Weekly Recap 12/25-12/31 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 12/25-12/31

MVHQ Staff
Jan 2, 2024
Weekly Recap 12/25-12/31

Monday 12/25 + Tuesday 12/26


Happy Holidays!



Wednesday 12/27


Hope everyone has enjoyed the Holiday Season as Santa Crypto continues to gift us with nice cook opportunities all over the place. It was another hot day in the Solana streets with projects like Yellow running all the way up to 8 SOL, and Tatsumeeko's to 9 SOL after a 111 NFT sweep. The broader crypto landscape was a mixed bag, with recent runners SOL and AVAX seeing slight pullbacks while most tokens around them finished the day in the green. Daddy ETH felt like participating in the action by breaching the $2400 level and now sits just below for a 6% gain.



  • Square Enix has officially broken ground on "Symbiogenesis," a new project that aims to be "narrative-unlocked NFT entertainment."

  • RTFKT gave a "summary of updates for Q1 2024," which includes a confirmed launch for Project Animus in Q1 2024

  • Kai Cenet, one of the largest streamers in the world, was given a Pudgy Penguin plushy with over 100K viewers watching his stream.

  • Kevin Rose announces his departure from X but will continue to maintain a presence over on Threads (Instagram).


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Tensor has quickly become the leading NFT marketplace on Solana with all the bells and whistles a trader can ask for. With the hint of a massive airdrop down the road, MVHQ Member Chriss shares his Tensor Airdrop Guide to help members best prepare for the next big Solana stimmy. Read the entire guide in MVHQ's Field Report Channel!



Thursday 12/28


Web3 experienced a quieter day as the week winds down as crypto cooled off with pullbacks across the board. Some of this may be due to tax loss harvesting while others may have acted as an uncertain macroeconomy looms large into the new year. NFTs saw much of the same action with most major projects stagnating as others like INSC(ins-20) (.06E) had their floors fall by a staggering 60%.


NFT volume was resilient in the face of crypto's action with major ETH marketplaces trading a solid $21 million, a nearly identical figure to yesterday's volume. BTC had a $19 millioin dollar day of its own across marketplaces and SOL had the biggest pullback in NFT trading, seeing only $8 million traded. ETH closed the day at the $2350 mark, shaking off much of yesterday's pump.



  • Popular NFT project, The Plague, surprised their community by offering real world shares in the parent company to NFT holders! This comes as a first of its kind move which is sure to inspire similar moves from other founders.

  • Never one to call it quits, Axie Infinity announced a new update to their gameplay mechanics including evolution of Axie parts.

  • Blast, the still in development Layer2 from Pacman and the team behind Blur, reached a milestone with over $1 billion deposited with a month still left before its official launch date.

  • India today announced their coming move to block the URLs of nine different crypto exchanges nation-wide as they believe the entities to not be complying with local law.


MVHQ Spotlight:

  • Web3 moves at lightning speed with new chains popping up daily, NFTs dropping nonstop and everything in between! That's why it's important to stay organized with a concise list of the most important weekly topics. Thankfully, JD has answered our prayers with his new series, the Weekly Preview! Catch up with what you should have your eye on in the week ahead and never miss the next opportunity for generational wealth again by checking out JD's work in the MVHQ Field Reports channel today!