Weekly Recap 12/12-12/18 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 12/12-12/18

MVHQ Staff
Dec 19, 2022
Weekly Recap 12/12-12/18

12/12 Monday


While the pace of news items and fresh mints slowed a bit to start the week, volume remained healthy as green lit up many floors across the marketplace. Valhalla saw a steady rise with a 32% spike and floors jumping over 1E on over 1100E in volume. Rektguy also touched the 1E mark on over 250E volume, while Cockpunch regained some steam with a 17% jump and floors holding in the 0.7E range. 


Overall marketplace volume checked in at a healthy $25 million and while that is a substantial dip from this weekends local highs, its still a welcomed number above recent bear daily closes. BLUR once again led the way with over $14.5 million in transactions with Opensea coming in just over the $7 million mark. ETH continues to hold firm above the $1250 mark. 




-RTFKT opened its Cryptokicks iRL forging event for Lace Engine holders. Forging window for holders will remain open until 12/14 at 8AM EST with prices ranging from 0.36E to 0.8E. https://twitter.com/RTFKT/status/1602330956383256578?s=20&t=NK8wJaWtDSDZ5hpbdXIRvQ


-The Cockpunch team unveiled its plans for an upcoming podcast set to roll out over the course of this week, with 4 episodes to drop on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The podcasts will discuss lore of the project and the fiction writing process in its first episode. https://twitter.com/cockpunch/status/1602392627311149056?s=20&t=ELT7Jz5gjmgcYgQ6Hj2HUg


-Evan Luza, most commonly known as Elu and co-founder of Cool Cats, announces that he will be stepping back into an advisory role for the project and away from day to day operations. https://twitter.com/evanluza/status/1602383766785228806?s=20&t=lGixW_GLwbhl_CtYM68CrA


-Illuvium launches its latest game called Overworld on the IMX blockchain. The game is in private beta and will be open to 30,000 participants. https://twitter.com/illuviumio/status/1602377750916091904?s=20&t=ylupD4_VxKfFweGZl0Zt4w


-OSF, the creator of Rektguy, will follow through on a promise of getting a tattoo of the project after it hit a 1E floor. https://twitter.com/osf_nft/status/1602455991387299847?s=20&t=SdwlDg8ySwILme-R2lZ3FQ


-Tessera, a site that allows members to own and govern NFTs together, announces a new $APE staking vault that allows for passive compounding rewards. https://twitter.com/tessera/status/1602408282378932264?s=20&t=Uy_-tBGNV4Y1xnL0nx6NbQ


-Moonbirds tease a video for a surprise to come on 12/15. The video has caught some eyes by resembling an image that looks to be an XCOPY logo. https://twitter.com/moonbirds/status/1602457830941814784?s=20&t=3_CKUrTQOievj_eJjeJY0g


Tuesday 12/13


It was a slow news day for NFT's but that didn't stop the volume from pouring into the marketplace for the fourth consecutive day. Valhalla once again pushed the pace with floors now holding in the 1.5E range on over 1700E in transactions. JUUNI also found its footing with a 38% rip upwards to the 0.45E range and KPR regained some traction with a 47% bump and floors poking above the 0.25E range. Cockpunch also surged upwards with floors headed towards 1E, seeing nearly a 50% spike in price. 


BLUR continues to outpace its competition in the volume department, bringing in over $19 million on the day, while Opensea closed just under $8 million. Total marketplace transactions came in at $31.7 million, nearly a 25% increase over yesterdays close. ETH also wanted to play nice and spiked above $1300. 




-Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested in the Bahamas, taken into custody and denied bail. He is reported to face eight charges filed by the US Department of Justice, which include money laundering, wire fraud and securities fraud with possible extradition in the near future. https://twitter.com/business/status/1602857917379649537?s=20&t=yt55jfzTWbufmEpJLWYXvg


-It is being reported that Canada has unveiled new guidelines and restrictions on leverage and margin trading. https://twitter.com/unusual_whales/status/1602672989212127232?s=20&t=yt55jfzTWbufmEpJLWYXvg


-OSF announces that 20% of future profits from the Rektguy collection will go to funding a vault associated with the collection. https://twitter.com/osf_nft/status/1602687659641536512?s=20&t=WGLUg-TBj8a1Z94SWE8DZQ. OSF also followed through on his promise to get a Rektguy tattoo once the project hit a 1E floor. https://twitter.com/osf_nft/status/1602676026605281280?s=20&t=xdrJM9Jvcg5NRcNd8NRL9Q


-Veefriends announces a partnership with the Day One community. The collaboration will give holders of specific S1 Veefriends NFTs access to Vaynerx leadership campaigns and bootcamps. 


