Weekly Recap 12/26-1/1 - MVHQ

Weekly Recap 12/26-1/1

MVHQ Staff
Jan 3, 2023
Weekly Recap 12/26-1/1

Monday 12/26

While it was a relatively slow news day, volume circulated throughout the marketplace as floors across the NFT landscape saw green. The entire Pudgy ecosystem continues to see heavy action as Pudgys crossed 6E floors at one point, the infamous Rogs approached 1E and Lil Pudgys saw a substantial 30% spike with floors holding in the 0.6E range. Pudgy Founder, Luca Netz, also tweeted his respects to the teams of Lilverse and Sappy Seals, bringing some life to both projects as well. 


Total marketplace volume checked in over $28 million with BLUR once again leading the way with over $17 million in transactions. ETH continues to play in the $1220 range. 




- MVHQ and Catchmint.xyz have partnered up to unveil a new Pendings Bot that alerts MVHQ members to collections that are about to mint out based on certain thresholds. The team will continue to iterate on the new product to ensure future safety measures, proper threasholds and expanded functionality. You can see the Pendings Bot in action live in VC Hangout Chat or in our new Pendings Bot channel. 


- Fidelity, an investment firm that manages over $9.6 Trillion in assets, filed trademark applications for an NFT marketplace and crypto trading services. https://twitter.com/Cointelegraph/status/1607555758136393728?s=20&t=Jr4a5bdZX9upUXu_DQKcvw ; back in October, Fidelity released their Digital Assets Study in PDF form courtesy of 'Ol Mitch https://www.fidelitydigitalassets.com/sites/default/files/documents/2022_Institutional_Investor_Digital_Assets_Study.pdf 


- The Co-Founder of Solana, Aeya Kovenko, tweeted a thread detailing the impact of some of its major projects moving to other chains while providing some insight on future vision and plans. https://twitter.com/aeyakovenko/status/1607449836831358981?s=20&t=61mrz1rRP-k_n6zphc6tAA


- Japan is set to lift its ban on foreign-issued stablecoins such as $USDT and $USDC in 2023. https://twitter.com/WatcherGuru/status/1607405471539023881?s=20&t=61mrz1rRP-k_n6zphc6tAA



Tuesday 12/27

Volume flooded the market in an unexpected way as it recorded the largest trading day in ETH in well over three months registering 30K ETH traded. While trading activity dominated the day's attention, Deadfellaz and Chimpers also made exciting announcements for their holders to look forward to.  That being said, many OG collections took the spotlight as they ripped with strong volume. Otherdeeds led the day trading 1400E, while Sappy Seals, Beanz, and Lil Pudgys all reached 500E or more in sales volume each, surely buoyed by the continued success of Pudgy Penguins, who today touched a 7E floor. Despite the high volume days however, their floor prices remain relatively unchanged. 


Marketplaces enjoyed the day of increased volume but none more than Blur who again topped the charts with $23 million traded. Opensea finished the day with $9 million, while all marketplaces accounted for $37 million. ETH sagged a bit to close the day below $1200 at $1196.


-In a Tweet this morning X2Y2 announced a waitlist for the Alpha version of a new platform, X2Y2 Pro. No other details were released about the platform other than ways to increase your odds of access to the Alpha. https://twitter.com/the_x2y2/status/1607728760346013696


-Deadfellaz announced that it will begin reaching out to successful applicants who will be beta testing their Deadfellaz streaming avatars. The avatars will be used for those choosing to create content for the Deadfellaz brand. https://twitter.com/Deadfellaz/status/1607557294807724033


-Chimpers announced today that they will take a snapshot tomorrow of all Chimpers holders. Holders will then receive a Dojo NFT by OnCyber. https://twitter.com/ChimpersNFT/status/1607775156209860612


-Metamask and Opensea are taking increased measures against accounts located in regions currently sanctioned by the U.S. by cutting off their service or ability to operate. https://blockworks.co/news/cuban-nft-artists-encounter-limitation-of-web3-freedom


Notable Mints:


