Weekly Recap 12/19-12/25 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 12/19-12/25

MVHQ Staff
Dec 26, 2022
Weekly Recap  12/19-12/25

Monday 12/19


A handful of notable headlines help capture the attention of many as Yuga Labs, Doodles and RTFKT made notable announcements today. Wolf Game also saw substantial action across its ecosystem as the team released it's next Woolpaper update. Recently minted Yaypegs caught some traction as well as floors touched above 0.05E on nearly 200E in 24hr volume. 


There was a slight dip in overall marketplace volume as we closed under the $20 million mark for the first time in 9 days. BLUR continues to lead the way by bringing in over $10.3 million in transactions with Opensea finishing just over the $6 million mark. 




- Yuga Labs names former Activision Blizzard COO and President, Daniel Alegre, as its new CEO. The power move seemingly aligns with Yuga's metaverse vision as it proceeds to expand upon the Otherside universe. Former CEO, Nicole Muniz, will remain with the company as a partner and advisor. https://twitter.com/yugalabs/status/1604825671305662464?s=20&t=OP4HEgiVrK8c7Nbcrt7INA


- Doodles co-founder, Jordan "Poopie" Castro made a welcomed discord announcement regarding the projects roadmap, upcoming utility for Dooplicators and Doodle Boxes and the Beta for Doodles 2. Dooplicators are set to reveal in January, in which they will create Doodles 2, with the Genesis Boxes set to accessorize them. The full message can be found in the Doodles Discord server: https://discord.com/channels/870127360127696896/947534727060021269/1054128194841739294; Dooplicator tease tweet: https://twitter.com/doodles/status/1604905139550433280?s=20&t=hKSV0gLRM58GuKL--vyepA


- RTFKT announces a partnership with Division Street that aims to support student athletes at the University of Oregon.  The collab will drop 291 AR helmet NFTs and teased the project with a video that includes Nike founder Phil Knight. All proceeds from the drop will be donated to Division Street. The public raffle is set to take place on 12/20 @ 10:30 AM EST. https://twitter.com/RTFKT/status/1604883298882404353?s=20&t=bqxi4S3An3de1j-tKts34A


- Wolf Game released the next iteration of its whitepaper called Woolpaper Part 2: Game Mechanics. https://twitter.com/wolfdotgame/status/1605052039175757830?s=20&t=O4wvcH9ZKyhQpEZrXQQN5g


- Polygon and web3 Neo-Bank, hi, have partnered up to create a customizable NFT Debit Mastercard that allows for user chosen designs and images. https://twitter.com/hi_com_official/status/1604856804667985921?s=20&t=vS07yQ_Ms3AKfM0Fcp-2Bg


- Binance.US announces the purchase of Voyager Digital's assets in an attempt to return user funds back to them. https://twitter.com/BinanceUS/status/1605045392403402752?s=20&t=vS07yQ_Ms3AKfM0Fcp-2Bg


- The brother of former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Jo Johnson,  has resigned from an advisory role with Binance. https://twitter.com/WatcherGuru/status/1604894885907206201?s=20&t=XVTQv8Fy28bDRHHVy4n2QQ



Tuesday 12/20


What looked to be a quiet Tuesday drifting into the holidays turned out to be anything but when Yuga Labs turned the scene on its head with the announcement of start to the Jimmy the Monkey Trials. The BAYC team revealed a great deal on Twitter including a planned January mint for BAYC/MAYC holders and an expansive storyline that will span the 2023 year. 


Yuga's surprise tweet triggered a massive flood of volume for itss assets, specifically, Bored Ape Kennel Club. BAKC surged with nearly 3700E in volume as the floor pumped nearly 2E to a near 9E floor. This volume spike helped to cement another positive day across the markets with Blur having a dominant $20 million day as Opensea played catch up with $8 million themselves. Major marketplaces accounted for $32 million in total as ETH saw a slight relief pump to $1210. 