Wednesday 12/14

Wednesday came and went with little fanfare in the news outside of one or two headlines grabbing attention. Paypal announced a partnership with Metamask allowing users to fund their crypto wallet directly with fiat, hopefully easing the onboarding of new users to Web3. Yuga Labs also took to Twitter to announce a bug bounty system for any individuals savvy enough to crack the code of their contracts. 


The light news day did not stop NFT volume from rising on the back of a strong Tuesday though! Floors saw a sizable retrace across the space, but volume still poured in during these dips. Valhalla (1.2E, 900E vol.), Otherdeeds (1.26E, 500E vol.), and MNTGE Pass (.58E, 500E vol.) all had stellar days in the volume department accounting for almost 2000 ETH in the market's volume by themselves. Major secondary marketplaces amassed a solid $35 million in volume today with Blur leading the way yet again with $23 million of that. ETH meanwhile moved up and then back down again as traders played the FOMC news only for ETHJ to end the day close to where it started at $1290. 




-Paypal and Metamask have teamed up to to allow users to buy $ETH and other cryptocurrencies directly through Paypal. Users can fund a wallet with fiat via Paypal with access being rolled out beginning soon. https://twitter.com/MetaMask/status/1603087496182743040?s=20&t=J6WloainM_yTphyCkGe5qw


-Yuga Labs announced today the activation of a Bug Bounty program.  This program would award up to $50,000 for anyone who successfully identifies and submits smart contract bugs. https://twitter.com/yugalabs/status/1603117766994690050?s=20&t=MX7DZQfZoPF_fopiTxZIYA


-Amidst much confusion, Blur tweeted an article today clarifying the mechanics of Airdrop 3. The article outlines how points and loyalty are awarded for the final airdrop among other details. https://twitter.com/blur_io/status/1603108928472186882?s=20&t=niGvGjPiuwRNNH-Chewtgw


-Gabe Leydon of Limit Break and Digidaigaku fame announced today that Limit Break NFTs will be implementing a new system called Community Royalties in the near future. This would allow past collectors of the NFT to receive royalties in perpetuity whenever it is sold. https://twitter.com/gabrielleydon/status/1603084183261544448?s=20&t=hQgHo9QwkQ8v3GEOXZdxbQ 


Notable Mints:


-Art Blocks Curated released their final mint of 2022, Dipolar by Junia Farquhar. The dutch auction began at 15 ETH, decreasing until all 256 NFTs minted out at 1.9 ETH. Initially salesd were just above mint price for a few minutes but selling pressure quickly mounted with most sales going below mint price. The collection has traded 210 ETH in volume, with a massive 6 ETH sale going to our very own @washedkev, congrats dude! The floor now sits at 1.5 ETH with 187 unique holders and an unfortunate 50% listed on secondary. <https://artacle.io/project/dipolar> 


Thursday 12/15


NFT volume continues to show signs of life even with a majority of collections seeing pull backs on their floors. Mutant Hound Collars from the Mutant Cartel (.32E, 420E vol.) and Valhalla (1E, 400E vol.) were the top movers of the market. Out of the blue, Donald Trump Trading Cards (.08E) saw an influx of trading on the Polygon network to the tune of 350 ETH. 


Blur continued to win the marketplace wars with a solid $30 million as Opensea came in second with $17 million on the day. Major marketplaces combined for $53 million while ETH continued to tumble before ending the day at $1265. 




