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Weekly Recap 1/23-1/30

MVHQ Staff
Jan 30, 2023
Weekly Recap 1/23-1/30

Monday 1/23

Sewer Passes once again stole the show as Dookey Dashers poured in over 3200E of volume into the collection with a few massive whale sweeps across tiers. Tier 1 passes ran towards 2.7E while Tier 4 passes have crossed the 7E mark. Porsche unveiled its 911 NFTs with public mint still live and floors holding at 0.89E. Doodles also saw a nudge upwards as floors ran towards 8E on recent acquisition news. 


Overall marketplace volume remained steady as we closed just under $28 million, with OpenSeas $13 million once again topping BLUR's $8 million. ETH continued to range above $1620 for the majority of the day. 



- Doodles have acquired animation studio, Golden Wolf, which helped produce Adult Swim shows such as Rick and Morty. The two companies will join to form a new venture called Active Ingredient and aim to assist the Doodles brand and character development avenues moving forward. 

RTFKT tweeted a thread outlining 2023 roadmap items including "The Journey" which is set to begin tomorrow in addition to the beginning of their Pod burning mechanism called "The Exodus." 

Azuki teases a short video while also announcing that it will not have an event at NFTLA or NFTNYC this year. 

Gabriel Leydon announces more details regarding the upcoming DigiDaigaku free Super Bowl mint. 

Floor App has acquired the portfolio management tool WGMI.io in a move that will see both products remains separate entities but will allow both to share code and features across both platforms. 

- Rug Radio announces Loxley Fernandes and its new co-CEO to work alongside Farokh and its biz dev and strategy team. 

Cyber Kongz tease an "alternate reality." 


Tuesday 1/24

Tuesday saw degens shake the weariness from their hands as they rallied for a few dozen rounds more of Dookey Dash. The markets seemed to take notice as well as volume returned with a 33% increase over Monday's on the backs of Sewer Passes and Bored Ape Kennel Club combining for 4000E in volume to show Yuga's continued dominance over the space. Toshies had an interesting day as well adding a solid 1000E in volume traded on its mint day. 


Opensea had a strong day as it returned to the top of the charts with a $16 million day with Blur finishing close behind with $15 million traded on its own marketplace. As the royalty wars continue it's always reassuring to see volume flow into multiple marketplaces across a bevy of projects. All major marketplaces accounted for $36 million overall while ETH took a bit of a sizable hit from its recent gains as it tumbled down to $1550 to close the day. 



- Zed Run announed that a new breed of horse called, Super Breeds, will be making their debut to the blockchain racing game. These Super Breeds come with a variety of perks and stat boosts compared to traditionally bred horses.


- After an underwhelming mint day, Porsche announced this morning that they would be stopping the mint later this evening and then burning all unminted supply. At the time of the announcement under 25% of supply had been minted with very little secondary action to speak of. 


- After returning from his short lived "reitrement", NFT influencer Sartoshi announced today that holders of his "end of sartoshi" mint will be eligible for future drops ranging from generative art drops to a 20k PFP collection. 


-Art Blocks and Bright Moments Gallery surprised many today by revealing a partnership between the two collectives. They will partner together to offer Art Blocks sponsored mints around the world in Bright Moments' many IRL galleries and venues. 


Notable Mints:

Toshies by Chuckchee minted via the Opensea launchpad today at .0369E with a notable gas war where gwei peaked at 500. The collection sold out quickly with huge volume seeing them reach a floor of nearly .3E before settling at .21E to end the day on 1000E volume traded. 


Wednesday 1/25

After cutting supply down to 2363 and discontinuing its mint, Porsche NFTs ripped well above the 3E mark on nearly 1800E in 24 hr volume. Doodles also saw heavy activity with nearly 1200E in volume after they activated their newsreel. Sewer Passes continue to see heavy action, Checks boosted back above 0.4E and the Open Edition meta continues to rage on with various recent mints seeing floor action as well. 


ETH broke back above $1600 with the broader alt coin market seeing a good number of pumps. Overall NFT Marketplace volume closed just above $30 million, with Opensea closing at $12.8 million and BLUR just behind at $11.2 million. 


Lots of great stuff happening over in the #Success channel! - Let's keep cooking everyone!



Doodles wrote a letter to the community detailing their official plans to move Doodles 2 to the FLOW blockchain.  


Lil Pudgys are officially cross-chain, the team announced today in a short video, starting with Arbitrum, Polygon and BNB Chains. 


- Memeland gave some details on the utility for Treasure Mapz while also teasing their significance to the upcoming $MEME coin. 


