 

-Draftkings released an announcement regarding prizes and payouts for the newest season of Reignmakers UFC. More info can be found in their discord announcements. https://luckytrader.com/nft/draftkings-reignmakers-football/news/draft-kings-reveals-2023-plans-for-ufc-reignmakers-product

-In-development NFT card game, Parallel, has announced its 6th pack drop will be live on Saturday, Jan. 14 at 2 PM PST. https://twitter.com/ParallelTCG/status/1610356440224473088 

-Former CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried officially pled not guilty to all counts leveled against him earlier today. https://twitter.com/Blockworks_/status/1610352160151150598

-Holders of Kith Friends, the official collaboration between Invisible Friends and clothing brand Kith, will be able to claim an  exclusive physical merchandise package later in Q1. https://twitter.com/InvsbleFriends/status/1610325381264904194


Wednesday, 1/4

Make sure to give a big MVHQ Welcome to Julia Yan (@juliary), MVHQ's first Strategic Advisor! 

It was a slower news day as the marketplace prepared for Memelands highly anticipated Captainz mint. There was still good action in the marketplace as sentiment all around remained relatively bullish. Azuki had a strong spike today with over 3600E in volume and floors running towards 17E. Their companion collection, Beanz, also had a strong day amidst announcement speculation as the project closes in on a 2E floor. Lil Pudgies had another surge with floors running up into the .75E range and Moonbirds saw some influencer sweeps ignite a surge in floor price back above the 8.5E range. Overall market volume checked in jsut above $28.5 million as ETH continues to chill right around $1250. 


- Metaverse HQ announces Julia Yan, the Head of Growth at Tik Tok, as its first Strategic Advisor. Welcome to the community @julia! Make sure to give her a warm welcome! https://twitter.com/Metaverse_HQ/status/1610814658121793539?s=20&t=CYUIz-aOCj9T2KYngNeHLg

- A bug in Magic Edens contract allowed fake NFTs to be listed and sold on a verified collection. The issue has been resolved and refunds will be issued to all impacted. https://twitter.com/MagicEden/status/1610748516749705216?s=20&t=PcSAqGseYiX47rRkXYVwdQ

Notable Mints:

- Memeland held its much anticipated Captainz mint this morning and it went off without a hitch. The team started the day by sharing instructions and details regarding the mint. All participants were eligible to claim Treasure Mapz as a reward. Those not awarded a Captainz mint will be refunded in 2 days. https://twitter.com/Memeland/status/1610672539650646016?s=20&t=MhAfUFbPtewage8OeDqx0Q

- Artblocks Curated: The Field by Beervangeer sold out at a Dutch Auction price of 2.12E and currently sees its floor holding in the 1.6E range on 246E in volume. https://opensea.io/collection/the-field-by-beervangeer

- The Memes by 6529 announced its next meme-card and will feature the artist k-art. The drop sold out in under a minute at a .06529 mint price. https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x33fd426905f149f8376e227d0c9d3340aad17af1/49

- NETVVORK sold out its free mint and touched a 0.1E floor where it currently sits on almsot 150E in volume. https://blur.io/collection/netvvorkstate


Thursday 1/5

It was a momentous day as MVHQ opened its doors for the first time to new members with the opening of their 2023 Allowlist token mint! The mint came on quite the auspicious day as volume surged across the markets and a sense of bull market resonated with throughout the community. Beanz ripped for yet another day with just over 1000E traded as Goblintown, Otherdeeds, Friendship Bracelets and Valhalla all traded over 500E as well. 

The massive volume seen was represented in the markets with a total daily volume of $41 million, a very high mark in recent months. Blur led the way with $23 million as Opensea tallied $11 million themselves. This influx of volume was surely helped on by ETH continuing to range with little movement, ending the day at $1250. 


-Animoca Brands has announced that it's fundraising goals for 2023 have been reduced by half due to the fallout of the FTX collapse.  


-OnChain Monkeys announced an upcoming expansion to their ecosystem with the introduction of OCM Bots. These Bots will be utility-based NFTs and are said to be tied to rewards in their community. https://twitter.com/OnChainMonkey/status/1610808868665462785

-Poopie, the co-founder of Doodles, took to Twitter today to give specific clarity regarding Doodles 2. Holders who use their Dooplicator or Genesis Box will be given early Beta access via a slow rollout. Beta access for Doodles 2 will come in the form of a tradable Beta key. https://twitter.com/poopie/status/1610975664793960451 

Notable Mints: 

-Metaverse HQ opened Phase 1 of their allowlist of their 2023 token mint! We saw many new members join the MVHQ family as the community was buzzing with energy and lively discussion all day long. Phase 1 continues for 3 more days until transitioning into Phase 2. https://www.mvhq.io/mint-2023 


Weekend Recap 1/6-1/8

The recent volume surge continued into the weekend as we averaged over $35.3 million in marketplace transactions since Friday. While, the much anticipated Captainz mint stole most of the limelight, there was plenty of action across the NFT landscape to keep traders at bay.