-Jimmy Yacht Club, a derivative based off of the ongoing BAYC storyline, The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey, minted out rather quickly today. The mint was initially free with 1 per wallet or .0077E per paid NFT. The floor quickly moved up to .07E before settling around .05E just two hours post-mint. The collection of 7477 has traded nearly 300E with 2850 unique holders awaiting the reveal. MVHQ specifically was able to find it very early thanks to the new Catchmint Bot. Congrats to everyone who minted! https://blur.io/collection/jimmyyachtclub 


Wednesday 12/28

Fresh mints fired off with great success today as Soul Genesis, Metaka Wars, and g00fs all saw floors rip on solid volume with prices holding well above mint throughout the day. MFers saw a nice 15% bump with floors now in the 1.4E range. Mutant Hound Collars continue to run with a spike above 1.6E at one point and Renga had a nice 28% move with floors now holding in the 1.5E range.

Another really solid day in the volume department with a daily close of $36 million for the 2nd consecutive day. BLUR checked in at over $20 million in transactions with Opensea finishing just under $10 million. ETH continues to play in the $1200 range. 

The market is staying hot. Let's keep cookin! Make sure you showcase all your hard-earned W's in the #success channel.


- China appears to be on the verge of launching its own "China Digital Asset Trading Platform" next week, with an official ceremony set to take place on 1/1. In addition to NFT's the platform will manage the exchange of digital asset copyrights across the country. https://twitter.com/CoinDesk/status/1608207221430550528?s=20&t=Lo5GUGSYkph62eYoI60PPQ

- Yuga Labs has released the next phase of the Trial of Jimmy the Monkey on the official MDvMM.xyz site. The new arg-style format will lead users down a path of clues and mysteries to unveil the lore behind the story. The next stage is scheduled to come to life on 1/11. https://twitter.com/BoredApeYC/status/1608238124538249216?s=20&t=vA538hdQaPefqdCgr0sUew

- Azuki gave a subtle nod and farewell to Ash and Pikachu from Pokemon. Both characters are set to be retired from the popular series on 1/13. https://twitter.com/AzukiOfficial/status/1608143170461921280?s=20&t=zUrKKGBclC9kb2n4eZZLsQ

- Proof Collective launched the landing page for its upcoming Grails III mint.  The project will include two new mechanics: Editions and Series with a hard cap on total supply and will continue to feature art from various creators from across the space. https://twitter.com/proof_xyz/status/1608185011580342277?s=20&t=vA538hdQaPefqdCgr0sUew

- Voting for the newest ApeCoin Special Council seats concluded tonight with @veratheape, @nftgerry, and @boredapeg outlasting all other nominees. The trio will now serve one-year terms which include over $20,000 worth of $APE every month during their time on the council.https://twitter.com/GordonGoner/status/1608322690254880768?s=20&t=Lo5GUGSYkph62eYoI60PPQ

Notable Mints:

- Soul Genesis sold out at a 0.05E mint price and ran hard above 0.6E and now sits in the 0.35E range on over 300E in volume. https://blur.io/collection/soul-genesis

- Metaka Wars sold out at a 0.06E mint price and saw floors shoot above 0.2E, where it is currently holding on over 370E in volume. https://blur.io/collection/metakawarslabs

- g00fs sold out both their Allowlist and public mint phases immediately and saw their floors run up above 0.13E, with prices currently sitting in the 0.09E range on over 170E volume. https://blur.io/collection/g00fs-official



Thursday 12/29


Although a bit slower today, the volume continued to pour in. Otherdeeds topped the charts with 675E in volume while Shamdoo moved on to the latest focus of his pumps, Renga, who closed with 550E traded. Finally, Mutant Hounds closed the day with another day of great volume with 400E traded as well. 


Despite Blur's changes to its royalty policy it still led the pack in volume traded, registering $19 million with Opensea again following behind with $9 million. All major marketplaces tallied $33 million as ETH remained fairly unchanged at $1195.   