Kevin Rose, the Founder of PROOF Collective, was caught in a major hack after reportedly clicking on a malicious transaction. Rose has stated that he lost up to 25 Squiggles from the attack and much more. He will provide more details at a later time according to this tweet.


- BAYC announced a scheduled maintenance for Dookey Dash earlier this morning and came back online without issue. 


ADIDAS announces its newly formed /// Studio to be the hub for their global Web3 community initiatives. 


- Gutter Cat Gang unleashed an official roadmap update for holders based on last weeks community-focused discussion. The team has outlined its vision for holders into 2023 and beyond while leaning on community support and feedback to help mold their upcoming goals. 


- Influencer @0xCygaar posts a video of a Dookey Dash exploit that they had been working on for 5 days. 


- KaijuKingz tease a new collection with this short video.


Thursday 1/26

Doodles and Cool Cats were in the headlines today as they look to the future of their franchises. The Doodles team looked to quell some of the recent fud surrounding the Dooplicators and Doodles 2 rollout while Cool Cats hinted at the next phase of their lore delivery with the iconic Blue Cat going "missing" on a live drawing stream with Clon. 


The markets saw a slight uptick in volume from the Wednesday prior boosted yet again by Sewer Passes' 1500E and Otherdeeds' 600E volume traded along with Digidaigaku Villains' 550E. These contributed to all major marketplaces trading $34 million with Opensea leading the way again with $15 million and Blur following behind trading $12 million. Meanwhile ETH did not respond as positively, taking a knock down to $1580 to close the day. 



- Gary Vee took to Twitter to prelude big things coming for holders of his various collections. Gary promised holders of both series of Veefriends and his Book Game holders will see rewards but only if they have an account on his new Veefriends.com site. 


- In response to some backlash received earlier in the week, Doodles released an update to their website expanding on the utility and use case for Dooplicators, claiming they will continue to have utility even after Doodles 2 launches. 


- Art Blocks announced Holger Lippmann as its next Curated artist with his collection of 315, WaVyScApE, available February 1st. 


- Clon of Cool Cats led an art-based livestream today before the stream mysteriously cut to an animation of Blue Cat and Chuggs showing them being sucked into a piece of paper. The Cool Cats Twitter then changed their bio to include the tag #whereisbluecat. 


- A variety sources received leads that Amazon is gearing up to launch its own NFT "initiative" relatively soon. Exactly what this means is unknown, however, it is expected to have a heavy emphasis in the gaming area of NFTs and web3. 


Notable Mints:

- Gabe Leydon provided an exciting conclusion to the day by beginning the claim for Digidaigaku Villains. The Villains were another free claim that settled to a floor of .53E after trading 550Eon secondary markets. The claim is currently ongoing for whitelist winners and Digidaigaku Genesis holders.


Weekend Recap 1/27-1/29

Open Edition meta continued to live on, as no less than a handful more joined the action over the weekend.  Highlighted by a collection from Ness Graphics that pumped out another 20,357 supply at a 0.069 mint price. Free OE mint Ikehaya Pass also saw success with floors pushing above the 0.3E mark. Recent OE collection Checks V4 saw heavy volume and a floor price touch above 0.6E. 


Overall market volume was steady with both Saturday and Sunday closing just above $27 million. ETH has reclaimed above the $1600 level as we head into the new week, a welcomed change from its late last week dip into the $1500s.



- Yuga Labs co-founder Wylie Aranow aka Gordon Goner, announced that he has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and will be taking a leave of absence for an undetermined amount of time. 


- The Azuki Twitter account was unfortunately hacked on Friday, after a series of malicious tweets circulated. The team has since recovered the account and has started an investigation. 


- Chiru Labs, the creators of Azuki have also filed trademark applications in reference to Hilumia and 9 Lives Arcade. 


- Doodles have launched a beta for Doodles 2 which can be unlocked by using a Dooplicator or opening a Genesis Box. 


RTFKT debuted its "The Warning" video and announces its "The Exodus" website will launch next week, starting with a mini-quest on Monday. 


PROOF Collective unveiled all 20 artists and their work in a Grails III reveal event that was aired on Youtube. 


Cool Cats have begun a search for their iconic missing Blue Cat. 


- World of Women has released the finalists for their WoW Committee that aim to pair their community with the future vision of the project. 


- Memeland tweeted a QUESTING update with stakers having received their maps, which are located in the "Treasure Mapz," tab of their website dashboard. 


- Jenkins the Valet shared some updates regarding timelines, royalties and much more in a Medium article.