Weekly Recap 12/18-12/24 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 12/18-12/24

MVHQ Staff
Dec 26, 2023
Weekly Recap 12/18-12/24

Monday 12/18


It was a hot Solana start to the week as Solana Punks came to life with the .15 SOL mint currently trending above a 2.5 SOL floor on over 7.2K in volume. Over on ETH, Overworld set the pace with nearly a 15% 24-hour gain and floors touching above 2.5E, while Pudgy Penguins saw nearly a 10% pop back above a 10E floor. Liquidity was also flowing out to the broader crypto marketplace as every Top 10 coin was in the green on the day, led by Solana's 8% gain.


Overall ETH NFT marketplace volume closed the day at $18.2M, with ETH sitting pretty in the $2250 range.



  • Overworld co-Founder Jeremy Horn responds to community concerns regarding its recent drop, most notably those who had Whitelist but were unable to mint or lost gas. Those that were unable to get through have been promised additional value via game bonuses and rewards. The team also went on to announce a partnership with Horizen Labs.

  • Solana Saga phones have been re-selling for upwards of $5k on eBay amid airdrop and partnership speculation.

  • Zynga launches its newest gaming initiative called All Time Heights, now open to play for all staked Sugartown Ora holders.

  • Gordon Goner continued his recent spending spree by taking a dip into Solana with a new BoDoggos purchase, causing floors to run as high as 16 SOL.


MVHQ Spotlight:

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Tuesday 12/19


We're back. It's been whispered more and more in recent weeks but the action today felt like pure unadulterated bull market. Degen mints and shitcoins were ripping, obscure chains turned people into millionaires, and the next great punk derivative burst onto the scene. This action was headlined again on Solana as Solana Punks soared to new all time-highs even jumping above a 4 SOL floor at times, riding quite high from its .15 SOL mint just a few short days ago.


Markets were abuzz on just about every blockchain and marketplace imaginable. Well, except for Cardano. Ethereum, Solana, and Bitcoin all had very strong days where ETH actually traded the least at $17 million as SOL and BTC marketplaces both traded over $20 million each! Users are clearly flush with cash and ready to loosen the pursestrings this holiday season. ETH closed the day just above $2200.



  • Improbable, famous for formerly working with Yuga to build out parts of The Otherside, announced they have sold their gaming arm for a reported $97 million to Keywords Studio.

  • Web3 wallet platform, Frame, announced the imminent launch of their $FRAME token based on volume and transaction history of other wallets. The token will not be tradable until January 31, 2024.

  • Wynd Network, the company behind the Grass app, announced a raise of $3.5 million as it looks to build out its blockchain AI models.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • With new tokens and NFTs launching daily it can be hard to keep an eye on projects from the past. Thankfully, HanzTheHuman has his eyes peeled, catching $BELLS token from the founder of Dogecoin! For all the alpha on where to find it check out the Field Reports channel in MVHQ today!


Wednesday 12/20


While it was a relatively slow news day, the broader crypto market continued to show strong signs of life. All the top coins lit up green with another aggressive run from Solana, up another 13% to $86. Solmaps were the cook of the day as the 0.094 SOL mint price ran above 0.70 SOL on over 38K SOL in volume, an impressive number. Over on ETH it was mostly stagnant with Poglin showing most signs of life with a 30% gain and floors up to 0.24E. Overall ETH marketplace volume closed just under $17M with ETH still treading above $2200.



  • Immutable unveils a new tool called Immutable Passport, which gives users a more streamlined approach to Web3 gaming sign ups and profiles

  • Phantom Wallet announces new support for Bitcoin, Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

  • Axie Infinity introduces a new deflationary mechanic called Part evolution, which requires burned $AXS in order to transform an Axies abilities and appearance.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Metaverse Headquarters (MVHQ) announces that the current 2023 token will continue to be valid for the next few months with more details to come. The team also announces that token supply will not increase and the 2023 token will serve as a Whitelist to our 2024 mint (and potentially more). Stay tuned for everything we have cooking up in 2024!


Thursday 12/21


Web3 enjoyed a more tame day for a change as news seemed to slow down ever so slightly, unless your name is Solana of course. $SOL rose a staggering 18% before bouncing off $100 with many of its memecoins following suit, led by $WIF the hat wearing dog. As prices retraced on a majority of collections Farm Land by Pixels (1.95E) found a way to defy the market and put in another +14% day. ETH marketplaces were able to trade over $21 million while SOL and BTC marketplaces each traded over $25 million in volume! ETH prices hovered around $2250 to close the day as ETH still couldn't keep up with positive moves made by other major tokens.



  • Electronics manufacturer, LG, is entering Web3 as they equip their latest TVs with Web3 apps, beginning with Anipang Match.

  • Magic Eden launched their Solmap collection, similar to Bitmaps on BTC, it is a way to represent blockspace ownership on Solana with a community-centric approach.

  • A court has ordered for the freezing of assets of 3 Arrows Capital's founders, Su Zhu and Kyle Davies worth over $1 billion.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Disney has made the official leap into Web3 NFTs with Disney Pinnacle, which had their first drop this week! If you haven't gotten access or want to know what the project is all about then check out 6MIL's Field Report on the platform and how to best get started finding success in the happiest platform on Earth!