Friendship Bracelets continued to run up above 0.6E, Terraforms by Mathcastles has seen its floor push above 4E, Mutant Hound Collars keeps pushing the pace with floors rising above 2E and ON1 Force saw a number of sweeps with floors rising above 1E for the first time in a long while. 

Blur continued to lead the way for marketplace volume with nearly $50 million in transactions over the three day period. Opensea followed behind, closing at $36.7 million. ETH is starting to give us the feels with prices pushing past the $1300 checkpoint. 


- Memeland airdropped all Captainz mints and refunded ETH to those that weren't so lucky. The weekend winner amassed over 6300E in transactions despite FUD regarding its steep 9% creator royalty.  The project saw initial floors rise above 7.5E before somewhat quickly teetering into its current 5.3E range. https://blur.io/collection/thecaptainz

- Gabriel Leydon exclaims that the Limit Break Super Bowl commercial will become the "biggest FREE NFT mint of all time," with the teams DigiDaigaku commercial. https://twitter.com/gabrielleydon/status/1612266241393295360?s=20&t=12rEwy4hkRyGhD0VUyIQUQ 

- Mastercard and Polygon have partnered up to launch a "web3-focused incubator to help artists." https://twitter.com/Fwiz/status/1611439766968635392?s=20&t=jFa8sjFfnUiK7CmdjbQ3SQ

- Kevin Rose announces that PROOF Collective has signed to United Talent Agency. https://twitter.com/kevinrose/status/1611498098173554688?s=20&t=ANz8Ghe8Ig8l872gr0cWGA

- National Geographic announces its first NFT collection called "GM: Daybreak Around the World" and showcases 16 photographers from different locations around the globe, including Justin Aversano. It will be hosted on Polygon with mint opening on 1/17. https://twitter.com/NatGeoPhotos/status/1611543151814103042?s=20&t=PaY4PLVmG38lq8El6JEHrQ

- Mintable and Moonpay are teaming up in an attempt to make NFT purchases more accessible while also looking to "strengthen the NFT ecosystem on IMX." https://twitter.com/mintable_app/status/1610968860898869248?s=20&t=Ze8YptRouNaUifShD6keMw

- Frank DeGods announces that his DeLabs incubator was recently given  a $3 million grant from Polygon. This comes as the outspoken Founder seeks to transition off of the Solana blockchain and has been addressing rumors of finanicial incentives to do so. https://twitter.com/frankdegods/status/1611399534470664193?s=20&t=jFa8sjFfnUiK7CmdjbQ3SQ

- OpenSea has unveiled a new sweeping feature that allows users to purchase up to 30 NFTs at once. https://twitter.com/opensea/status/1611472778733015048?s=20&t=r6_JkYHC5FUYUd-wW9dt6Q

- Opensea has also added support for Arbitrum Nova, a social and gaming chain on Arbitrum. https://twitter.com/opensea/status/1611486589087109124?s=20&t=PaY4PLVmG38lq8El6JEHrQ

- The Memes by 6529 dropped Meme Card #50 called Crypto Daydreams from artist Artur Falcão.  The meme was notable because it is the first to showcase Ethereum Founder, Vitalik Buterin and also features an AR component. Punk6529 also released the schedule for a few upcoming drops.  https://twitter.com/punk6529/status/1611357056434409473?s=20&t=TjnRadl7YiFpi5VHGhcjcg; https://twitter.com/punk6529/status/1611445602575085568?s=20&t=Ze8YptRouNaUifShD6keMw

- Wolf Game released a patch for a variety of items, including a recent Farmer Bug. https://twitter.com/wolfdotgame/status/1611387249626853377?s=20&t=jFa8sjFfnUiK7CmdjbQ3SQ

- Ghxsts announced an Open Edition mint on Manifold that was open for 10 minutes called Cxlxr Wheel.  The collection costed 0.1E and saw nearly 8000 mints. https://twitter.com/Ghxsts/status/1612119992308301824?s=20&t=BNyF4y52bYQQe9xP23EUAA

- VeeFriends provided a 2023 roadmap update. https://twitter.com/veefriends/status/1611791223844397056?s=20&t=5Kge-ZACjSULAxou_2wD1A

- Pixelmon detailed its "Right-of-Game" incentive mechanism. https://twitter.com/Pixelmon/status/1611395683445051393?s=20&t=j3azPACL22LDOSc8f8rERA