-OnChainMonkey announced today a partnership with The Sandbox to provide playable in-game avatars to NFT holders. These avatars will exist alongside the plot of Sandbox land also purchased and developed by OCM. https://twitter.com/OnChainMonkey/status/1604919943547523072


-Uniswap has partnered with Moonpay in an attempt to introduce fiat onramps to their defi platform. The service would aim to let users swap tokens with debit, credit cards, or bank accounts. https://blockworks.co/news/uniswap-moonpay-fiat-defi


-RTFKT's AR Helmet raffle went live today for holders of Clone X or Flying formation NFTs. 10 helmets will feature the signature of Phil Knight. https://twitter.com/RTFKT/status/1605225904346607616


-Founder of Degods and y00ts, Frank, hinted at a big reveal happening on Christmas day for the projects including roadmap updates and the explanation of their new points and staking systems. 



-Yuga Labs lit the NFT world on fire with a Twitter thread on the Trial of Jimmy of the Monkey, which officially begins tomorrow. Within the announcement was the reveal of a free, interactive minting experience coming in January for BAYC and MAYC holders, with Kennels also playing into the equation in an interesting way. https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC/status/1605329790260903936


Wednesday 12/21




It was another big news day for the Yuga ecosystem as a "Trial" teaser video was unveiled, Kennels collect royalties once again and Meebits find themselves in the recording studio. BAKC saw another day of heavy volume with over 2800E in transactions and floors holding steady in the 8.3E range. Mutant Hound Collars also saw a little bump today and now hold a 0.63E floor, while Friendship Bracelets saw a nice spike to 0.32E. 


Overall volume was very strong in the marketplace on the day as we closed over $31 million, a 60% increase from yesterday's number. BLUR brought in over $16 million and Opensea finished at $8.5 million. ETH stayed steady in the $1200 range. 


- BAYC teased the upcoming "Trial of Jimmy the Monkey" with a short video and launched a new website dedicated to the event. https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC/status/1605721215305490433?s=20&t=yqymiygRSCR3JldsPBCq8w


Yuga Labs has turned royalties for all Kennel Club transactions back on and will now collect them at a 2.5% clip. According to a tweet from founder @gordongoner, the aim will be to develop more "cool shit" for the Doggos in the future. https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC/status/1605595337288085504?s=20&t=yh3EFAULdyKDzde2G0aPzQ


- Meebits and WarpSound have come together to release a music album now available across all major streaming platforms. The album entitled "Meebits Turn On," contains 22 tracks and also includes an available claim for all holders. https://twitter.com/MeebitsNFTs/status/1605612113249964035?s=20&t=HX-wvoSURJ8mX86reT0Pxg 


- BLUR has recalculated its Airdrop 2 Care Package totals and also extended the claim period until January 3rd. Users are encouraged to check for additional boxes after the team adjusted their wash trading filters that limited the initial airdrop attempt. https://twitter.com/blur_io/status/1605679101230034944?s=20&t=OP4HEgiVrK8c7Nbcrt7INA


OpenSea announced a new Drops product that is set to launch soon and opened up a form for interested creators to request early access. https://twitter.com/opensea/status/1605686766656114688?s=20&t=Y39V8FvLVk-ea4Qp16Cv7w


- Lamina1, an L1 blockchain focused on Metaverse development, announced a new Ecosystem Fund aimed at allowing investors to "gain access to early-stage Open Metaverse ventures, while providing creators a vehicle for raising capital pre-launch." https://twitter.com/Lamina1official/status/1605627856595271680?s=20&t=zPcE8E0Lq9PHy0qqSLJ17A


Thursday 12/22


The stage was set for Thursday to roll right into Friday and the holiday weekend with little to no fanfare until Yuga Labs busted down the door for the second time in a week. The Otherside Twitter account posted a new, minute-long trailer with Curtis, a Koda, and an in-game avatar exploring what looked like the deserted wastelands type of environment.


Naturally this sparked a huge amount of volume on Otherdeeds to the tune of 2500 ETH and was the primary mover in the market. Likewise, Mutant Hound Collars also had a particularly strong day with 1000 ETH in secondary volume itself to boast about. Blur was again the commanding leader in marketplace volume today with clocking in at nearly $17 million, while Opensea lagged behind with $8 million in its own market. All major marketplaces totaled about $28 million, slightly down from our uptrend, with ETH also experiencing a pump to $1220. 