-The ApeCoin Special Council was decided today with a late surprise as several million votes flooded in causing a shift in the standings causing popular ape influencer Gerry to overtake Degentraland. https://snapshot.org/#/apecoin.eth/proposal/0x0fb1d66dc79f164290a485fa2227c6e086dab1a87257db8139a4de4c27892c9c 


-Binance has added new tools to onboard users by allowing them to purchase cryptocurrency with Apply Pay or Google Pay. This should hopefully remove some of the barrier to entry for users. https://twitter.com/Blockworks_/status/1608535941140054016?s=20&t=4FbTh8MYpaBvDJXotpo8dQ


-Blur introduced a host of changes today most notably including a mandatory creator royalty alongside an airdrop of $BLUR for creators. This is yet another chapter in the ongoing royalty wars between marketplaces with seemingly no end in sight. https://twitter.com/blur_io/status/1608580770083524608 


Notable Mints:

-The Pendings minted at .025E with a supply of 999 where floors vacillated between 0.5E and .1E before rocketing up to a .5E floor where it has traded 300E volume. https://app.nftnerds.ai/collection/0x79c2dbc3ced9b873ec0e58d294313c7194c6c4a3/liveview 


Weekend Recap 12/30-1/1

A big ol' Happy New Year to all of MVHQ. Hope everyone enjoyed the festivities and rung in 2023 safely. Excited to cook with everyone for another year! 

A few mints held up extremely well with Toys and DenDekaDen showing strong marketplace action. Anata had a 34% pump with floors above 1.1E, Friendship Bracelets climbed above 0.4E, and Potatoz and its Memeland peer MVP collection both continued their climb upwards in anticipation of the Captainz mint later this week. 

There was a solid dip in overall marketplace activity with the 2-day weekend total checking in under $45 million while ETH continued to play in the $1200 range. 


BLUR announced that its $BLUR token will launch towards the end of January and that Airdrop 3 will continue until the token launch. https://twitter.com/blur_io/status/1608852940743405569?s=20&t=3vO6fzxYcAwSLuFntsd_mw

- Popular Battle Royale game PUBG looks to integrate NFTs into its ecosystem and plans to unveil its token features in 2023. In collaboration with Web3 platform Banger, the teams began an Alpha test on 12/28. https://academy.moralis.io/blog/pubg-nft-integration-pubg-joins-the-metaverse-with-banger

- Gutter Cat Gang has launched the beta of its new online hub which will aim to be the center of their ecosystem moving forward. https://twitter.com/GutterCatGang/status/1608614506619621376?s=20&t=X1ci1EGIgNFj6zzCq2qUkA

- NounsDAO had a float appear in the New Years Day Rose Parade https://twitter.com/nounish/status/1609674062388924416?s=20&t=8RIM4VMytGwyoGG3QAPOFw 

Animoca Brands announces its Mocaverse eligibility requirements, which features its Mocalist and allows a variety of different Metaverse ecosystem coins and NFTs to participate. https://twitter.com/animocabrands/status/1609110474423140352?s=20&t=_xOIopuIo9ylaLPEC3adGw

- The Pendings team found themselves in a bit of controversy this weekend as they seemingly quickly unblocked and reblocked its collection from BLUR in an attempt to accept bids that were placed well above floor. The team put out this statement to rectify the situation. Big shoutout to @Jinzo for helping to sleuth the irregularities out. https://twitter.com/thependings/status/1609652322094964738?s=20&t=_xOIopuIo9ylaLPEC3adGw

- Punk6529 has officially opened Season 2 of The Memes with photographer and creator, CATH Simard. https://twitter.com/cathsimard_/status/1609594879923089409?s=20&t=LHpcGJVscRxMIgTU-xKmIQ

- Loopify shared pre-alpha gameplay for Treeverse https://twitter.com/Loopifyyy/status/1609596232904712192?s=20&t=bN7CX6a_DyNeV2_rXxyF8A

Notable Mints/Reveals:

- Toys by 0xTechno Allowlist mint sold out at a 0.09E price and saw floors rise above 1.7E and is currently holding firm in the 1.15E range on over 800E in volume. https://blur.io/collection/toys-by-0xtechno

- DenDekaDen minted out at a 0.05E price and shot above 0.9E where it currently stands on over 370E in volume. https://blur.io/collection/dendekaden

- Juuni finally revealed and saw its floor rise above 0.5E before settling into its current 0.2E range on over 350E in volume. https://blur.io/collection/juuni-grimoire