-The Sandbox and OpenZeppelin have partnered together to bolster security within their smart contracts amidst the ongoing hacks and scams prevalent in the space. https://twitter.com/TheSandboxGame/status/1603389423202304004?s=20&t=10I9pdLh-pA1MuBd3R0HcA 

-In an unexpected move, Donald Trump released a series of NFT trading cards on Polygon. Cards are $100 each with a totaly supply of 45K. https://twitter.com/Blockworks_/status/1603422133236932609?s=20&t=sDOFqIO9KAdRPL8kLkvsGQ 

-Metaverse gaming giant, Animoca Brands, has announced its own generative PFP collection, called Mocaverse. The minting will only be available for "friends and family" according to Animoca who was scant with other details. https://twitter.com/animocabrands/status/1603289244331548673?s=20&t=gLaA8O7pbJpI-M1aoEbwDg

-Opensea has partnered with Ledger to allow users to connect their Ledger directly to Opensea to transact, bypassing the Metamask popups that slow down user transaction execution. https://twitter.com/Ledger/status/1603445171877822466?s=20&t=Ual8vF_8AeIK6Oksk3aMiA

-Moonbirds and Xcopy announced a collaboration earlier this morning where users who hold both a Bird and a Max Pain NFT are able to change the background of their Moonbird to a new and unique Xcopy styled trait. This is a first of its kind innovation made possible by Moonbirds' "in-chain" functionality. https://twitter.com/moonbirds/status/1603457713022697472?s=20&t=qkBDU5fVLhb-xBmCoKcshg  


Weekend Recap 12/16-12/18


Healthy volume continued to sustain as a combination of Trump and other notable figure NFTs flooded the marketplace in a scene that was akin to the 'ol Simp Meta of months past.   To help push the pace, Mutant Hound Collars sold out and saw over 1500E in volume. Cool Cats have seen a nice surge in volume with floors now above 2.75E. Wolf Game also sprung back to life with the conclusion of its Alpha Game as holders prepare for the full game launch. 


The weekend totaled just under $50 million in volume with both Saturday and Sunday showing steady closes in the $25 million range. BLUR continues to set the standard, outpacing Opensea transactions by over 50% as its bid reward system keeps floors afloat. ETH took a Friday tumble below $1200 and is currently playing in the $1180 range. 




- Amazon unveils a new series called "NFTMe' that aims to explore the "culture and disruption of NFTs" in six 30 minute episodes. https://twitter.com/Cointelegraph/status/1604534717554229249?s=20&t=s1gUuZHMzb4F7IYYMhOXkw


- Cool Cats announced a snapshot for holders of their Cool Cats FC NFTs today with rewards set to be claimable on 12/20 @ 12PM EST. https://twitter.com/CoolCatsFC/status/1604479390267719681?s=20&t=s1gUuZHMzb4F7IYYMhOXkw


Memes by 6529 completed Season 1 by selling out the 47th meme of its collection with a card featuring the work of XCOPY.  Holders of Season 1 cards will have minting utility in Season 2. https://twitter.com/punk6529/status/1603843678681894925?s=20&t=H3PoF7KJlGeewfDhK7AADg


- Wolf Game wrapped up is Alpha Game with @gmoneyNFT being crowned the top Alpha in preparation for the upcoming full game release. Part 1 of the Wolfpaper is now live. https://twitter.com/wolfdotgame/status/1603952263411961857?s=20&t=mzSFNSGZKOCUFJX1Q3Q6vg


- Coinbase NFT launched a digital greeting card collection in a collaboration with Warner BRos NFT and DAZ 3D. https://twitter.com/Coinbase_NFT/status/1603890777788071936?s=20&t=mzSFNSGZKOCUFJX1Q3Q6vg


- The Clone Machine for Gutter Dog upgrades is now open. Holders need to burn one D1 Gutter Dog Clone and one D2 DNA Gutter Juice. https://twitter.com/GutterCatGang/status/1603862592786554881?s=20&t=IsYuPed9cnA-Q0dUR2R61Q


Notable Mints:


- Mutant Hound Collars sold out their 10,000 supply at a 0.25E mint price. Floors ran towards 0.7E on heavy volume after minting out and currently sit in the 0.55E range on over 1500E total volume. https://blur.io/collection/mutant-hound-collars