Weekly Recap 1/22-1/28 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 1/22-1/28

MVHQ Staff
Jan 29, 2024
Weekly Recap 1/22-1/28

Monday 1/22


It was once again choppy waters across crypto with the majority of leading tokens bleeding red on the day. Over on SOL, Magic Tickets from Magic Eden saw over 10K SOL in volume amid speculation about their partnership with upstart Non-Fungible DAO. A rotation into ETH NFTs continued to intrigue with collections like Doodles (+23%), Cool Cats (+14%) and Meebits (+17%) seeing notable floor activity. Overall marketplace volume on ETH finished with a $24.4M close capping an unspectacular start to the week. With the slight dip in prices across the board, ETH fell to the $2300 range while BTC touched $39.6K and SOL under $83.



  • Honda and Animoca Brands subsidiary, Darewise Entertainment, announce a strategic partnership that will showcase vehicle gameplay for its upcoming game, Life Beyond.

  • Non-Fungible DAO, a community-owned, decentralized organization, unveiled its mission to "develop and drive adoption of the protocols that will power the future of NFT finance," and will be governed by a new $NFT token. Magic Eden will be open-sourcing all of its NFT trading and minting protocols to Non-Fungible DAO.

  • ON1 Force is headed to BTC with a new cross-chain storytelling experience

  • A Genesis Quantum Cat made history with the largest Ordinals sale on Sothebys ever after one sold for 6.3 BTC or just over $250,000!

  • Heroes of Mavia announce their upcoming token launch will take place on February 6th, with exchanges and listing partners to be announced "in the coming days."


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • MVHQ's Alpha Launch 3 is set to go live tomorrow, Tuesday, January 23rd at 1PM EST! The gang goes cross-chain with more missions set to take flight followed by a community Town Hall at 3PM EST, only inside MVHQ!



Tuesday 1/23


It was a momentous day inside MVHQ as the team peeled back the curtain on the road ahead. We were not the only platform to announce updates as Magic Eden joined in on the points craze to reward their own users with presumably some form of future token. Outside of the Mission launches and airdrop farming, NFT collections saw more red than green today. Doodles (2.36E) and Cool Cats (1.09E) saw some of the largest pullbacks at -17% each after their flurry of recent sweeps. ETH marketplace volume remained nearly identical to yesterday's coming in at $24 million with Azuki making up the lion's share of that. ETH itself closed the day at $2220, showing similar weakness seen in much of the crypto sphere.



  • Metaverse HQ held a Town Hall coinciding with Alpha Launch of the MVHQ App, where details were given on future updates, early investment opportunities, and even some alpha on a future allowlist secured for members.

  • Magic Eden officially announced the impending launch of their new cross-chain rewards program, which comes after yesterday's announcement concerning the launch of an $NFT token.

  • The Anime Foundation announced their plans to expand the anime culture via their $MANGA token and partnerships with Animoca Brands and San FranTokyo.

  • Animoca was also announced to have invested in the iCandy game Snaky Cat, set to launch on the Base blockchain by Coinbase.

  • Endless Clouds, the studio behind anticipated Web3 games such as Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, announced their intention to launch on the Immutable zkEVM platform.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Did you miss the Town Hall in Discord today? Catch up on all the action and announcements brimming with alpha by listening to the recording found in the Video Content section in MVHQ today!



Wednesday 1/24


NFT action remained steady for our midweek report as ETH, SOL, and BTC marketplaces saw solid floor movement. Doodles continued their upward surge with another 18% gain on the day and floors back to 2.8E. Kanpai Pandas also gained 19% on over 240E in volume. Over on Solana, Rubber saw its prices rocket above 13 SOL on over 6500 SOL 24H volume, and on Bitcoin, RSIC Metaprotocol brought in another strong 44 BTC in volume and its floor price up to 0.046 BTC. Overall marketplace volume remained lighter as ETH closed with just $18.8M in daily transactions. BTC and SOL finished just above $7M each, respectively.



  • Solana Labs introduces token extensions that are aimed to "empower developers to rapidly build customized token experiences and designed to meet business compliance needs. Thirteen extensions are live now.

  • Tensor unveils a new feature allowing for the longing and shorting NFTs called "Price Lock."

  • Friend.tech teases a v2 with a haiku.

  • Friends with Benefits announces a $3M seed round on the back of a16z Crypto after introducing the "Scene Infrastructure Company," as it aims to bring more utility to its $FWB token.

  • Chimpers teases its next game, "Dojo Clash."


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Don't forget to complete your Missions on the new MVHQ app! Farm airdrops from some of the top chains, join the Pirate Nation beta and mint your free Galverse NFT all in just a few clicks. Alpha Launch 3 is live now at app.mvhq.io



Thursday 1/25

Many NFT floors looked to be in greener pastures today as a general bullishness graced the air. Much of this was fueled surely by the upcoming onslaught of token launches, with seemingly half of them coming solely from the JUP team. Mocaverse was the real winner of the day as they announced their $MOCA token which sent their Mocaverse NFTs (5.1E) flying with gains of over 25%. ETH marketplace volume returned to form with $29 million traded on an otherwise sleepy day.



  • To almost nobody's suprise, Animoca Brands announced their partnership with Mocaverse to create the Moca DAO and launch their so-called innovative $MOCA token.

  • The Jupiter team, behind the largest DEX on SOL, announced the imminent launch of their $WEN memecoin, in anticipation of the demand forecasted for their official $JUP token launch on January 31.

  • After its initial deployment on BNB mainnet, The Grapes have now released their $GRAPE token on ETH mainnet, thanks to contract wizardry and Layer Zero protocols.

  • The United States filed a motion to sell more than $130 million worth of BTC that had been previously seized in connection to Silk Road.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Never miss another notable event in Web3, whether it's a hyped mint, a token dropping , or anything in between, JD's Weekly Preview has you covered! You can find JD's Weekly Preview in the Field Reports section of MVHQ today!



Friday to Sunday 1/26-1/28


A relatively quiet weekend painted the crypto landscape as NFT floors and coin prices proved to be mostly uneventful. Solana was among the few to pop, however, as its token price saw a mini resurgence with a 10% gain back to $97. Actress Sydney Sweeney, did have her X account hacked with a reference to an upstart SOL memecoin $MILK, which caused some brief hysteria on the timeline. Over in Ordinal land, Bitcoin Puppets saw new highs, with floors touching 0.05 BTC, while NodeMonkes brought in another 6 BTC in volume. ETH NFTs saw a pullback as the marketplace lit up red on Sunday, with the Pudgy ecosystem taking a 13% hit from their recent highs. Overall marketplace volume checked in just under $40M to close the week, with nearly $22M coming from ETH transactions, followed by BTC at $8.6M and SOL at $6.9M.



  • The CEO of OpenSea, Devin Finzer, clarifies a false report that the NFT marketplace is being acquired.

  • Pudgy Penguins unveils "Overpass," a new IP licensing platform that allows for holder licensing "at scale, transparently, and on-chain," with Chapter 2 toys on the horizon.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo met with holders of his ForeverCR7 NFT collection on Binance. Those with the rarest items were able to partake.

  • Actress Sydney Sweeney had her X account hacked with a reference to SOL shitcoin $MILK. The post has since been deleted.


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