-The darling of NFT and Crypto Twitter, Wolf Game, finally went live this morning after a year of the V1 game being paused. This follows the release of the Woolpaper two days ago shedding light on the advanced mechanics and economy in play. https://twitter.com/wolfdotgame/status/1605926077099954176?s=20&t=k1-eIGtyG1vpNuY5grwLDw


-Former head of FTX and Alameda, Sam Bankman-Fried, was announced to be released on a $250 million bail. https://twitter.com/Blockworks_/status/1605999590833983490?s=20&t=tGoAgdtmJ_ZghcFXxvYWaQ


-Popular NFT fantasy football game Reignmakers released a large update centered on the playoffs and 2023 season. The roadmap of sorts outlined contests and prizes for each round of the playoffs as well as addressed how 2022-season cards will be used in future seasons as well as being burned for new season cards. https://twitter.com/DKReignmakers/status/1606024229480169473?s=20&t=r9oFgBrcc1XfwCfZWrwUeg


-The Pixel Vault and Punks Comics team issued an announcement clarifying the future of the franchise. The team's Medium article spoke on their planned PFPs, future comic releases, and several burns that will take place to accommodate these new assets entering the ecosystem. https://medium.com/@punkscomic/an-update-on-punks-comic-5412fdc8d3ee  


-Hot on the heels of their Dooplicator announcement, Doodles today revealed that Genesis Boxes will be able to be opened in February 2023. The tweet shares a short video showcasing Doodles being dressed in many different clothes with the ability to collect, dress, and trade these wearables.  https://twitter.com/doodles/status/1606006742609186816


-Yuga Labs again steals the show late in the day with a tweet from the Otherside account with a new trailer and details of the next trip to the Otherside, taking place March 2023. https://twitter.com/OthersideMeta/status/1606063555823878144?s=20&t=eupzl4eN_musWW6p1d9YhA


Weekend Recap 12/23-12/25


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to the entire MVHQ family! Hope everyone had a chance to spend some time with some loved ones or just took a moment to hit the reset button a little bit. While volume expectedly slowed into the Holiday weekend, there was still a surge of action across the marketplace. Pudgy Penguins continued their recent tear with floors ripping above 5E as the entire ecosystem stays hot. Beanz saw a nice spike in activity with floors holding above 1.25E on over 1700E 7D Volume. Recent mint, YayPegs, ran up above 0.2E on heavy volume and now sits in the .15E range. New mint ETH Gobblers also saw Sunday success with a floor run above 0.3E on nearly 700E in volume. 


Marketplace volume saw a slight dip but remained overall healthy even with the Holiday weekend. We closed over $49 million in total volume for the two-day stretch, with BLUR leading the way with $29 million in transactions. ETH continues to hold steady above the $1200 range. 




- Frank DeGods announced that y00ts, DeGods, and the ecosystem token $DUST, will make the move away from the Solana blockchain. DeGods will be moving to Ethereum, y00ts will transition to Polygon and $DUST can be found on both ETH and Polygon.  The transition is expected to take place at the end of Q1 2023 with holder details yet to be announced. https://twitter.com/frankdegods/status/1607155074224250881?s=20&t=7ebLjc3rCF0U6DGB7U1_-g


Luca Netz, founder of Pudgy Penguins, releases a short video including footage from the acquisition of the project and other behind-the-scenes conversations with the team. The new YouTube series is called Building in Public and lends to the company's theme of transparency. https://twitter.com/LucaNetz/status/1606468102451068929?s=20&t=XNXjxPuVN0WJaKt7jWCUGA


- RTFKT announces Pod burning will go live in January in an event that will be "key for RTFKT's lore and our 2023 Roadmap." https://twitter.com/benitopagotto/status/1606375562234236933?s=20&t=2QeIvYzXpGgeNyuXAQRPcg


- SquiggleDAO minted 17 new Chromie Squiggles, bringing the supply total to 9733/10000. https://twitter.com/squiggleDAO/status/1606519727509360645?s=20&t=kx2t9WEZ-MmD5XxZJX2Gxg


- Popular password manager, LastPass, had a major data breach that led to a variety of compromised crypto wallets. https://twitter.com/LastPass/status/1598047380305104896?s=20&t=ZuNm13KgGfIpAGgE99PwAg